Guys Discuss Their Least Favorite Things About Being Gay

Guys Discuss Their Least Favorite Things About Being Gay

A recent Reddit thread asked users:

“What’s your least favorite thing about being gay?”

And the responses were all over the map.

“Dealing with legal and public matters,” one guy writes. “Like, getting a lawyer. I’m asked if married and when I say yes, I’m asked my wife’s name. When I say I have a husband and give his name, it’s always awkward.”

To which someone else replies, “Whenever this happens, I just give them my husband’s name and let them connect the dots. If it makes them uncomfortable it’s not my problem.”

“Finding someone to date,” another person writes. “I can’t exactly walk up to any random guy and say ‘hey want to go out?’ because he may well punch me in the face.”

Another guy agrees, “Definitely the dating pool. My straight friends and family used to give me shit for online dating, but it’s like, when gay men are only 5% of the population, the chances of just randomly locking eyes with someone in a bookstore are next to nil.”

“The constant fear of having to have an awkward conversation with someone when they ask me a question that would prompt me to reveal my gayness and have an awkward exchange,” someone else writes. “Assuming I have a girlfriend, asking who I live with… etc.”

“White supremacy and racism,” another person says. “It is a REAL issue in the gay community.”

“HIV,” some else says.

Other complaints include people assuming your boyfriend is your brother because you look alike, dealing with straight women who want Gay Best Friends (GBFs), and coping with depression.

Then there’s this little gem:

“To be honest, these are real good points and very socially conscious,” one guy writes, “but after reading the topic I immediately thought: Prep work. :-/”

What about you? What’s your least favorite thing about being LGBTQ? Sound off in the comments…

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  1. trystham
    August 01, 07:57 Reply

    And these ones are problems? The one closest to a Nigerian problem is having to be punched in the face. We get lynched/jailed/killed/or worse letting on you are gay

  2. Kenny
    August 01, 08:01 Reply


  3. Francis
    August 01, 08:20 Reply

    Dating and sex prep for sure. That’s the only time I envy women. ????

  4. simba
    August 01, 09:41 Reply

    The Loneliness….and the fact that gays in this clime hardly commit because most know there is no future in same sex relationship. Why invest therein?

    • Delle
      August 01, 10:25 Reply

      To this, I’m always like let the question start from you. Do you have a future with any guy you get hooked up with now? Or would you run off to a woman in the long run?

  5. Mitch
    August 01, 10:15 Reply

    What Francis said.
    Dating and sex prep

  6. Delle
    August 01, 10:21 Reply

    Definitely the lack of organic dating.
    The promiscuity. The smallness of the community.
    Me: My bf is Jeff.
    You: Which Jeff.
    Me: the one studying medicine in UNEC.
    You : is he tall? Fair? A dimple on his ass?
    Me: ???

    Also, the fact that some people still think it is a phase! ?

    • Francis
      August 01, 10:28 Reply


      That awkward moment when you find out you’ve probably been the laughing stock of the community

  7. Johnny
    August 01, 11:01 Reply

    I can’t tell my family I’m gay and Mr right can’t walk up to me , making me go for the less.

  8. Lopez
    August 01, 11:29 Reply

    finding love of course, and when i found one and i am like i am in love the next question is who is she?.. gosh, y people won’t understand some men just love men.

  9. Jesujoba
    August 01, 18:38 Reply

    The set ups by gay themselves and stealing

  10. UC TheMisfit
    August 01, 20:13 Reply

    Personally, I think it’s the lack of support within the community; the fad of dragging and tearing each other down with ‘shade’, ‘tea’ and ‘receipts’. It has long ceased to be all fun and games and has now become a superiority contest. Trusting a member of the LGBTQ community isn’t something we often see. One would think that being the object of hate and ridicule would have bound us together in an “us against the world” kind of relationship. But that isn’t the case.

    That’s MY least favorite thing about being gay.

  11. Mother Superior
    August 01, 21:18 Reply

    That awkward silence whenever i have dinner with my husbands family
    Though they cannot do much about the situation because we are legally married
    But the fact that they only accomodate me for his sake is a tad nerve wrecking.

    Hugs and kisses,
    Mother superior.

    • Francis
      August 01, 21:30 Reply

      You get strength oh. If na me na to dey avoid such family reunions

  12. Rich
    August 01, 22:26 Reply

    Colleagues asking about my girlfriend and who’s eating my money with me.

    • Delle
      August 02, 08:58 Reply

      I’m here! I can be the girlfriend you never had and what more? I love eating money.

      It’s a win-win ?

      What do you say, Rich?

  13. Malik
    August 02, 16:02 Reply

    Has to be the depression man. And all the paradoxes of serving in church with this little big secret.

    It has to be the fears of the future. Coming out or being forced out. I also have the fear of the tag “gay”. I feel like it reduces us to just one story, one identity. And really, we are a lot of many-other-things.

    • Oludayo Afrika
      August 05, 22:25 Reply

      Everything Malik said.

      I wonder, after someone has gone far in his career(socia entrepreneurish)-whether being forced to come out will bring everything down.

  14. Ken George
    August 02, 17:39 Reply

    The shallowness of the gay community. Too much emphasis on sex and extreme loneliness

  15. Pablo ™
    August 03, 17:40 Reply

    The Assholes in the community who has got nothing to lose hence dragging you down with them.

    • Dii Okpara
      August 06, 08:43 Reply

      Hi…i like this! ‘dem queens, godess, even kings sef ? ??

  16. Eddie
    August 05, 22:53 Reply

    My least fave thing is that I’ll probably grow old alone and I’ll never be accepted by my family or friends or that I’ll never meet a good guy….it sucks to be me,I swear

  17. George
    September 09, 16:41 Reply

    Having to keep it a secret. Having to ignore the suspicious looks and hush toned discussions

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