1. You are not straight.

2. You suggest there is a set way straight guys act.

3. You suggest there is a set way gay guys act.

4. You know 2 and 3 are stereotypes, not to talk of ridiculous.

5. You see, even if 2 and 3 were a little true, then “straight-acting” would be synonym for “pretending to be someone else”, and unless you’re between a script and camera lights, well…

6. You set a precursor to prejudice against effeminate men.

7. You endorse the suppression of self-expression.

8. You endorse heteronormativity.

9. You raise problematic concerns about gender, misogyny and patriarchy.

10. You just can’t.


The right to your preferences? Yes.

The right to your prejudices? No.

Written by Absalom

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  1. lluvmua
    May 30, 05:34 Reply

    Lovely absalom *kiss kiss* @andre_hayford

  2. alpha papi
    May 30, 08:13 Reply

    WTF is heteronormativity?to me der is notin wrong in stressin dis str8 actin issue cos its even vers nd bttms dat always whine about wantin a str8 actin dude.

  3. Lanre Swagg
    May 30, 09:51 Reply

    Gross denial . Accept it . Drama , queens , butch , femme, str8act, effeminate … Machomary… Manly, masc, fem…. To each his/her own. C’est la vie.

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 30, 11:32 Reply

      And the tops speak. Lol.
      Really though, at the end of the day, its exactly that: to each his own.

  4. kendigin
    May 31, 04:12 Reply

    This is not a matter of “to each his own”. This speaks to a deeper reality – one we are brought up with I.e straight is good, gay is bad. Its not only str8 pple that hate gays, many gays are very homophobic.
    Nw am not saying to want a macho guy is wrong, its hating an effiminate guy that terrible! The one that disgusts me the most is when the hater says “he can change. I used to be like before”. That’s jst plain dumb! When u are not his creator

  5. QueerBoi
    May 31, 07:50 Reply

    another piece on ‘straight-acting’.. *sigh* Frankly, I think this is from the net.. And if that’s so, its basically talking to a “Normal” gay society. Not a society were gays are hacked down like terrorists. Again, u av to check with Bi-sexuals and MSM. I met an effiminate guy six months ago. Brought him home and evey one met him. Ever since then everyone thinks I’m Gay. Even my dad had to give me ‘the talk’ abt gays and how I should desist from them. So y’all (esp btms and verse) best calm down.. Every one ”pretends” when d need arises. I see nothing wrong in adjusting a few xter traits for the open public.. And wen u r in ur comfort zone.. U can get freaky. P.s. “Straight acting” might just save ur life. U’ll never knw.

  6. Absalom
    May 31, 08:30 Reply

    Kendigin, you comment is on point.

    QueerBoi, it is not from the net. And next time, when accusing someone of plagiarism, the first rule is to present evidence… Yeah, you’re welcome!

  7. Sensuousensei
    May 31, 09:37 Reply

    so its not okay to say i want (NOT HATE) a “straight-acting” fella? how about i say i want a MASCULINE fella? would that make it better? If yes, then it means you have issues with the word and nothing else, meaning that since the issue here is SEXUAL PREFERENCE, you ALLOW PEOPLE TO PREFER. If no, then…

  8. Deola
    June 05, 22:06 Reply

    Absalom just gets it, its like he knows what i think, and spins the wool that is my thoughts into gold. Brilliant. @Adeola_lfc

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