Kito Alert: When Killing The Gays Gives You Bragging Rights On Social Media

Kito Alert: When Killing The Gays Gives You Bragging Rights On Social Media

It’s not enough that we have to deal with every jobless, unscrupulous homophobic scum in Nigeria out to profit off of victimizing us, we also have to deal with douchebags like @itsabbaishaq on Twitter basically preening about how they’re a boss for entrapping and possibly killing gay people in Nigeria.

The inherent criminality of such an admission on such a public space doesn’t faze him. And why is that, I wonder. I mean, killing gay people might as well be regarded as community service in Nigeria. After all, the police are themselves out there, targeting us at every turn.

Anyway, when this abhorrent tweet was brought to my attention, I figured the least we can do is get his face and name out there for everyone to see, including his potential victim.

His name is Abba Ishaq (Abba Effiezzy) on Facebook.

His number is 07030178110.

He appears to be a professional house painter, possibly based in Kaduna, with an Instagram personal profile of the handle @abbaishaq1 and a business profile with the handle @abbapainter. He also has a Facebook page called Your Painter.

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The guy pictured above, going by Liki Hussein on Facebook, is reportedly a student of Kogi State University and stays in Port Harcourt. This is a ‘just in case’ post.

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His name is Bobby Moses aka Poko, but is on Facebook as Amani Anderson. His number is 09070514874. From all accounts that have been coming to us, he is gay


  1. Mitch
    December 20, 07:08 Reply

    Egbe eluigwe gbapiakwa ya isi nga ahu o no. Tipper surichaakwa ya okpukpu ya niile. Anuofia di ka ya!

    • Ebube
      December 20, 07:55 Reply

      Nna m jiri nu wayo biko…
      Nwee obi ebere

  2. Ebube
    December 20, 07:59 Reply

    Now what would attract a guy to this man Bikonu?
    Some people and their choice of man when konji strikes; the thing issa bastard!
    I’ll just throw up at the mere sight of him,
    tufia!!! Jehovah baara ekwensu mba!

    • Mariposa
      December 20, 09:53 Reply

      Exactly, what baffles me,the moment they’re Horny, they let their Dick or Ass think for Them that’s why they get into trouble… What’s Hurting me now is, even as Pink Panther posted this here, some people would see this and still wanna give it a Shot, Ndi, no one can set me up…

      Let’s be careful Honestly… In as much as we’ve got urges, let’s get ourselves working, doing things, don’t just sit idle at home and expecting a job to come to your doorstep… An Idle Man is a devil’s workshop… the reason why some of these idiots perpetrate their evil is because we give room for it… We’re now in Festive Period, thread with Caution, our lives are important, you might feel what’s life after all people hate Gays, But You’ve got so so much you can offer and People are waiting for that Greatness…

      Please Thread with Caution and Be Safe…

      Merry Christmas Lovelies…

  3. Milton
    December 20, 08:16 Reply

    Well, youbsaidbit Pinky, he is a douchebag. We use him to douche and go meet other guys. And why would I meet him sef, so he paints the whole bedsheet (the man is a professional painter).

    Oh, we all should take note especially we up North. This is right in our backyards.

  4. Eddie
    December 20, 09:47 Reply

    Getting back at him isn’t an issue. Contact him for his painting service, when he comes, do to him what Kathy Bates did in the movie Misery. Shikena?.

  5. Persimmon
    December 20, 12:21 Reply

    He’s building a fan base to become an influencer on Twitter. I just went on his page and reported a lot of posts that were out of line on there, then also reported his Twitter account.
    He says he has deleted the tweet because someone from the LGBT threatened him and he doesn’t wanna loose his account. He also said he intended to beat the guy he had planned to set up very well, but not kill him (smh). I bet you by the time a lot of us report him to Twitter he will be placed on a ban/suspended at least let him feel the heat… oh! Twitter never reveals the identity if a reporter too, so it is safe.

    • trystham
      December 20, 15:10 Reply

      Is that all it takes to get followership? The lives of innocents???
      And he even has the effrontery to say he didn’t want to kill?

  6. Gaia
    December 21, 20:44 Reply

    And the idiot want to kill gay people??? Interesting….

  7. Lopez
    December 22, 05:57 Reply

    stop making unnecessary noise here, go and report him to Twitter. he said he don’t wanna loose his account… let him loose it atleast.

  8. Aj
    May 10, 12:20 Reply

    The Guy’s so ugly

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