A Very Christmasey Sex

A Very Christmasey Sex

It is the twenty-fourth of December. We finish from the bar at nearly midnight. We are high on booze and stoned from weed. The streets are getting noisier and rowdier. Children are lighting up their bangers, which are resounding in the silvery night. Bars and beer parlours are filled to their brinks, overflowing with merrymakers.

Ceejay wants to have some more fun way into the night. He begs for us to hang out some more. But I have to be at the night mass at the Catholic Church, so that my parents will know that I was in attendance. Better late than absent. It is a season to be joyous, and I am not going to have any family ruckus.

So CeeJay decides to follow me to the church, since he lives in close proximity with it. His folks aren’t home anyway; they’d travelled to the village for the season.

We get into the church, apparently tipsy and reeking with the smell of alcohol and weed. I spot Mother in the crowd, giving me the side eye. That side eye that I am very conversant with, which can impart Mother’s intent on the receiver of the side eye; it can mean a variety of things, from ‘We will talk about this later’ to ‘You are so dead tonight’. The latter seems to be the case tonight. Father, on other hand, pretends not to see me. My sisters are in the choir, and my brother is assisting at the altar.

And I, the black sheep, have been busy going about town with a boy.

Ceejay and I soon get settled in the pew, and pretend to follow the flow of worship. My concentration on the church proceedings is a struggle, because I am well and truly horny. All I want is to do the humping and grinding with Ceejay. I can tell he feels the same way, from the way he keeps eyeing me, running his eyes from my face to my crotch. We had been going steady for about two months, and hadn’t gotten naked with each other yet. It’s a miracle, truly, considering how hot we both are and how great the chemistry is. You see, I’m not such a lose hoe!

The annoying priest takes like forever to end the ever boring midnight Mass. It is 12.20am. Seeing as I didn’t come with my family in the car, CeeJay offers to drop me home. On the ride home, it takes him some well-thought-out sentences to change the course of the night.

He says, “You know my place is free and empty. You can come with me, and let’s have wild fun. Or you can go home, to your parents, and have your happiness caged. The choice is yours.”

Well, the choice really is mine. Those words, evil as they may be, sends loads of electric charges down my spine. I do not need to reply. All I do is slide a palm across his thighs and pull gently at his groin, hoping he doesn’t lose concentration on the road and get us killed.

We arrive at his parents’ flat soon enough. The second the locks are turned in, we latched on to each other’s lips.

And right then, Emmanuel was born!

Dear God! Ceejay’s lips are the very essence of life; succulent, moist and generous. We stand there, my back to the door, kissing our way up the ladder of passion. It is so intense. So hot that I find a tiny part of me fleetingly wonder how we managed to keep this sexual connection at bay for two months.

My legs soon begin to protest the task of holding me up during this intense moment of passion; they tremble, threatening to give way. Ceejay must also be feeling the need to take this to the next level, because he breaks the kiss, and lead the way to his room, pulling me by my T-shirt as he moves. I swear, that is the sexiest move ever. It feels like porn…you know, like BDSM, him being such a dominatrix…except I’d rather die than let it get to the whipping and harnessing part.

We get to his room, and there is a lofty mattress in there, large and spread over with downy-looking sheets and pillows. Ceejay pushes me onto it, and promptly comes at me. Setting his thighs apart, he sits on my crotch, and starts kissing me all over again, this time more ferociously. He pulls away my shirt and singlet. My nipples jut out into the air, stung by the cool air into erectness. The sight of my nipples draws his attention away from my lips, and he bends to take one teat into his mouth. I give a sharp gasp upon the contact, and streaks of sizzling sensation shoots from that moist touch on my sensitive nipple throughout the rest of my body.

My gasps are endless as he continues encircling my nipples with his tongue. I can’t help the moans of pleasure that escape my mouth as I arch my back into his onslaught of desire, as he feasts on each nipple turn after turn. That shit is crazy! I almost come in my pants. He traces his tongue from nipple to earlobe, working wonders with his lips. I clutch to his body, shaking, quivering, lost in ecstasy. Every fibre in my being acknowledges like it never did in church that Jesus is truly born.

Ceejay sniffs in every inch of my skin. He works his way down, from under my arms, stopping at the armpits to blow air into them. I squeeze him for dear life. I pin him tightly to me, with my legs wrapped around his torso. From the armpits, he starts working down along the sides of my ribcage, adoring every detail of my body. If I were to die then, I would have died a happy man. By the time he gets to my navel, I am so sure I am going to die from the extreme pleasure coursing through my veins. My moans have become so loud that I have to muffle them by grabbing a pillow and clamping it across my face.

