Donald Trump Wins The Presidency Of The United States

Donald Trump Wins The Presidency Of The United States

The race for the White House has reached its conclusion. After the candidates traded increasingly vicious blows to become Barack Obama’s successor ahead of one of the most talked about elections in recent history, America has finally gone to the polls and chosen Donald Trump as their new President.donald trump

Can we talk about this and how this presidency will affect the international community?

Next The Piece About What President Trump Means For LGBT Rights

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  1. poshyydude
    November 09, 09:07 Reply

    this is really bad for the international community especially if he starts to do all he said he was going to do and I never thought that Americans were that racist

  2. poshyydude
    November 09, 09:10 Reply

    I guess what everyone is afraid is giving a woman or allowing a woman to be the most powerful person in the world even our great America isn’t ready for that change and lady gaga dressing didn’t help during the campaign when she dressed up as Hitler

    • pete
      November 09, 10:33 Reply

      Please, don’t play the gender card here. It could be about Hillary and not her gender.

  3. Mandy
    November 09, 09:18 Reply

    This according to Bisi Alimi:

    Will the election of Trump results in the following?
    1- the end of equal marriage
    2- further war in the Middle East
    3- Putin becoming more powerful
    4- end of Obamacare
    5- end of PEPFR which also means end of access to treatment to millions of people living with HIV in global south
    6- defunding PPF
    7- extreme racial conflict in America?
    Just like in Brexit, White fear and white fragility has won again. It is a politics of who can speak louder the fear of white peoples.
    This election and that of Brexit has just told us one thing, neoliberalism has failed the people and now is the time for populism and the idea there is a centre ground is an illusion and why Labour needs to embrace Corbyn rather than push him away.

    This is really very sad. For our sake, may Donald Trump not live up to be the disaster he always looked like he’d be.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      November 09, 09:38 Reply

      1- Not really.Unless Ruth Bader-Ginsburg,Stephen Breyer n Anthony Kennedy get replaced by very conservative judges.Very likely
      2- Maybe
      3- Likely,but I hope Trumps ego checks him
      4- Looks like it.Tough fight ahead tho.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        November 09, 09:45 Reply

        5- No.He’s an East coast republican,way different from southern republicans.
        6- His party needs PPF,a bogeyman,for mid-term election.It’ll stay,but relatively underfunded.
        7- Racists just became empowered,whether they take it up a notch is what one can’t predict

  4. y
    November 09, 09:46 Reply

    Smdh @ this. Goodluck America!

  5. pete
    November 09, 10:38 Reply

    To win an election, you identify the biggest voting bloc and give them what they want. Trump played it to perfection. In earlier threads, I cautioned against underestimating Trump’s message.
    The US has strong democratic institutions that checks presidential powers. Foreign policy may be a different case altogether.
    Good morning, President Trump.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      November 09, 10:48 Reply

      Republicans already won the House and seem able to hold on to the Senate.The Supreme Court will tilt 6-3 at least,before the mid-terms.
      As it stands,only Paul Ryan can hold him in check,and that if he gets reelected as Speaker.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        November 09, 10:51 Reply

        It’s yet morning though.
        He may turn out not so bad,as his campaigning suggested.He was a Democrat at some point,after all.

  6. Mitch
    November 09, 11:04 Reply

    Honestly, I’m heartbroken!

    I mean, I can understand such idiocy from Nigerians but Americans, this was one blow too many.

    • Justme
      November 09, 11:17 Reply

      People are people. Americans are no better than anyone else though many, like Trump, think they are.

  7. zilayefa
    November 09, 12:02 Reply

    i feel so depressed and sad with this news……sooooo sooooo sad

  8. .•*Sugaar.•*
    November 09, 13:04 Reply

    This is a bad news… But i refused to be sad. It’s a thing!

    Chanji…. (Change)

  9. Lopez
    November 09, 13:58 Reply

    The phrase I always remember Trump with ” you are fired” from celebrity apprentice. It was a bad decision but I stand with sugaar, I also refuse to be sad.

  10. Delle
    November 09, 15:05 Reply

    I don’t know how to feel. Mitch and I have been fervently praying against this and now ?

    Recession and regression everywhere one turns.
    That even Obama’s candidate didn’t win? Mehn.. .

  11. Richard Moore
    November 09, 15:18 Reply

    More like the beginning of the Dark Ages for the United States.
    Am I the only one that feels like this is Goodluck-Buhari all over again?

  12. Canis VY Majoris
    November 09, 15:25 Reply

    The world will take care of itself, America will take care of itself, take care of yourself.

    However I can’t seem to shake off the feeling that an assassination attempt will be made on his life and Pence will be the President of the United States. Because I still don’t know how Trump who’s so hated by many won, there’s more to this than we know and it will reveal itself in due time.

    Also, the next 4 years will be exhilarating for America and the Media world.

    Besides we need a new world order. The world is due for another disorder, we’ve had it coming.

    • Pink Panther
      November 11, 04:49 Reply

      The world is due for another disorder?
      you do realize those who lived through the past ‘disorders’ weren’t grateful for it, right?

  13. Pankar
    November 09, 15:34 Reply

    Sad day. *draw the blinds and sleep the day away*

  14. peaches
    November 09, 19:42 Reply

    I think nobody’s as pained as I am. Obama’s regime let everyone be. but people are not satisfied. their major reason voting that white bigot with a tupee is cos he is going to stop gay marriage. really? men marry men how has that changed the colour of your hair? and religion worldwide tell me its OK to put to an end somebody’s life because he is gay in his house o! This hate chokes me like Cameroon pepper!. ha!!!. Even my sister said her reason for liking trump is anti gayness, others is not her business. tell me how I can live with her. Religion I have had enough! enough to last me years! just enough hate and bitterness from people who have refused to live and let live. I shan’t wait to be slaughtered o, rat poison can get into people’s food by mistake.

  15. BlurryFace
    November 09, 23:41 Reply

    Dr SKC Ogbonna, SG Nigerian Diaspora Union:

    “For the Nigerian community, we cannot say it is a total loss. We are a very dynamic community in the United States of America and no matter what happens we will find a way to embrace the change. It is expected that in the Trump presidency, the Supreme Court would be composed of conservative judges who could in a way repeal the Homosexual Marriage Act which conforms to our culture than what you have under Obama and what could have continued under a Clinton presidency had it come to be.
    “Secondly, the issue of trade can go either way. A number of Nigerians in America could benefit in Donald Trump’s regime, but at the same time I am worried that his protectionist policy may affect Nigeria.”

    and my question: is your culture their culture?

  16. Osas
    November 11, 09:50 Reply

    Please if we want to talk equality and freedom, Obama shortchanged catholics and frustrated them, the thing is america is america and the system was not working for the natives, no one has said there would be a repeal of the gay rights and all that, but we talk like some persons were not persecuted even in pro choice obama, abeg let’s be fair in our submissions.

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