FOREWORD: Ever since Absalom wrote about his first time, I’ve been on the look-out for another first time story. Then this writer narrated his to me, and I just knew I had to convince him to write about it. The story has all the makings of a fatal-desire-esque feel to it, and this here is the first part. Read and enjoy. And oh, some of you may know who the writer is even before getting to the end. 😀


He was my Ellen and I was his Portia. We always found time for each other even in the midst of our crazy schedules on a daily basis. I loved him dearly with every fibre in me. He was my first love, my first sex, and his name was Danny.

Once upon a time in the early 2000s, there was a doe-eyed, optimistic freshman in a university somewhere in Nigeria. This person was me. It was the first semester of 100level and I was so excited to be in the university, but the excitement was short-lived after a few days of attending lectures. The alien and bizarre environment, the unusual faces, the crowd, the noise and the whole chaos of jumping from one lecture hall to another was something I found rather unsettling. I prefer order and sanity, things being done perfectly in a calm manner. And for all the dreams and fantasies I had before I got the admission, my experience wasn’t one of them.

But in the midst of all the chaos, I found something comforting, something that made it all worthwhile.

Danny was a tall and lean guy, about an inch or two taller than me; he was sparingly handsome. Apart from his physical features, there was something attractive about him, something that made me feel safe whenever he was around me. He always wore a huge smile on his face which made his beautiful eyes shimmer – Oh, he had the most beautiful eyes and brows that almost adjoined on his forehead.

In a quiet corner in the class, I prayed silently in my heart for him to speak to me, even if it was just one time. I often lingered longer than everyone else after classes just to watch him leave. I was smitten by him in all ramifications and I couldn’t stop myself.

I was a 17-year-old in love and I didn’t know how to proceed. So I used Google as a guide. From the safety of my room and the little corner of my bed, I typed: ‘How to know if someone is gay.’ This popped up several results. After going through all of them, I finally knew what to do. Days passed but I was still terrified of making my move. I thought of several ways things could go south, and after a flashback of what happened the previous year, I couldn’t face another traumatic experience.

As days turned into weeks, my attraction grew stronger. I felt lonely, helpless and miserable. I was pining for him and he had no idea. I was basically new in school and hadn’t made any friends yet.

And then, on that memorable day, Cupid finally answered my prayer.

As I stepped out of the lecture hall just after class, I saw him standing with a fellow classmate. Without stopping to think, I angled closer to eavesdrop on their conversation. They were talking about his phone’s casing; his was damaged and he’d been looking for where to buy another one, but couldn’t find any. I gave a quick glance to see the phone he was using, and as the Fates would have it, it was the same as mine. I remembered that I had a spare casing at home which I was saving for when mine would get old. But – what the heck?! – I’d gladly buy ten cartons of casing just to spend a night with him.

So my man-fetching life-saving instincts kicked in, and I swooped in to save the day. I cut into their conversation and quickly introduced myself. In addition to needing a new casing, his phone was misbehaving due to some software issues, so I immediately offered my help. I put my phone expertise to good use. (Yeah, I’m good with phones and anything tech related). In a few minutes, I was done. I handed the phone to him, and the next thing that happened was both shocking and amazing.

His face lit up with a big smile and his eyes suddenly became soggy as awe and happiness eclipsed his face. He looked at me, his gaze lingering over my face with such attentiveness that I found myself blushing in the Black man version. He took my hands and pulled me closer. The motion met with my brief hesitation, as I didn’t know what his intent was. He felt my hesitation, and pulled me harder. I gave in, moving forward until he took me in his arms and hugged me tight. Then he whispered the words “Thank you” in my ears. It was the most beautiful, pleasant and sincere “Thank you” I’d ever heard.

I’d just solved a problem he’d been battling with for weeks, which took away the pleasure of his use of his phone. Before we parted, I promised to get the casing for him the next day. As we bid ourselves goodbye, I started missing him – his eyes, his warm embrace, his smile, his soft voice. I simply couldn’t wait to see him again.

As quickly as I got home, I looked for the casing in the bag where I kept it, cleaned it up and kept it on top of my table so I wouldn’t forget it. At this stage, nothing was going to stop me from getting my man.

The next day came and I was up by 6am (unlike me). My thirst and desire clawed me out of dreamland to reality. It was the day to finally seal the deal and make him mine forever. I waltzed into the bathroom with delight and performed the morning ritual, and by the time I was out, it was still too early to leave. I cursed the skies for not bringing forth daylight sooner. I however felt defeated at that moment and had to wait till daylight came before leaving the house. I hurriedly made my way to the bus park like I was being chased by an evil spirit.

I got to school just before 7am when everywhere was still empty; it was a cold and misty morning. I held my hands together while trekking down the lonely road. Trees swayed back and forth, and cold gusts of wind occasionally blew past me. Then I got into the lecture room and shut the door behind me.

I spent the better part of the next hour thinking about Danny, about how we’d get married (silly thing for me to think at that age), go on vacation, lay on each other’s chests while seeing a movie, and about all the dirty things I’d do to him.

