A New Year’s Sex

A New Year’s Sex

It is New Year’s Eve. I am fucking bored out of my fucking mind. I haven’t heard from CeeJay since Christmas day. He is out of town on an emergency at work. Our chats have been inconsistent. He says he might return today. I have practically been in this house, listening to and observing everybody’s bullshit. But I am hell bent on restoring lost love. So I don’t flip. I tolerate them all and wear plastic smiles.

My phone rings, and it’s CeeJay on the caller ID. My soul leaps with euphoria. He tells me he’s driving back into town from Ibadan, and asks me to wait for him at Ken Dallas. He says he’ll be there before noon.

What follows happens at Mario Speed!

I rush into the bathroom and come out in seconds. I fling open my wardrobe, and start fishing for what to wear. I bring out a white Calvin Klein underwear, white singlet, and orange-coloured shorts; not bum shorts o, but it’s properly above the knee, enough to give an uninterrupted view of my toned legs. I top it up with a black V-necked polo shirt, and my favourite black Tims. I lift my cologne and – phi-phi-phii, phi-phiiiii it all over my body. Then, I sashay out of the house feeling fabulous, and pretending that the paparazzi are flashing away their cameras at me.

I get to Ken Dallas and walk into the inside bar, ignoring the beckoning poolside, because I am not sure I can handle the sea of eyes that will wash all over me if I dare go near there. It’s not like I care, duh, I just want somewhere private to reconnect with CeeJay.

I order for a shot of vodka cocktail, to ease me into relaxation. It is too early to start drinking heavy, and I prefer not drinking alone. It is then that I notice them, seated across the bar from me – two black hunks and a Caucasian. They are staring with their eyes fixated on me. In that instant, I feel like Kim Kardashian. I mean, I was avoiding the poolside glances, and here I am, attracting attention in a quiet cozy place. I flip my invisible 24-inch-long woman hair. This market must sell.

In a short while, Ceejay walks in, his mouth moving rhythmically over chewing gum. He moves briskly toward me when he spots me, and flashes his one-in-a-million smile at me. My heart melts – no, not the I-am-falling-in-love-with-him kind of melting. Hell will freeze over and the devil get invited for tea with Angel Michael before I’d feel love for anyone. I am not wired for love, I don’t believe I am. But I have small affections for him. Just small sha.

He sits next to me after a hug, and yells to the bar attendant to bring a bottle of chocolate flavoured Magic Moment Vodka. Shey you see why I like hanging out with him! He knows the right things to do.

We are just settling into sips from our glasses, when someone calls his name. We look up. The call came from the trio of chocolate and ice cream. One of the black guys had risen from his seat and is walking towards us. Ceejay squints at him and then exclaims, “AUSTIN!”

He jumps to his feet, and the two of them hug, and laugh, and shout, and admire each other. And I am there, inwardly rolling my eyes, and secretly checking this Austin out. You never can tell these things.

At Austin’s suggestion, we quickly join him and his party at their table. Getting to my feet to relocate to their table is an opportunity for me to showcase my butt. I mean, I’d already planned on sauntering to the loo at some point for that purpose. But this is just fine. I sashay my way after Ceejay, take a few turns around the table, before settling down beside the Caucasian. A few seconds of successful market selling never hurt anyone.

When we are settled, the five of us exchange pleasantries and greetings and handshakes. I insist on hugs; you know, I have to feel those bulges. The other black guy is Shola, and the European is Kyle. And as God will have it by divine rainbow-y providence, we are all gay guys.

Conversation soon begins to flow. CeeJay doesn’t give me a chance with Austin, who I find immensely attractive. So I turn toward Shola and Kyle. Shola, I soon get to know, is the quiet type. So really, it’s just me and onye ocha. He’s a flight attendant with Lufthansa. We develop a quick rapport, he is quite the chatterbox, and his ruby-red lips curves over those beautifully-accented vowels attractively. I find myself imagining pink boy pussy, pink nipples, and pink dick cap.