Then he pulls back to unbuckle my belt, and helps me out of my denim wear, taking my brief off too. And then, there I am on his bead, at his mercy, stark naked from every stitch. My member is there as well, void of shyness, all 9inches of it. Black and thick, pink capped and hairless. He swears under his breath, before leaning over to minister to it.

He starts from my low-hanging balls, teasing me with the tip of his tongue and scribbling around the balls. I begin to get mad with my passion; I am basically writhing like a boa constrictor. My moans get louder, but at this point, neither of us cares.

Then he releases the balls, moves upward to the base of my shaft, gliding with his tongue all the way to the cap. Fuck! I am just about ready to burst very hot nuts. He wraps an index finger and a thumb around the base, and with a bob of his head up and down, he takes the entire shaft in. He keeps up for the motion for an interminable amount of time, while I grind up against his mouth, striving hard – oh-so-hard – to hold on to my orgasm.

After the ecstatic blowjob, he spins me around to my knees and has my ass in the air. He brings out a small bottle of strawberry yoghurt from the small refrigerator in his room. Then he proceeds to baptize the entire spread of my ass with it. Fuck nigga! This dude then begins to lick his way through my ass with such sensual strokes that I find myself racing dangerously again to the precipice. I feel like I am floating in space. After licking up every bit of the ice cream, he goes ahead to tongue-fuck my butthole, spanking the cheeks intermittently.

By this time, I am very ready for some good piston to plough into my glory hole. He must have read the signs from my body, because he frees me from his tongue-fucking to undress. He does so, and frees a humongous ten-inch African black mamba. The very sight of it thrills me. I watch the stretched-out serpent bobbing its head up and down, as Ceejay goes to rummage through a chest of drawers for a bottle of lube and some rubbers.

I am not a small pikin, and I have been so aroused with foreplay, that I don’t flinch when that monstrous dick begins to glide inside me. The filling sensation it gives me as it travels down my pipe-way is simply the happiest. I lick my lips, gearing up for a good doggy.

Ceejay starts slowly, and then gains momentum. Soon, he is pounding and slapping his powerful balls against my perineum. Fuck nigga! Is he hitting my womb? Yes, bitch! Nigga is fucking me so good, that if you had asked me to say my name in that moment, I’d have shouted, “Ceejay!”

I am in my element. I am a true porn star. Or more correctly, we are good porn stars. There is no style that we don’t try out. My legs splayed upward, my ass bouncing up and down on top of him, standing with my ass positioned at angle 180… His dick is hungry. And I do my best to keep up.

After about thirty minutes of drilling for oil and searching for gold, it soon becomes clear that CeeJay is a real horse. Dude isn’t even showing signs of slowing down or getting tired. And since this is not government work and we aren’t getting certificates, I push him off. My butthole is gaping so widely, it can take a fisting from a sumo wrestler.

We are both panting very hard now, and sweating even harder. Harmattan who?

Then Ceejay gets on his knees, in a doggy position, and asks me to fuck him.

Glory to Jesus, honour to Mary!

His butt is round and fluffy. Do you know how you feel when you come from the heat outside into an air conditioned space? That soothing feel of relief – yes! That is how I feel when I thrust in. I remember the feel of his ass when I grabbed his cheeks and urged him to fuck me harder. That does not compare to grabbing those cheeks and fucking him this time. I get in position and begin to bang against his posterior with a vengeance. He begins grinding backward to meet my thrusts, moaning as well, with an “Oops” at the end of each moan. After a few minutes of blissful doggy, he pulls away and asks to sit on me. We switch positions and I spread out on the bed, while he straddles me. And then, he begins to bounce up and down my dick, while wanking himself.

We start quaking at the same time. Dear God, it was out of this earth. No better feeling in the world than for you and your fuck buddy to nut at the same time. Our seeds erupted simultaneously, with his splashing out all over my torso and mine juddering out into the rubber encased by his ass. And he slumps forward on top of me.


This was some good dicking. We lie there, mangled and glued to each other, catching our breath. A lazy glance at the clock on the wall reveals that it is 4am.

After some minutes of quality cuddling, I begin to crave a shower to get rid of all the sweat and cum, so I can better sleep in Ceejay’s cuddle. But no, he has other ideas. He slides down, and starts blowing me. And amazingly, my member responds with hard urgency.

And we do it again.

And again.

When we get around to showering, before getting into bed to sleep, it is almost 7am on Christmas morning.