It wasn’t long before the animals students started trooping in. My eyes, fixated on the door, worked harder than Pamela Anderson’s boobs on a Friday night, as I scanned the faces crossing through the door.

After a long and tiring search, he finally walked in. My heart started pacing like a stallion that just won a marathon. He caught sight of me, smiled and started walking towards me. And for several seconds, I froze, unable to move. I took my time to admire his features, his gait, his figure, his smile. Before I could take it all in, he was in front of me. And that was when my stuttermania (that demon that possesses your vocal chords when your crush is talking to you) started. Eventually though, I was able to gather my wits to exchange pleasantries with him. We made small talk, during which I kept giggling like a newly crazed person. (Well, I was newly crazed…crazy about him). He handed his phone to me and I retired to an empty seat at the back of the class and started working on it. It didn’t take long. He came by and I handed him the phone, now sparkling in all its glory like a newly purchased treasure.

And then, he did what I hoped he’d do. He pulled me in again and gave me that warm hug that seemed to last forever. I felt something inside me in that moment. I knew it was love.

We spent the next few days getting to know each other, sitting together in class, going home together, going for lunch together. Days turned into weeks and Danny and I grew even closer. He was spending at least four nights a week in my room. We’d wake up and begin and end our days together.

And in all those moments, I couldn’t stop wondering if he was gay or not. I loved what we had. It was too beautiful, it felt good and sincere, and I didn’t want it to end. I spent a good deal of time conditioning my mind not to thirst for him, especially in the mornings when he’d pull off his shorts just before going to the bathroom to take his bath, or those nights his legs would accidentally cross over mine, causing me to crave his warm cuddle. I was in love and didn’t want to jeopardize what I had just for a probable few moments of pleasure.

As weeks turned into months, Danny and I grew to love each other. We were like brothers. Everything he had was mine and everything I had was his. We’d exchange texts several times a day, even when in class, making fun of the lecturers and when we didn’t sleep together. He’d send a text saying how much he misses me being around him, and I’d reply with more gusto. As time progressed, he began to add ‘I love you’ at the end of his texts. When this started happening, I was startled. And then cautiously pleased, because I was getting more and more convinced that Danny was truly gay.

But I still didn’t have the courage to make any move on him. And this made me unhappy, restless and dissatisfied. I wanted more. I felt I deserved more. I kept planning and failing at it, as I always chickened out at the last minute.

And then, that night came when I decided that this would be it. The day I would damn whatever consequences and reach out for my happiness.

We were in my bed, gisting like we normally do. And then, he suddenly stopped responding. It was dark and there was no light. I called out his name twice, but didn’t get any response from him. I could only hear him breathing softly. He had slept off. I quickly turned off the screen light of my phone and placed it by the side of the bed. My heart was thumping rapidly like a locomotive engine. I swallowed hard as I moved an inch closer to him. I began running through all the possible outcomes of my daring in my mind. And then, I reminded myself that this was what I had to do.

I stretched my right hand and ran a finger through his bare torso. It felt so smooth, it felt so good. I paused for a minute, and began feeling him up with more fingers. And then, I got more confident and went lower. I reached for his penis through his boxers, wrapped my hands around it to size it up. I felt pleased. My boxers was at the point of tearing as I was rock hard, so much so that my dick could’ve served as a hockey stick at that moment if chosen for that purpose. I slid my hand through the fly of his boxers, all the while massaging his thigh. As soon as my hand touched the tip of his penis, his breathing hitched. His body gave a small stir, as though he’d suddenly come awake. I knew I’d been made, but I didn’t care. I didn’t stop. I extended my fingers and grabbed the bulk of his penis, sack and all, and began caressing it. In a few seconds, I felt it grow bigger and tougher. I smiled.

As I worked his erection, I felt his hips move in tandem with my strokes. It was obvious to me that he was enjoying it. I wanted some of the pleasure too, so I grabbed his hand and placed it on my thigh. I waited for a while for him to make a move. He didn’t. He was hesitant. So I guided him further and shifted the hand onto my penis. And suddenly, the seemingly limp hands started moving up and down over my boxers. Before I knew it, my throbbing hardness was out from the confines of my boxers along with my balls. And just then, he went from a dead zombie to Dracula.

He quickly got off his back, pulled his boxers down and over his legs. Then he reached for me and pulled my hard-on into his mouth. He spent the next few minutes running his puckered lips up and down my whole length. It felt like heaven. My eyes rolled back into my eye sockets, and I couldn’t help but let out soft pleasured moans. I was gushing out precum like it was Christmas, and he didn’t stop sucking me.

