Twitter is helping the resistance against unsolicited D pics

Twitter is helping the resistance against unsolicited D pics

The days of sending and receiving unsolicited dick pics on Twitter may soon be coming to an end. A new filter has just been launched to prevent unwanted nudes from sliding into people’s DMs.

Safe DM is a plug-in that automatically blocks and deletes pictures of penises sent via direct message. According to developers, the filter is 99% effective in detecting dick pics.

Kelsey Bressler says she came up with the idea after a dude sent her his unsolicited nudes, which she calls the “virtual equivalent of flashing someone in the street.”

“You’re not giving them a chance to consent,” she told media last year when she first started working on Safe DM. “You are forcing the image on them, and that is never OK.”

Safe DM scans users’ messages for pictures of penises. If one is detected, it sends a reply to both parties alerting them that the message has been deleted.

Buzzfeed tested the plug-in and concluded that the software is extremely accurate when it comes filtering pictures of penises. However, it noted that there’s a lag time of several minutes.

To develop the software, Bressler asked guys to send their nudes to @showyodiq.

“I am testing a filter that is under development which will automatically detect dick pics in DMs and handle them on behalf of the user,” she tweeted last September.

She received over 4,000 pictures in response.

Developers maintain that “not all dick pics are bad,” just unsolicited ones.

Safe DM became available to Twitter users on Friday and can be installed by adding the plug-in to your account then granting it access to your DMs. Bressler says she hopes to expand the plug-in to other social media platforms soon.

While the plug-in is being praised by many, at least one Twitter user will not be utilizing the new software.

What about you? Will you be using this plug-in? 🙂

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