After two extra bottles of Vodka down, Austin decides to know where CeeJay lives, before he goes off with his friends. They both haven’t seen each other since their secondary school days. So, we all drive to Ceejay’s place in Ceejay’s car. All through the drive, Ceejay and Austin keep up their banter in the front while Kyle and I flirt with each other back and forth in the backseat. Shola remains quiet beside us.

Shortly, we get to Ceejay’s place. As I walk into his parents’ living room, I am struck with a wave of Christmas memories. Ceejay catches my eye and we exchange a look and a smile. Yes, that night had been fun.

The five of us get seated, as Austin compliments the living room. I am seated beside Kyle, and have just opened my mouth to resume our flirtationship, when he leans over and kisses me. Well, someone doesn’t waste time. Without a single hesitation, I lean into the kiss and sink into the deliciousness of it. We don’t even mind that there are other guys in the room. We are just there, doing our thing, making out slowly.

But there is no plan to get down and do the do. This is after all supposed to be a quick visit. That changes when CeeJay comes over to us and begins to fondle Kyle’s butt. When Austin gets to his feet and begins to undo his belt, in my mind, I’m like, Fuck, this is going to be an orgy!

I continue kissing Kyle and Austin strolls over to me to undo my own belt. Then he frees my erection from the confines of my boxers, bends his head and envelopes me inside the warm wetness of his mouth. Oh Jesus! I moan against Kyle’s mouth as I move my hips up to meet more of Austin’s mouth. Shola is shy, but konji is a bloody bastard. The poor thing crawls out of his shell, moves his legs, and nestles himself between Ceejay’s legs.

And just like that, this becomes Pornhub, and we are live before the cameras.

Soon, there is a heap of clothes in the centre of the living place. We were all butt naked, like the way we were born. Kyle is kneeling on a couch, and I’ve got my face buried in all that pink sweetness of his ass. Austin is playing with my butt, his fingers playing hide and seek with my anal clitoris, while Ceejay is on another couch, making out fiercely with Shola. This is Shy Shola oh, who is now humming something new-year-y as they pleasure each other orally. At this time, we are all fully erect. I glance around, and nobody is small. Even shy Shola is not shy in that category. The nigga is packing an 8incher.

Ceejay soon breaks away from Shola to go into his bedroom and return almost immediately with an endless roll of sweet-smelling condoms and sachets of lube. It feels like a birthday present. Precisely a fuck present, whatever that is. Kyle is stroking his 7inches purple cock, already in position for a doggy. I sheath myself, and smear lube abundantly on his butthole. Then I glide gently inside him, and it feels so divine. He lets out something like, “Oh yeah, gimme that black cock…!” You see, I told you. Pornhub!

I obligingly ram into him, banging away like he is repeatedly asking. My balls are slapping hard and making loud noises. When I pause to adjust, there are still slapping sounds. I look back, and see Shola’s legs in the air, doing ballet. Ceejay is hunched over him like a stone age ape, fucking like Rod Orlando aka Hot Rod would. I take the cue, and increase the intensity of my attention to Kyle’s ass to ferocious levels. He responds good, backing up against my crotch with just as much zeal. Austin is just seated, staring on, and stroking his BBC. I glance at him. Our eyes connect. He can see me eyeing his BBC hungrily. I’m just dying to have it inside me.

Reacting to the hunger in my gaze, he comes up right behind me, and lubes me excessively. Then he proceeds to stick his chocolate man candy bar inside me. Prayers answered! I am going crazy with passion. The forward movement of my hips bangs Kyle, while the return motion gives me more of Austin’s 10-inch goodness. It is purely ecstatic. I am biting my lips and shaking my head and grabbing Kyle’s ass cheeks all at the same time. It feels so good.

