Addictively Flavorful

Addictively Flavorful

Me and my three homeboys were almost like brothers and had been that way since middle school. That being said, we pranked each other all the time. Sometimes the pranks went a little overboard but we never caused physical harm to one another or anything like that. My boy, Zahir, crossed a line when he pissed in my apple juice one day and I spent over a month trying to figure out how to get him back. Since he’d put his piss in something that I ended up drinking, I knew it had to be a food or drink prank that I got him back with. One day, while sitting in my room doing homework, I came up with the best way to get him to taste my revenge.

My mama had a recipe book in the kitchen and the easiest thing in it was the recipe for brownies. I checked the fridge and cabinets to make sure she had everything I’d need to make them. I only had a few hours to pull it all off before she and my dad got off work, so I wasted no time. Once I had everything mixed up and the oven preheated, I got ready to add the main revenge ingredient: my cum. I’d thought of the nastiest way to get that nigga back for pissing in my apple juice and I had no regrets about it. So, I pulled up a porn video on Pornhub of a girl playing with her pussy on my phone. I jacked off until I caught my nut, shooting all my cum into the brownie mix. That nut felt good as fuck but I knew it would feel even better getting revenge on Zahir.

“Nigga, you play too much,” he said after I let him into my house. “You knew I was out there for that long ass time.”

“Man, I was up in my room,” I lied.

“Yeah, right. You still trippin’ because I put piss in your apple juice. You might as well get me back and get over with it, Tyreke.”

“Bruh, I already told you I’m over that shit. Why would I hit you up and ask you to come over and then not come to the door when you got here? I didn’t get your text sayin’ you was outside. My phone been actin’ shitty since I accidentally dropped it the other day.”

“Mmm hmm, whatever.” He sniffed the air and asked, “Damn, what smells so good?”

“My grandma brought some brownies over for me and my parents.”

“Yo, let me get one!”

“What? Hell nah. Them brownies are too good to share.”

“Come on, Tyreke. My stomach is growlin’ and shit. Let me get a brownie or two?”

“Let me guess, you want some milk, too?”

His eyes lit up as he asked, “Y’all got milk?”

I laughed and shook my head before leading him into the kitchen where the brownies had cooled on a plate I’d put them on. He immediately grabbed three of the twelve brownies. I gave him a look and said, “Damn, you said one or two, nigga.”

“Man, fuck you. I’m hungry as fuck.”

It took all of my strength not to burst out in laughter and ruin the prank. I grabbed two glasses and filled them with milk for us. I then put a few brownies on a plate for myself. I had to eat some so he wouldn’t be suspicious. I had no problems eating my own cum and had done it before so it wasn’t weird at all for me. We went upstairs to my room to play a game on my Xbox One. The moment he finished eating the three brownies he’d grabbed, I began looking at him and laughing a little.

“Man, why you keep laughin’ and shit?” he asked while keeping his attention on the game.

“Nothin’,” I said back before laughing again.

“Tyreke, you’re up to somethin’. I can tell.”

“Bruh, no I ain’t. Damn.”

He finished drinking the milk and we continued playing the game. After a while, we got bored with the game and decided to watch some TV while doing homework together. I started laughing again, and just as I was about to reveal what I’d did, he started looking at me weird. Zahir had never looked at me like that and I wasn’t sure why he was doing it.

“You alright, bruh?” I asked him as I sat my pencil down on the bed.

“Yeah, I’m good,” he said as he stopped looking at me.

I laughed again and asked, “Are you sure?”

Finally, he sat his pencil and notebook down and then asked, “Man, you ever get a crazy feeling about somethin’ you know is crazy as fuck?”

“What? Nah, I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, bruh.”

“You didn’t put weed or anything in them brownies, did you?”


“I must be trippin’ then.”

“Why? What’s on your mind?”

“Some wild shit. I don’t even know why I started thinkin’ about this shit.”

“Thinkin’ about what?”

He laughed a little as he turned towards me and said, “I can’t say because you’ll trip and probably make me leave or try to fight me.”

“Zahir, stop playin’. There wasn’t anything in them brownies, nigga. I told you my grandma made them.”

I was having second thoughts about telling him the truth about the brownies because of how weird he was acting. Why was he acting so damn strange just because I put cum in the brownie mix before baking the brownies? Was there something wrong with my cum? I was getting nervous as fuck as I watched him get weirder and weirder by the second.