We wake up at noon. We wake up horny and hard, and we do it again.

It isn’t until 3pm that I am ready to go back home. Yes, back home to the family trouble I’m sure is waiting for me. But I don’t let that bother me. Why should I when this Christmas is looking very rosy from the best sex I’ve ever had.

Written by Masked Man

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  1. ken
    December 25, 06:05 Reply

    Omg! What travesty!!
    *crosses self with sign of the cross*

    As u read this just remember Jesus is the reason for the season! Lol

      • ken
        December 25, 06:20 Reply

        Hmmm is it? So why do we lock doors n hide n tell ridiculous lies just to get some.

        For a gift, it sure comes with so many strings attached

        • Pink Panther
          December 25, 06:37 Reply

          That’s because human beings just love to put constraints on their everyday living that really shouldn’t be there.
          In the words of Professor Odinkalu: ‘Sex should not be a shameful thing to talk about.’

          Post on that will be coming up shortly. 🙂

  2. Mandy
    December 25, 06:46 Reply

    Jisoxkraist of Nazareth, take the wheel! AH! MM! So this is how you now want to go an kill us with konji on Christmas morning. And you think you’re not destined for hell…

    • posh6666
      December 25, 10:07 Reply

      Seriously why do u guys spell the name of your lord and personal saviour in such funny manners?Jisoxkraist? Some chisos,jisos,jisux,jijus….I am not a christian but it really sounds very very disrespectful and this is not a shade just trying to make sense of it.

      Merry exmas to you guys wishing us long life,plenty money and a kito free year.Amen.

      • ambivalentone
        December 25, 11:49 Reply

        You know why? Because we know Jesus has a sense of humor. He isn’t gonna rain thunderbolts from heaven and he sure as hell won’t need his followers going on a rampage for every percieved insult to his name. No matter how many times u think it is used ‘disrespectfully’, HE answers when there is a NEED by whoever calls on him

        • Keredim
          December 25, 11:57 Reply

          Amen bro Ambi??????

          Jesus ain’t into all that Fatwa business. He kool!!??????

        • posh6666
          December 25, 11:58 Reply

          Oh Jesus also has a sense of humour? Lol ok thats a new one i guess you and him are also besties and ping each other on the regular.

          Obviously for the fact that you dont get struck by thunder while misspelling his name all in a bid to sound cool doesnt make it right….I mean why cant u just spell it right? Btw i am not even a christian it just feels wrong so biko kontinu this isnt an argument i just stated my opinion.

        • McGray
          December 25, 13:55 Reply

          And because He is full of mercy and compassion and hasn’t killed u with thunder u shld continue to use His name disrespectfully? Anyhoo. Merry xmas my brothers

          • GAG
            December 25, 20:25 Reply

            You just spoke about using His name in a disrespectful manner and wished everyone merry Xmas omitting the “Christ”mas……. case of pot though

        • Masked Man
          December 25, 13:59 Reply

          Jisos Kraist.
          Ambi, nice reply.
          Lol @ sense of humour.

  3. Dennis Macaulay
    December 25, 07:11 Reply

    This is not fiction and I know who CJ is….

    **pours big mug of coffee and sips**

    • JArch
      December 25, 10:56 Reply

      Amebo!! Who asked you…. You just want people to ask you to invite them to tea.

  4. Timi Leoficient
    December 25, 07:16 Reply

    waoww… I freakingwish myself such a cool experience… although twas same for my birthday Lolll

  5. simba
    December 25, 07:17 Reply

    Married Masked Man.. Ceejay?? Hmmm okay continue…

    • Dennis Macaulay
      December 25, 07:22 Reply

      Leave them na! They are telling us how they spent last night!

      Tufiakwa! While Mary gave birth to your savior y’all were fucking!


      • Pink Panther
        December 25, 07:24 Reply

        Hahahahahahahahahahaaa!!! But today is 25th na. And the story says they finished by afternoon time on the 25th. So, can’t it still be fiction?

        • Masked Man
          December 25, 07:29 Reply

          Thank you PP.
          Me that I’ve been celibate since.

        • Dennis Macaulay
          December 25, 07:34 Reply

          PP leave that story, they just tweaked the details!

          Me and you know who CJ is!

          Masked and CJ! I need to hide a camera in your bedroom biko, next time I visit I will find a way to do that.

          The kind of sex you people have will make a porn star blush!


          • Masked Man
            December 25, 07:53 Reply

            I don’t know what you are talking about.