At some point, I wanted to return the favor, so I gently guided him backward until he was lying on his back. And then I started with him. I leaned forward and buried my face in his thighs. The smell of his dick’s freshness gave me life. I kissed his inner thigh, worked my way down his perineum, picked up his balls with my lips, and licked, kissed and licked the sac some more. Then I made my way up to his rock-hard dick, opened my mouth to let in the impressive mushroom head, and then locked my lips in place for maximum pleasure. As I worked my way up and down the entire length of his penis, he let out harsh moans. He held my head and pulled it up and down over his dick, as my lips clutched tightly to his hardness. I pulled his hands off my head, pinned both hands to the mattress and locked it in place. His moans increased in frequency as I increased the pace of the sucking.

In that moment, I owned him. He was mine to do with whatever pleased me. I kissed and licked his torso, chest and nipples. He was moaning and sweating profusely, so I let him go for a second. He proceeded to grab my glutes, bent me over and worked his head down my butt crack. My eyes rolled up into its sockets in sheer pleasure, as I let one of the best sensations I’d ever felt rock through my body.

After a long licking and kissing moment, he inserted his length into me. I was terrified because I’d heard horrid stories of ass tearing and bleeding. I’d never done this before. He seemed to sense my alarm, because he proceeded gently inward. Before I knew it, his dick was all in. And I was like, ‘Is that it?’ I hadn’t felt the pain I’d envisioned would hit me with his intrusion. His dick wasn’t the biggest I assumed was out there; it was long and slender with a sizeable head, it wasn’t super thick. In a few minutes, I felt something warm and slimy pour inside me. He’d cum inside me. He groaned harshly and jerked endlessly as he came.

After a few moments of letting him regain his breathing, I withdrew his now-almost-flaccid penis from inside me and wiped off my butt with my singlet. Then it was my turn. I inserted my middle finger in his butthole and he let out a small moan, which made me even harder. I spat some more on my fingers and continued working on his butthole until his ass was well relaxed enough. I grazed his hole a couple of times in a tease with my dick, until he was practically begging me to enter. And then, I slid inside and began working his ass. His was soft, and I’d occasionally grab and smooch it while I was inside him. After several position changes, I pulled out from him and started jerking off. Moments later, I came on his chest.

Thereafter, we proceeded to the bathroom and cleaned up. Then we came back to bed and cuddled in sleep for the rest of the night.

Then the dawn of the coldest morning came.


Written by Max

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  1. trystham
    July 09, 06:31 Reply

    Where tha fuck is the nearest available dick??? /sad face*

  2. #TeamKizito
    July 09, 06:54 Reply

    Awww. Maximus.

    That ‘How to know if someone is gay’ part.. Lol! God bless google.

  3. ronniephoenix
    July 09, 07:06 Reply

    @MAX, you should be employed in the porn industry,
    *going hysterical*
    i want dick!!!!
    (oh, i am just 17)

  4. Mitch
    July 09, 07:28 Reply

    Lawd! Maxine darlyn, you need Jesus! Ever considered writing for Literotica, GayDemon or other sites? Cause I assure you, you’d do great.

    Ewo! Now I need a boyfriend. I need to get laid

  5. chestnut
    July 09, 07:34 Reply

    I swear,I didn’t know it Max; I kept thinking “James”! The story sweet me die sha…I always love stories about “is he or isn’t he…I wish he was” kinda crushes.

  6. Sinnex
    July 09, 07:36 Reply


    …on my way to work and spotting a very massive hardon….then I saw ‘Max’…who would have thought? I had to will myself to normalcy. Max, of all people, making me hard this morning and thinking about sex.

    This is how I envisaged my first time to be like, but we all can’t have cinderella stories.

    But come oooo, you don dey seduce and fuck boys at 17…na wa ooo…when did you get born again sef?

  7. Mercury
    July 09, 07:46 Reply

    Max you broke my baby’s heart, how could you?????

  8. Peak
    July 09, 07:54 Reply


    Very insightful and interesting read.

    17 (lips are sealed on that one)

  9. kacee
    July 09, 07:58 Reply

    Wow, this is soooooo hot *fans face*, just makes me remember Yaoi(Anime). Love u max lol…..

  10. boy2006
    July 09, 08:27 Reply

    I feel something is missing here. Unless both of you natural self cleaning chutes, where is the part about you both preparing for this?

    • Mandy
      July 09, 08:41 Reply

      Well, let’s see. It was nighttime and they were all set for bed. So, I’m guessing they’d taken their baths and were clean and fresh.
      So, do tell, what other preparation did they need for something that was so clearly spontaneous? Or are all your hookups deliberately and systematically prepared for? Do you suddenly stop a spontaneous quickie with a hottie with a ‘Hold on, honey, no sucking just yet, I gotta take a quick run to the bathroom to clean up my chutes’

      • boy2006
        July 09, 09:33 Reply

        Honestly, it is not that deep. Did you see how I phrased my comment as a question. I’m guessing you didn’t or else you would have seen that I asked a legitimate question because there are certain things you would expect when one has spontaneous anal sex, which were not present in this post, in no way am I critiquing the writer. But no, these days most people want to jump on the bandwagon that they have the sass to rival RuPaul’s. So next time, calm your tits, and just take the time to comprehend what you read. Mmkay.

