Chapter 4: Social Night

On Saturday nights, we usually held the Social Night in our assembly hall. We would all troop into the hall, looking forward to the people who would dance and entertain us. This was our chance to rock to good music. Social Night was party time. Now that JSS3s were the ruling class of our campus, we were in charge of organising and overseeing Social Night. I usually attended Social Night dressed to the nines. I would wear my tightest shorts or trousers, apply a generous amount of Vaseline on my lips (imagining it was lipstick), not forgetting to dust my face with powder (imagining it was foundation), and majestically catwalk into the assembly hall, feeling like Beyoncé on the opening tempo of Crazy In Love.

On a particular Saturday night however, something happened.

Before I let you in on what happened, let me introduce you to Ejike, a handsome stud in my dorm. Ejike was in the same class as I was, but in a different arm. He was this goofy, playful rich kid who loved gisting about games and cartoons. Ejike was really handsome, with a really well-toned physique and simply the fullest, sexiest lips I’d ever seen. I won’t lie, I had a strong crush on Ejike. He was aware that I was the baddest bitch in Dorm 3, and we soon got acquainted with each other. We became so free with each other that he always, like almost every other guy in my dorm, would reach forward to cop a feel of my “boobs”. I really didn’t mind the boys in my dorm trying to grab me every once in a while; as long as I was very familiar with you and it didn’t go beyond that, I was cool.

On this fateful Saturday night, we were all getting prepared for Social Night. I wasn’t really in the mood to go for socials that night, so I just goofed around the dorm, looking for who would motivate me to go. While I was goofing, I noticed Ejike and another guy were chasing themselves around. I saw this as another avenue to goof around. I joined in the game and we began chasing each other around dormitory.

After some time, the other guy withdrew from the game to prepare for socials, leaving just me and Ejike. Ejike and I chased each other playfully, until he ran to the corner of the dorm outside where people hardly stepped to. I ran after him and caught up with him.

As we were laughing and panting, Ejike suddenly grabbed me and pinned me to the wall, before lightly kissing me. I looked down and saw that he was fully hard, so I slid my hand into his boxers and grabbed and stroked his dick. He in turn slid his hand into my shorts, moving it to my behind to grab a handful of my buns, squeezing really hard. Then, he slipped his finger into my butt crack, gently massaging my hole. I intensified the strokes on his dick and he trembled and moaned slightly as he grabbed and smooched my ass even harder.

We kept going at it, all the while kissing, until we heard footsteps approaching where we were. We quickly disengaged from each other and hurriedly adjusted ourselves, acting like we were gisting until the two boys who’d been approaching passed.

After they walked past us, Ejike said to me, “Come let’s go for socials.”

I was a bit startled that he hadn’t gone all weird on me like Wale did last year. I beamed a smile at him and darted back inside to get dressed. When we were both done getting ready, we left the dorm together. On our way to the assembly hall, we walked past a lonely corridor lined with dark, empty classrooms.

Before I could say “Hey mister”, Ejike had pulled me into a particularly dark classroom, where we continued with what we started back in the hostel.

Written by Pleasure Bunny

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  1. Black Dynasty
    April 26, 08:30 Reply

    Lol I remember an Ejike in school as well, he was all types of eye candy but my loyalty to the bf at the time wouldn’t allow me stray.

    sighs* boarding school trysts shaa… dodging prep time to get busy and all the scampering with mattresses in tow to varying lover’s rooms once NEPA “took light” ??

  2. Blue
    April 26, 12:54 Reply

    Pleasure bunny naaaaa why is this part shorter??????????

  3. Delle
    April 26, 20:20 Reply

    Is this school in Nigeria!?

  4. Justin
    May 03, 03:56 Reply

    Sigh … so many Ejikes so many dark classrooms. Hmmm those were the days!

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