After about ten minutes of ploughing Kyle’s butt and Austin drilling me with his shaft, I pull out of the sandwich. Then I go for Austin’s member, and help him slide into Kyle’s pink glory. I go over to team Ceejay and Shola. CeeJay is sprawled on the floor, and Shola is on him, bouncing up and down on his cock. I kneel behind Shola, and pin him forward over Ceejay. And then I try some Pornhub stunt; two dicks in a butt. Miracle happens! After some oomphs, Shola’s glory hole takes in my dick in addition to Ceejay’s. And then I start to pound away.

After a while, CeeJay wriggles his way from under Shola, and leaves me to bang him solo. He walks over to Austin, who is sweating over Kyle, and sticks his cock in him. Austin is a pro. He doesn’t flinch. Not even a sign of discomfort. And Kyle is still kneeling there, receiving BBCs, delirious in his ecstasy. It isn’t long before Shola pulls away from him and bends me over, and proceeds to fuck me.

Now, we all change locations. Ceejay is increasing his tempo with Kyle in a spooning position. Austin is hitting Shola from behind in a doggy. And I am wanking myself, getting ready to pop Austin’s cherries, while he’s jabbing Shola.

The four of us black boys take turns to fuck each other. Everybody gets to fuck the white guy. We all wank, and pour our cum on Kyle, giving him a face shower. He licks it all up. Then we drop to the carpeted floor and slowly regain our breaths.

There are a few minutes of heavy breathing; and then Shola asks Ceejay for the direction to the bathroom. Ceejay lazily gives him the navigation. He leaves the sitting room to go shower and clean up. After a minute, I go to the bathroom to get toilet tissue, only for me to find Shola sitting on the toilet bowl, and wanking himself. There is more left in there?! Well, it is New Year’s Eve, and I am such a Good Samaritan. So I kneel before him, like I am genuflecting in a Catholic Church. I start to give him head. He begins to moan aloud again. The sound of his moaning draws the attention of the others, and in a matter of seconds, everybody is in the bathroom, feeling everybody else up, thrusting, sucking and wanking. More cu eventually surges in spurts, accompanied by fevered cries and trembling bodies.

It is 6.30pm by the time we are done. It is a day well spent. We exchange contacts, you know na, for future purposes. Then we say our goodbyes, and leave Ceejay’s house to go our separate ways. I head straight to church to join my family for the crossover service. It is time again to play the good son. No, I don’t go to church clad in my shorts. I leave those behind in Ceejay’s house, wearing instead one of his denims. I can’t even walk normally. I walk with a limp.

But it’s been an amazing year ending. Cheers to the New Year.

Written by Masked Man

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  1. ken
    January 01, 06:22 Reply

    I never could understand orgies or even threesomes for that matter. My ADHD doesnt allow me focus on more than one person at a time. Its all just too confusing, and slightly nauseating to me.

    • Pink Panther
      January 01, 06:24 Reply

      More like distracting for me. Orgies are just what I’m never comfortable indulging in. I simply like to stay focused on one lover at a time.

      • ken
        January 01, 07:37 Reply

        Preach sister gurl!

        Btw that pic of congo boys doing their needful is kinda hot. Porn addicts like me totally love their sessions….hehehe

  2. Mandy
    January 01, 07:20 Reply

    *fanning face* Masked Man, you are on fire o, ending 2015 with such a bang, pun intended.

  3. Johnnie
    January 01, 07:24 Reply

    orgies so nauseating. Bunch of dirty whores doing their stuff… pukes. Happy New Year Fam

    • Pink Panther
      January 01, 07:35 Reply

      Lol. Uh, so when its an orgy, the partakers are dirty whores, but when its just two people, the lovers are not so dirty or whores?

  4. Oturugbeke!
    January 01, 07:35 Reply

    I can’t come n be having erection over fiction. Abeg gotta catch a flight from Enugu to Lag this morning. I think this city has the most “igbotic” gay men in the whole of Africa. Chineke!

