Tweets of the Day: About Gay Stereotypes

Tweets of the Day: About Gay Stereotypes

Bottoms speak good English.

Tops don’t care about their personal hygiene.

Bottoms don’t have muscles.

Tops don’t cross their legs when they sit.

Bottoms are bitchy.

Tops don’t have time for drama.

Bottoms type with many emojis.

Tops only respond to chats with monosyllabic responses like “sup” and “yeah”.

The expectations that come with stereotypes on gay men are endless. Check out the ones recently posted on Twitter, and let us know the ones you’ve had to deal with.

And by the way, what are the stereotypes for Versatiles and Sides? We never seem to hear anything expected of Versatiles and Sides.

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LMAO! I kent! I just kent!


  1. Delle
    February 21, 09:44 Reply

    The concluding paragraph!

    You know, that’s when you realise that these stereotypes are beyond stupid! All these heteronormative precepts being brought into our world as homosexuals is quite disturbing. I mean, even straight women are battling against this patriarchal system and gay men are imbibing it? It’s saddening.

    If those who play Top are expected to be masculine and those who play Bottom are expected to be feminine; then versatiles should be…hermaphrodites??? Hmmph!

    • Ken
      February 21, 10:08 Reply


      Very apt anology.
      Nothing adamu no go see for gate 😆

  2. Jason
    February 21, 10:08 Reply

    Personally I think they all need to dial it down because tops also do this same things. A top would say something like “can you tone it down a little, you know you’re a man all that jazz” so if a bottom does the same it’s considered putting them in a box?
    Anyway what’s my own, I like what I like and if you don’t fit into that i move on to the next, that’s life.

  3. Black Dynasty
    February 21, 15:19 Reply

    This is one of the issues with making a sexual preference an identity.
    In my view… there’s nothing like “a bottom” or “a top”, there are those who prefer to bottom, those who prefer to top, those who prefer both and those who don’t want penetration.

    • Delle
      February 22, 15:05 Reply

      This aptness is deserving of a hug and a peck and a hand job!

    • Dee
      February 26, 11:08 Reply

      You definitely deserve a hug, kiss and maybe a blowjob for this. This role thing has just muddled the waters of so many mentalities. Absolutely apt

  4. trystham
    February 21, 18:18 Reply

    Considering I hardly have anything to do with ppl who have ‘bottom’ on their cyber profiles, I ALWAYS find it shocking and relieving when the ones I do chat with can manage to actually string words in intelligent conversation. I guess it’s not hard to see where the stereotypes come from.
    I myself have been told a couple times that I give Top vibes. I know my face is strong and unsmiling, if that is even a criteria, but I don’t play with pehnis oooo.

  5. Jinchuriki
    February 22, 08:22 Reply


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