“Man, you need to chill,” I told him as I stood up from my bed. “I gotta go take a leak. I’ll be right back.”

I left my room and went across the hall to the bathroom. I took a piss and after washing and drying my hands, I opened the door and Zahir was standing right there in the hallway. He put his hand on my bare chest and pushed me back into the bathroom and then placed his other hand on my crotch. This nigga was really trippin’!

“Bruh, the fuck is you doin’?” I asked as I pushed him back.

“I don’t know, man,” he said as he grabbed his hard dick through his pants. “I wanna suck your dick, bruh.”

“Zahir, I know you’re tryin’ to prank me. This shit ain’t gonna work. Besides, I already pranked you.”

“You pranked me? How?”

“I jacked off and nutted in the brownie mix before I baked them brownies. There, you can stop tryin’ to get me back.”

“That ain’t what this is, Tyreke. Dude, I really wanna suck your dick for some reason. I promise I won’t tell nobody. I gotta do this shit, bruh.”

“What you mean…”

Before I could even say anything else, this nigga got down on one knee, unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my shorts, pulled them down to my ankles and started sucking on my soft dick! I tried to push him away for like a second before that shit started feeling good as fuck. My dick grew hard in his mouth and that’s when he started deep-throating it. I couldn’t believe what was happening. One of my closest friends who I’d not only grown up with but also witnessed fuck plenty of girls was on the floor sucking my dick better than any female that had ever sucked me. When he pulled my dick out of his mouth and a long spit chain followed, my knees almost gave in.

“Fuck, bruh,” I said while rubbing the back of his head. “I ain’t know you was into this kinda shit.”

“I thought about it,” he admitted while licking his lips and staring at my dick. “But I never thought I’d actually do it. I damn sure wasn’t gonna tell anybody about it. Ever.”

He smacked his lips with my dick and then went back to sucking me. I wasn’t convinced that he hadn’t done this before because he was sucking my dick like he was going to get paid after finishing. Even though it was weird as fuck having my homeboy suck me, I can’t even lie, his lips looked good wrapped around my dick. I tried not get all caught up by it but that shit was turning me on, especially when he’d slurp on it and make them sucking noises.

“I wanna taste some more of it,” he said while jacking me off using his spit as lube.

“Taste more of what?” I asked.

“Your cum, nigga. Give me that shit.”

“Ah, fuck!”

I busted a nut and he wrapped them lips around my dick again and sucked the rest of it out. My knees finally gave in and I had to grab the wall to stay balanced. I was making too much noise so I had to put my hand over my mouth. He kept sucking me and when I couldn’t take no more, I had to make him stop. He had my dick super sensitive. He licked his lips and then tugged on my dick some more to get the last bit of cum out of it. I honestly felt a mix of pleasure and shock as I watched him stand back up to his feet.

“Damn,” he said while wiping his mouth. “That shit taste better than it did in the brownies, man.”

“Nigga, what the fuck?” I asked as I pulled my shorts back up. “Did that shit really just happen?”

“Yeah, it did.”

We started laughing and everything calmed down as we went back into my room. We finished our homework and then he left just minutes before my parents came home. The next day at school, the strangest thing happened. I texted Zahir and asked if he wanted to do it again and he had no idea what I was talking about. I didn’t go into detail, but I asked him what he remembered about the day before. He told me he remembered coming over to my house, eating some brownies, playing a game on my Xbox One and doing homework.

Somehow, he’d completely forgotten about sucking my dick. I thought he was playing but he truly didn’t remember. I had no idea what the fuck was going on with my cum, but I now knew I had a secret weapon. I was definitely going to be pranking all my homeboys with the same trick to see if it would work. I’d finally discovered the best prank to pull on them and there was no way I’d give up that power or the chance to get my dick sucked whenever I wanted.

Written by D.A. Morrison

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  1. cedar
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    like the cum wiped his brain clean of the memories or what? Am smelling IH here.

  2. Luka
    October 08, 15:08 Reply

    This cum is highly recommended for Nigerian homophobia’s. A better way to reset their memories to default mode.

    • realme
      October 13, 10:59 Reply

      you should try it na

      and share experience

  3. Yazz Soltana
    October 10, 10:51 Reply

    Lolz addictively flavorful , I’m really enjoying
    This D.A Morrison guy

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