      • Oturugbeke!
        January 01, 08:23 Reply

        Nope it isn’t. It even interests me somehow. Heck! I have ancestry there. Igbo guys are the best in bed tho! They can be extremely cunning sha.

    • Masked Man
      January 01, 07:58 Reply

      Uziel, Jon Snow.
      You people will not talk now.

    • Mitch
      January 01, 09:29 Reply


      Could we please not generalize?

    • Delle
      January 01, 10:53 Reply

      The word ‘igbotic’ is kinda offensive no matter the context it’s used in. Maybe you should look for something more subtle. Thanks

    • Keredim
      January 01, 11:30 Reply

      @Oturugbeke, would be interesting to know which Nigerian tribe you belong to and which tribe and/or race you aspire to belong.?

      • Delle
        January 01, 13:30 Reply

        Isn’t it obvious? Check the name!

        • keredim
          January 01, 14:17 Reply

          Not to me, it is not..

          Care to elucidate??

  5. Mr. Fingers
    January 01, 09:03 Reply

    Smh. Remind me not to read any more of these porn u guys Write here.

    Becoming boring.

  6. Zage
    January 01, 09:10 Reply

    Orgies are overrated.

  7. Mitch
    January 01, 09:32 Reply

    Masked Man ashewo oshi! So this is how you cum and end ya 2015 while some of us were in church. Chineke gbaghara gi!

    Oh and, I’ve always found orgies wierd. Been around orgy scenes but I just never get aroused or interested by it.

  8. Keredim
    January 01, 10:33 Reply

    ?????? SSP ????????????????

    For those of you forming that you can’t do orgies… Don’t knock it till you have tried it.

  9. Delle
    January 01, 10:49 Reply

    So in essence there was one bottom, three versatiles and one top (no one said Ceejay got dicked na). Really don’t know why I just gave a statistical information, just felt like.

    Masked man, u better be take your time o. Firstly, u disvirgin my Christmas with yoghurty sex and now u deflower my New Year with a glorious orgy?! Gosh, u are such a pro at writing erotica I must say, lol.
    Oh and I totally wish I was Kyle! *runs away in hiding*

    • Masked Man
      January 01, 11:07 Reply

      Oh darling, you could be kyle.

      Hello Dennis.

  10. Tobby
    January 01, 11:07 Reply

    Seems like you had lots of fun

  11. JoshDeity
    January 01, 11:44 Reply

    This is the stuff of dreams…?? So so good… Unfortunately, in reality, even a finger entering me makes all the blood rush out of my member?… Besides, I doubt I can concentrate… ?

    Masked Man… ?

    • Keredim
      January 01, 12:57 Reply

      A finger is popped into your bum and you start bleeding from your dick???

      Dude you need to have that checked out.????

  12. Chizzie
    January 01, 14:04 Reply

    I think everyone should try an orgy at least once, after all, you only live once. Plus its becoming boring reading about sex stories and what not, can we leave all that stuff in 2015.

    • Pink Panther
      January 02, 05:47 Reply

      Lol. No Chizzie, of course not. Not when there’s Love and SEX In The City still running. 😀

  13. Dickson Clement
    January 01, 14:09 Reply

    @ Delle C.j is versatile too, masked man banged him in the Xmas porno

  14. sinnex
    January 01, 14:50 Reply

    This is too much for me to handle. I wouldn’t mind watching sha….

  15. bruno
    January 01, 16:28 Reply

    this is fiction, right? RIGHT?

  16. michael
    January 01, 16:29 Reply

    Come oturugbeke what’s your own nah ehh?

  17. Max 2.0
    January 01, 18:43 Reply

    National whore 0.15.. I hope this new year will make a changed man out of you.

  18. Brian Collins
    January 02, 15:58 Reply

    Well….. I did say Keep being a slut. You live up to the title.

  19. SageDude
    May 11, 01:09 Reply

    If you are into passionate sex, orgy is a no no as far as am concerned

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