      • Sinnex
        July 09, 09:39 Reply

        *drum roll* I think we have a new member. Boy, welcome to the world famous ‘Olodo gang’. We are tired of the bandwagon effect. Our president and Vice would soon be here to give you the official welcome.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 09, 09:46 Reply

        Ah Mandy,always forming Voltron on behalf of members of the Lickspittle Gang.
        You should have let this one lie.
        @boy2006,while your observation is valid,you should bear in mind that most,if not all,stories here on kd are somewhat spiced up,some more so than others.Learn to overlook such inconsistencies.At least,don’t voice your reservations too often.

        • pinkpanthertb
          July 09, 10:44 Reply

          You mean Mandy of the Lipstick Gang? That’s alright. We understand when outsiders make spelling mistakes like you did, Tiercel.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 09, 11:41 Reply

        Nope,no mistake PP.Lickspittle is the original name,copyrighted and all.
        And no,I’m no outsider.You must be mistaking me for someone else

        • pinkpanthertb
          July 09, 12:00 Reply

          *shaking my head* That’s what I do when people miss the mark of my sarcasm. Makes me realize I shouldnt have wasted that subtle art on them.

    • Max
      July 09, 09:51 Reply

      @Anti-christ boy, do you understand the meaning of “spontaneous sex”?
      If you don’t, then google is your best friend.

  11. Diablo
    July 09, 08:51 Reply

    google in the early 2000s? Ehm ok stopped reading after i saw that

    • Peak
      July 09, 09:09 Reply

      Early 2000 could be around 2000-2005 are you saying google didn’t exist around that time?

      • Diablo
        July 09, 09:20 Reply

        Google was released to the public in 2004 and only became mainstream say late 2000s, in Nigeria a few years after that. So someone is obviously lying..

      • Max
        July 09, 09:35 Reply

        @Peak, leave the goldfish brain. The millennia of 2000 has 1000 years in it. Early 2000 can span from 2000-2490.

  12. pinkpanthertb
    July 09, 08:58 Reply

    First blood drawn. *reclining on my couch* This can only get interesting from hereon.

    • Deola
      July 09, 09:34 Reply

      ***crosses legs and adjust 3D glasses***

  13. posh6666
    July 09, 09:10 Reply

    Ladies and gentlemen please rise as we usher in negative nancy this beautiful morning.

  14. Max
    July 09, 09:11 Reply

    Prolly not as old as your lazy ass. Spreading day and night for pay.
    Oh and how’s ur cum? Getting any liquid lately? You need to start using the D for something other than a mere #male accessory.
    What a waste of good balls…

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 09, 09:18 Reply

      Quit the bitchy act,Max.He didn’t mean anything malicious with his comment,I’m sure.
      Talk about uptight,you need to get laid yourself.Your bitch mode’s been on too long.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 09, 09:22 Reply

      And I say that cos you were just too harsh.You are rightly entitled to serve him measure for measure though.

    • Mitch
      July 09, 09:28 Reply

      Max, for a smart somborri, you just messed up big time. You know what they say about little men and talking about others. I expected you to be the big boy that you are. No need descending to his level. He’s too low on the food chain and soooooo ain’t worth it.

    • JaneTheVirgin
      July 09, 09:50 Reply

      “For someone who was 17 in early 2000s, and would most likely be in their mid 30s now”

      Mid 30s really? Sigh…shebi Peak just taught you what early 2000s means and u still couldn’t get it right? All your secondary school math teachers should be punished.

    • pinkpanthertb
      July 09, 09:15 Reply

      *humming* Palavaaaaaa! E dey find! Palavaaaaa! E go get ioo!

  15. posh6666
    July 09, 09:19 Reply

    Do u actually like anybody like do u see any good in anybody???no matter how small?i know we all criticize articles but also give due credit when deemed.You Diablo why are u like this?you have never given kudos to any article in here and yet u have never written an article.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 09, 09:26 Reply

      Diablo and Max take potshots at each other cos they got off on a wrong footing here,nothing that can’t be righted tho.
      As for you……….you do grate on a lot of people’s nerves here,so I reckon you’re fair game to him

    • Diablo
      July 09, 09:45 Reply

      Diablo? I thought i was Chizzie the other day? Mbok, Nam uduak esit nfo

      • posh6666
        July 09, 10:01 Reply

        Yes u are both diablo n chizzie.Thats coz u have got bipolar and u switch btw both personalities and do as any demon in u at that point in time instructs u to do.Am 100% so sure u are chizzie.My advise to u sincerely and this is coming from a good place u musnt always be a debbie downer,u musnt always try to prove to every1 in here that u are a bitch,try appreciate peoples effort and insecurities when shared for lessons to all of us cos we are all in this together.We all have fears,concerns n life lessons but u put on this stupid facade of an animal who has got no emotions.This shouldnt be a way for som1 to live try and find love n humour in ur heart u musnt always be so mean.Sometimes u can actually just scroll away without writing anything.On a serious note do u actually have friends in real life who care about u and u care about?and that boifriend ish u always flaunt at us o actually dont believe it if at all u do have a man it has to be a sex with benefit situation he fucks u and takes care of ur needs no emotions whatsoever.Chizzie u cant love anybody,u dont even love urself so how can u offer what u dont have?u are a sad angry person dear.God will heal u.