  6. Eros
    December 25, 08:47 Reply

    *Cough cough*

    This harmattan ehn

    • Masked Man
      December 25, 10:46 Reply

      Hi Eros, I’ve missed you.
      Vhar didn’t deliver my message?

  7. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    December 25, 09:16 Reply

    I should be doing this … Not reading!

    *begging the witches from my village to allow me have this kinda great sex!*

  8. Valunois
    December 25, 09:37 Reply

    While you dudes trouble selves over its reality, the story did one thing unanimously, ain’t you horny? Guy calm down o

  9. Oturugbeke!
    December 25, 10:36 Reply

    Dunno why, but I skipped through it. I can’t cum and be suffering mysef becox of erection over fiction. FYI. I consciously typed that in bad spelling, before busy body correctors comes to wank all over my matter.

  10. johnny
    December 25, 11:03 Reply

    Jesus, am I reading this today? I am holy for today o. Those tops no want visitor. I won’t read Again

  11. lluvmua
    December 25, 11:36 Reply

    wait……ceejay?????? the same ceejay??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its a wah ooooo……..the thirst is real

  12. Delle
    December 25, 11:37 Reply

    Did I just get horny and all perked up? How dare you make me feel this way on this blessed day, Masked Man? I forbid you to do such to me!

    God, this story was so on point. I don’t know if it’s fiction but that yoghurt bit got me in bla-zeees! To think we have two cartons of that in my chest freezer, oh well.
    The killer though was when he turned around for you to reciprocate. I think I’d just pass.

    What a sensuous way of starting the day! Jesus would be proud *smirks*

  13. lluvmua
    December 25, 11:40 Reply

    wait……ceejay?????? the same ceejay??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm its a wah ooooo……..the thirst is real kwa *sprinkles holy water*

  14. Peak
    December 25, 11:44 Reply

    Silent night, hoely night
    All is hard, All is dark
    Around the whoring Masked man and his man
    Hoely booty so tender and mild
    Sleep in ecstasy filled peace, sleep in ecstacy filled peace.

    10 inch??? So Cj dashes you 10 inches and you gladly collect? Hian. I fear una ooo.
    **not everyone should be categorised as human biko. Iwo nikan? Odindin 10 inch? Eyin tu le gan ooo! Kilode? se o fe ya furo re ni? **rolling my eyes at this is fiction.** #HungryHoe

    • Masked Man
      December 25, 11:54 Reply

      Peak darling, fiction.
      It’s fiction, bae.

      • Peak
        December 25, 16:19 Reply

        Lol! Shade spotted & well received love.

        I can assure you that I don’t need a size 10 wrench to get the job done. My wrench always screws in nuts effortlessly.
        I don’t have to be a plus size model, I fill out all dresses with ease. That’s all that matters at the end of the day.

    • Griffin
      December 25, 12:00 Reply

      ???????, fix it jesus. Peak you are so useless. Chai!!!!!,plus you ruined silent night for me. You clown.

    • Francis
      December 25, 13:50 Reply


      This was the exact comment I was waiting for when I read this piece this early morning and decided to goan come back for comments. Gbogbo power bottoms, I is hail oh. ???

      @MaskedMan the message was well received ….. Ficción or not ? ??

      • Masked Man
        December 25, 14:01 Reply

        My imagination is active. Don’t you think?

    • Deola
      December 25, 19:17 Reply

      Oniranu omo ni bobo yi sha! LMAO

  15. Dickson Clement
    December 25, 12:44 Reply

    Some of Y’all should include ‘no sex’ in ur new year resolutions. I made that resolution last year, and I had sex twice this year!! Although the year ain’t over yet! I still wonder why some pple don’t feel pains handling heavy machinery? 10inch for over 30mins?? Hmmmmm

    • Chuck
      December 26, 15:00 Reply

      They eat right and prepare properly

  16. kacee
    December 25, 14:28 Reply

    LMAO I just laughed through out. Gay sex ewwwwww yuck…. you just had to use the name ceejay LMAO ok o let me just close my mouth. LMAO ceejay ko Jaycee ni.

  17. Khaleesi
    December 25, 15:08 Reply

    Chukwu Nna!!! ****crosses self multiple times and kisses rosary beads fervently**** ***hollers loudly for St Maxine*** chaii, i had to read this 3x over, ees not fair oooo!!! See the kind of hot raunchy fun that some people are having while am here romancing Miss Palmela Handerson — its not fair!! ****hot tears****

  18. geeluv
    December 27, 16:31 Reply

    I swear….. I became hard as i was reading this.

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