A Guide On How To Be Safe With Your Nudes

A Guide On How To Be Safe With Your Nudes

Our phones buzz all the time and it could be anything in the message. From your family WhatsApp group, spam sms from your telco, prayer from a random acquaintance or even a request from your crush: SEND NUDES!

We would dare to say that a majority of us yearn to send and receive nudes to and from our lovers or potential lovers. Sometimes it isn’t even nudes, it is simply because we use dating apps that just pictures of ourselves or our faces could be risky, because of the risqué things we’ve discussed and admitted to wanting to doing.

Whatever the situation might be, SaferNudes_Nigeria believes the privacy of your communications is a right and that the decision to have them published or not should be exclusively yours. Luckily, many laws in Nigeria also support that viewpoint and we need to use that to thwart those who may wish to harm us or shame us. With that in mind, we picked a few tips and practices that can help you to send your nudes online in a safer way. SaferNudes_Nigeria is a collective effort brought by regular folks interested in online and offline safety. It includes recommendation, input and advice by numerous community members who gathered together in Lagos and Abuja to brainstorm on these issues.

Click below to download the guide to safer nudes and accompanying artwork to help you navigate the sometimes confusing “should I, shouldn’t I” dilemma of sending nudes. It also contains tips on what apps to use when sending nudes, what apps or tips you can use to cover your face or body marks, what laws work in your favor and what organizations to call when in need of help. We hope this guide is useful to everyone so be generous: sharing is caring. Download the short guide and pass along the link so your friends can download it too.

SaferNudes Nigeria

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