          • posh6666
            July 09, 10:51 Reply

            If u insist pinkie.The devil must be really busy then creating his incarnates,the saying hell is empty and d devil is now here is indeed true.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 09, 09:53 Reply

      @posh6666,you do realize reading your comments give a lot of people headache,for instance.People like me,yet you won’t change your construct.That most tend to ignore you doesn’t mean the knives won’t come out the day you cross some certain line.

    • Max
      July 09, 10:29 Reply

      Swords have been unsheathed, prepare your shields people.

      • pinkpanthertb
        July 09, 10:54 Reply

        Calm down abeg. Try and control your blood thirst. Drama can get boring after awhile.

    • Max
      July 09, 11:30 Reply

      Oh Pinky, I wasn’t talking about my sword.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 09, 11:48 Reply

      Only swords unsheathed,Max?.
      And there I was thinking Phobos and Deimos were gonna be unleashed.
      Tut,tut,I’m disappointed.

    • wytem
      July 09, 11:49 Reply

      Type in igbo like you used to…it is nore intelligible and more witty!

  16. Dennis Macaulay
    July 09, 09:36 Reply

    Can we not fight today please? Can’t we hold hands and sing kumbaya today and appreciate the roundness that is john legend

    • posh6666
      July 09, 10:55 Reply

      As if thats even possible!still expecting ur call swerry my other line went off yesternite while we were talking.Just charged it Dennis love.

  17. ray
    July 09, 10:33 Reply

    See drama!!!!!!
    I live for this shit!!!!!
    Ada zion carry on biko.

  18. Ringlana
    July 09, 10:40 Reply

    Cum inside you ,hmmm.When a Guy keep Hugging for pleasantries,Oga na One of us.

  19. Peak
    July 09, 10:51 Reply

    Sup Clarion, how u doing?

    Just I did a double take when you went ” well………….nice one, Maxine”. I mean you! Using the word “nice” with anything closely related with max? I though to myself that today must be a good day in KDland. Then I returned to meet a boiling stew and guess who is right in the middle of the action stirring away with his wooden spoon? Lol.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 09, 11:57 Reply

      Bia Peak,lef me o.Wasn’t stirring anything,been trying to keep them apart,play the peacemaker.Blessed are the peacemakers,don’t you know?.
      How you dey,jare?.
      This your Max sef,him wahala na raised to nth power.
      There was a time I thought you had some measure of influence on him,be able to calm him a bit.Seems that influence has waned

      • Peak
        July 09, 12:28 Reply

        “Only swords unsheathed,Max?.
        And there I was thinking Phobos and Deimos were gonna be unleashed.
        Tut,tut,I’m disappointed.”

        MmmHmmm! You are one helluva peace maker! The above peaceful sermon pretty much Sums things up 4 me. Very inspiring stuff bro! Very inspiring.

        I’m fine bruv, U?

        Wait ooooo someone said Max must should be in his Mid thirties up there. if that is the case, then Deola should be in his earily fifties, No? I mean its simple arithmetic, right?

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 09, 12:39 Reply

        Well,like they say,the devil(looking at you,diablo) is in the details.Deola is trending towards late 20’s while Max should be mid-20’s.
        Diablo is somewhat right,being 17 and in school early 2000’s?.Max really flubbed that,but D should have let that lie.Both sides doubling down and holding to their guns tho……… ma didn’t help pa pa,taking sides.
        And yes,why not unleash Phobos and Deimos?.Why just long knives?.If we must have blood,then let the ground be soaked with it.
        Since those two won’t pipe down,then let them have at it,full scale.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 09, 13:56 Reply

        That was a guesstimate D,it’s why I said trending.You’re still in your 20’s tho.Should it be put to the question,I would say mid 20’s.

      • Peak
        July 09, 14:57 Reply

        LMAO @Deola in his late twenties.
        Deola throwing ppl off his scent since 1900.

        @ de Clarion, Haba! Oga Boss, why nau? Where/when did u catch me taking sides? I only asked a question for clarification.

        **any power trying to rope me into this mess, from the land or the sea, I say FIRE!!!!!!!!!**

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 09, 16:19 Reply

        “Early 2000 could be around….”
        What do you call that,if not taking sides?.The subtlety wasn’t lost on anyone.
        As concerns Deola,oburo ife nine diochi furu n’enu ka o n’ekwu cha.Isim gwa’i aro one odu,a gwa ngi e.

  20. Khaleesi
    July 09, 11:25 Reply

    wow … young love … awwwwnnnnnn ***dabs at eyes carefully with silk hermes hanky*** such a beautiful poignant love story of a time long gone. This was beautiful Max, everyone alive needs to experience such love even if just once in a lifetime. … This transported me way back in time to a long forgotten place …

    • Max
      July 09, 11:41 Reply

      “Long forgotten place”…

  21. Ace
    July 09, 11:57 Reply

    What is just as good as the articles on KD? The goddamn comments! You guys had me dying! I don’t know if everyone had the mental pictures (and hard on) I had while I was reading this. Nice one Max.

  22. JamesJemima
    July 09, 12:00 Reply

    The legend of Chizzie is so strong that he even incarnates himself once in a while like the avatar… I’m sure chizzie would read some of these comments with a smug smile on his face at the level of paranoia he’s created *sips nutrimilk*

    I like the story.. It’s cute. I didn’t really believe max could be cute but the world is weird. Can’t wait for part II

    • Deola
      July 09, 13:34 Reply

      Thats is eh.
      The paranoia is real.

  23. Kester
    July 09, 13:54 Reply

    Max abeg chop kisses this was just good. And whoever wants to criticize when they have never written an article should be ignored. You can even do time travel sef and imagine yourself in your village before the white missionaries came having gay sex with the palm wine tappers son, it will still turn out beautiful. You should seriously consider a career in literature.

  24. trystham
    July 09, 16:12 Reply

    Frankly a lot of y’all disgust me. The annoying habit of reading to critique or reading to ‘remember flaws for later’ u ppl have reawakened in me is now so very irritating. The Bitch Queen sure lives on on this blog. I fucking knew what he’d do to me. I can’t even enjoy a good story anymore.

    Mr Oversabi Tiercel, Peak, Diablo, in ur very desperate bid to make Max sound like a liar, y’all actually make urself come across as really stupid. “Early 2000s” is now so difficult to comprehend??? Max will be around my age (+/-1). Seeing as you know me VERY WELL, Tiercel, do the math. You irritate me each bright and sunny blog day, ur different pseudonyms not withstanding. Being intentionally obtuse because you don’t like the LIPSTICK GANG? Geez!!! You cud av just kept quiet.

    And Mandy, seriously? Boy2006 asked a really valid question. I sure cannot have ‘unplanned for’ sex no matter how spontaneous the moment may be. Last I checked, there is always ready-made shit in the colon at least 8hrs after any meal. You gave a good answer…For this instant. Leave it at that. Don’t go touting a theory of a ‘clean anus all day once you have gone to the toilet in the morning’.

    • Tiercel de Claron
      July 09, 16:31 Reply

      Let’s see……stupid,irritating,intentionally obtuse,all thrown about in just one of three paragraphs.
      Seeing as I’ve been in such a good mood today,I’ll let it all lie.Mi o ri ti e ro,amo so ara e.Ma je oro emi ati e o ko ‘nu awo tanganran.

    • Peak
      July 09, 17:20 Reply

      **sigh** Trystham, its funny how u managed to commit almost the exact crime you are accusing ppl of, if not worse. U didn’t just read to remember, U read to reply with zero comprehension.

      Tercel was just accusing me of taking side with Max against Diablo, and here you are in all ur fiery glory accusing me of taking max apart. Try and breathe and read the comments again bro, its not that deep.

      FYI; This is me playing nice, civil and trying to keep the peace here! I can’t guarantee that I will be this accommodating when next you come 4 me unprovoked or without a good reason.

      Do have a nice day.

      • Gad
        July 09, 18:27 Reply

        An average learned mind,s disagreement with people should be issue based. Reading an article/comments with the aim of looking for what to either agree with or disparage the writer with depending on your side of the divide brings out the most foolish aspect of an individual. It blinds his eyes to sound reasoning because all he is engrossed in is to please or attack as the case maybe. Its cheap and quite unfortunate.

    • trystham
      July 09, 20:41 Reply

      *scoffs* For u both, I have nothing but disdain for ur ‘good moods’ and ur ‘civilities’. And I do know what I am talking about. Oh btw Tiercel, Keep to English, Seeing as I barely understood ur yoruba. We ain’t that close.

      Gad………….. I laugh. I’m sure u wud wanna lump urself with ‘learned minds’ and ‘ppl with sound reasoning’. Anyway, I’d still run miles to catch up with ur superior brand of idiocy

  25. Gad
    July 09, 17:02 Reply

    It’s good to find love though I’m yet to know if what the writer found was love or sex going by the story. My main reservation stemmed from the fact that this friendship seemed “purchased”. The best way to know if it’s love is when there is no material benefit whatsoever. I’m talking on the premise of the free phone accessory etc. A nice story line. Please anyone who wants to have sex should always use a condom even if it’s with an angel.

    • Gad
      July 09, 18:29 Reply

      @ Peak this comment is actually a follow-up on your rejoinder to trystam

  26. JArch
    July 09, 19:46 Reply

    OMGoodness see blood, bras, blouses and braids everywhere…

    Can someone get Andy Cohen already to start our own reality series. Atleast that way everyone can make money while ripping each other to shreds… These Victoria’s Secret bras and Brazilian hair y’all are shredding isn’t cheap oo.

    Pinky at the end of the year we need to do our own Awards ceremony
    – Best Actress
    – Best supporting Actress
    – Baddest bitch award
    – Supporting baddest bitch

    OAN: Max this was beautiful, well written and relatable. Why do I have a feeling that things would go awry with Danny in Part II, but then try to make a come back again in the future.

  27. KingBey
    July 09, 20:26 Reply

    Got me hard… I am thinking of Daniel. Smh…..

  28. Chuck
    July 09, 21:44 Reply

    please use a condom. HIV,herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis are real. I agree with trystham on the spontaneous sex debate. use a condom o

    • Max
      July 09, 22:57 Reply

      *spontaneous sex*
      *17 year old*
      *Never touched a condom then*
      *Never knew of diseases that could be transmitted then*

      • Chuck
        July 10, 03:08 Reply

        That doesn’t make it ok to have unsafe sex.
        P.S It wasn’t that spontaneous. You’d clearly had designs on the guy for a while before you made your move. he’d been sleeping over etc. You had time to plan. And it’s tough to think you didn’t know of HIV by the time you arrived in university

      • Max
        July 10, 04:17 Reply

        Knowing HIV could be transmitted through anal sex? Naa, I didn’t know. I never saw the correlation or possibility. Since they told us it involved blood to blood contact.
        No one talks to you about anal sex in Nigeria, no one… Not when you’re 17.

        Remember, I’m not saying it was right to have sex without one, but the story was written clearly for you to understand the state of mind of the character at that age.

        • Gad
          July 10, 04:34 Reply

          Hmmm. And I was told about HIV/AIDS in my village school in 1991. Now I have reason to continue to be proud of my Alma matter and my teachers.

          • pinkpanthertb
            July 10, 04:53 Reply

            Gad, please be sincere with yourself and this readership. In 1991, your teachers educated you that HIV/AIDS was transmittable through gay anal sex? Is that what you’re trying to sell to us? Because if it’s not, then you very clearly misunderstood what Max was trying to say.

            • Gad
              July 10, 06:22 Reply

              In 1991 a seminar was organised for us in school on HIV/AIDS. That’s what I said.You and others can now picture what the contents of the papers presented by different resource persons in that seminar could be. I haven’t said that Max was lying as you have insinuated. If you must know I view lying as cowardice and to the best of my knowledge I have NEVER told a lie here. There is no reason to.No incentive whatsoever. If you notice,I have not joined issues with some of you lately. Its deliberate. I realized that your passion and that of your cohorts is different from mine. I’m only replying you because you mentioned sincerity.if not I would have ignored you as usual. Just know this: the day a man sees himself agreeing to every good and bad things a particular person says,thats the day he starts dying. The physical death of the body would have been better but this death is that of conscience. Its a most terrible death.

        • keredim
          July 10, 09:31 Reply

          Max, it was a good story and properly executed. However I am with Chuck on the safe sex issue. I understand you were 17 and all that and it was spontaneous, BUT you had the presence of mind to check Google to figure out if someone is gay.
          Something tells me that on the Google result page, HIV / safe sex / condoms would somehow pop up.

          I am all for “spicing up” real life stories to make it palatable to the readers, but within reason. This should be done SAFELY. There are other 17 year olds (and younger) reading this stuff. This was set in 2000 by which time safe sex was common knowledge, especially if you had access to google.

          • posh6666
            July 10, 10:51 Reply

            U guys he already had d sex its all done n gone.He told his story exactly how it happened and am sure he wont make mistake of such ever again.And honestly the young adults of nowadays are more exposed and educated bout sex so no need saying u dont want to give d upcoming young men impression that its ok having unsafe sex.Everybody eye don tear now.

            • keredim
              July 10, 10:59 Reply

              Posh, I am passionate about the safe sex issue, because I know how impressionable youths are.
              We are bombarded with bareback sex porn and the young people think it’s the best way to have sex despite sex education and free condoms… And that is just in the UK.
              In addition, pharmaceutical companies are pushing PrEP (Truvada) for profit, which they say gives freedom from using condoms.

                  • posh6666
                    July 10, 11:19 Reply

                    Ok thanks.One of the reasons i appreciate technology honestly back then alot of us didnt have enough info about hiv like we saw on tv some of us just assumed it was a disease for a man and a woman.Our parents too didnt help matters sex education is rarely ever discussed in nigeria.My God looking back i cant but be grateful i was careless back in my secondary/uni days and the reality only dawned on me when i was bout going to law skul and had to go through series of test including hiv.The tension i went through that day for those few minutes my God! Eversince then i did my research and no longer joke with my health.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 10, 06:15 Reply

        Not trying to sound overly sanctimonious PP,but as at late 90’s I for one had been taught HIV is more easily transmitted through unprotected MSM sex.
        Tis not an issue to harp one as concern this story tho,it was their first time

      • Max
        July 10, 06:58 Reply

        @Gad, you didn’t answer PP’s question. Did they talk about gay sex (anal sex) in the seminar???)

        • Gad
          July 10, 08:07 Reply

          I wish to refer you again to my answer. Thanks

      • JaneTheVirgin
        July 10, 06:59 Reply

        @Gad, so you were in village school in 1991 and in 2015 you already have a son who has finished NYSC and started working as a Public servant??? And you said you’ve never told a lie here. Ok oooo!!!

        • Gad
          July 10, 08:12 Reply

          You are disgustingly senseless.

      • Max
        July 10, 12:44 Reply

        @Gad, I’m not reading your trash(lies) again, answer the question or keep mute.
        @Keredim, I’m by no means advocating bareback sex.. I would never do that. If you know the kind of person I am now, I’ll never put my dick up someone’s poopchute without a condom.
        I told the story as accurately as possible, it wasn’t meant for sex education.

        • Gad
          July 10, 13:46 Reply

          I wonder who is the lier here. You mentioned early 2000 in your piece and when challenged on it you gave the lame excuse that it covers from 2000 to a period spanning over 400yrs. I wonder when is early and late in your context. Maybe 2050? I decided to overlook the lies and dwell on other aspects of the story but like it’s the custom of the lickspittle gang, except a man says, “I like,i like” to any rubbish that comes from any of you, you come after him as if he is the reason for your “high” estate.

      • Max
        July 10, 14:34 Reply

        Angel Gadriel answer the question oh!!!!!! Stop beating around the bush..
        Did they talk about gay sex??
        When did you even hear the word “gay” for the first time?
        Seeing you grew up in the village and wiping ass with plantain leaves as a child, I guess you just discovered the word recently.

      • wytem
        July 10, 15:11 Reply

        In 1990 when unicef organised a seminar for us @ my primary school, we were told that a major infection route was heterosexual intercourse. I got to know that gay sex is even a worse route @ about 1993 ..theeeabouts…then I didnt know gay sex was possible

        • Gad
          July 10, 16:18 Reply

          Wytem thanks for adding your voice to the truth. Its surprising that the those who claim to know better now want to hide under feigned ignorance because kdians are smart enough to point out their lies. Max, the era of deceiving the crowd has passed. Rather than all these lazy cover-ups, just keep quiet and desist from trying to deceive the public in the future. Your story was interesting no doubt but the lies was unnecessary and senseless.

      • Max
        July 10, 16:52 Reply

        @Gadriel, maybe you’ve lost your sense of comprehension as usual. @Wytem isn’t concurring with you. They were only lectured about hetero sex. He learnt about gay sex few yrs later from another source.
        And we all know here that you’re not the sharpest took in the box, so pls save it.
        Until you can come up with a scenario where they lectured you on gay sex in Nigeria, I think we r done here.
        No need arguing with a chauvinistic religitard.

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 10, 20:17 Reply

        You should keep quiet,Max.You lost the plot a while back.
        It’s a good story,no doubt.Nice read,but people pointing out certain deficiencies in it,especially to rightly guide impressionable minds that may be reading this blog,as keredim pointed out,does not equate coming at you with long knives.Criticism is a fact of life and the ones I’ve seen on this post have been constructive thus far.You take them with grace and move on.You supposedly “know better”,don’t you?.

      • Max
        July 10, 21:45 Reply

        @Clarice, your whore-hopping on peoples comments is quite unbecoming of you. You’ve developed a reputation of being the nosy lousy one who replies comments that aren’t directed to him.
        If I intended to write a health piece, it would’ve been on the title.
        There are no plot holes here, only views of people who want to act all high and mighty & talk about #SafeSex.
        I’m not on support of barebacking as I’m writing this, however, I didn’t know much about safe sex in 20xx. And that’s the point of the whole story. Stop taking away focus on a plot just to find who to claw in.
        I’m not gonna address this issue with anyone again, if anyone has a problem with the story, you can take it up with yourself, in your room, or better write it down, fold it and shove it down your throat or anus(whichever one is bigger).
        I’m done here

  29. bola
    July 10, 05:14 Reply

    Hmmm why am I not lucky like this now

  30. JamesJemima
    July 10, 22:32 Reply

    Details details.. Arguing about dates and the fact that condoms were or were not used.. Basically taking away the fun from a rather nice story. Goes to show that some of us here are just looking to be vindictive. How much will it add to your pockets if you manage to prove anyone on this blog was lying. All of una have time.. To even be remembering whether gad has a son that is serving or what max or anyone said months ago…

  31. sensei
    July 11, 07:12 Reply

    Awesome piece! Can’t wait for the part two.

    But guyz, na wah for una. We are all trying too hard to hurt the other person, show that they are a fraud or get even.
    I hope it makes us happy to do this?

  32. La-Coozee
    July 11, 12:33 Reply

    Name: La-Coozee

    Post: President, Virgins Association Of Africa


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