Lagosian reveals he was arrested by the police for being “too slim” and “looking gay”

Lagosian reveals he was arrested by the police for being “too slim” and “looking gay”

Lagos-based hair stylist, Idowu Oluwatosin Olakunle, recently underwent a harrowing instance of police brutality.

His crime? Apparently he was “too slim” and “looked gay”.

In an account which he posted yesterday on his Instagram account, he narrated the experience:

“So this morning by 9 am, I was on my way to style someone at Ogudu. I entered a public transport and was stopped by a guy at Ojota, who asked me to introduce myself. I asked why. He said he’s the police. They asked for my ID card I showed them, then he said I look like a girl and that was it. They started yelling and calling me names, then they took me and put me in their bus, took me all the way from Ojota to IWAYA POLICE POST. Then I asked what my offence was, they said I look like GAY, INDECENT ACT and I’m too SLIM. I was locked up from 9 am – 4 pm before they released me.

“Please since when did being slim become an offence in LAGOS? I was unjustly maltreated today by the POLICE and I demand justice.”

Indeed, since when is it an arrestable crime for one to be skinny or to look a certain way?

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  1. Francis
    May 29, 05:04 Reply

    I don’t even know whether to laugh, vex or do both sef. Na the so called police man thin and looks gay as fuck sef. This one is hunger personified. I wonder whether policemen are taught the laws of the land sef and whether they actually understand it. If na abroad we dey Naija Police would have gone bankrupt tey tey. Mscheeeeew.

    • Pink Panther
      May 29, 05:27 Reply

      Sadly, the police, the very people who are supposed to uphold the law do NOT understand the law.

      • Colossus
        May 29, 10:15 Reply

        To understand the law they have to have actually seen it. I doubt the policemen are given a copy of the constitution to study, I doubt they know what the basic human rights are. What we’ve done is to arm mad men

  2. stefny
    May 29, 08:30 Reply

    Oh how sadistic and ignorant the Nigerian Police community is..

  3. trystham
    May 29, 10:22 Reply

    I had a brush with SARS guys the other day. In the midst of a crowd waiting at the bus-stop, na me dem single out, though I had eyed them when they had initially passed. It was the height of the EndSars campaign so that was understandable…my eyeing them that is.
    Na so the uncle ask say make I follow dem to their bus. I got there, they asked qxns, I provided answers and was asked to be searched. Thassau one just said “make im dey go, na gay”. Brethren, when the bible says thou shalt be as bold as a lion, reconsider if ur enemies carry guns. I started shouting “what do you mean by that? Show me proof. Why don’t you show me proof?” I had to be pushed away las las my brethren.
    I finally calmed down and wondered if I had a death wish. KIA, I sashayed away.
    Anyway, it seemed my coven were behind me like a hunch because the very next week, I had heard these same guys were dealt with seriously after harassing the wrongest perao

  4. Silver
    May 29, 14:23 Reply

    It’s was indeed a great shock because the guy named about his a very good friend and we stylist like me, * I kept wondering if the Nigeria Police force really went through Police College or brain check Nigeria Police are lunatic in nature and need to be disolved why will a police officer assume one is a gay because he’s slim or look girlish and our so called government will do nothing to it Police officer in Nigeria are corrupt and indecent in act * Police officer in Nigeria or Sars will just stop you on the road and ask foolish questions break through our privacy like search through mobile device or laptop the most annoying is if you use a good phone i.e iPhone or Samsung they ask where we get money to buy phone,that so embarrassing I have also been stop like that time’s without number even my friends on different occasions in physical arrassement by the Nigeria police force. It’s high time the government should put an end to the physical, brutal violence to the citizens of Nigerian from the hand of these so called Sars or Police .

  5. Xboss
    May 31, 21:49 Reply

    Does anyone here know any reliable gay soldier or SSS personnel in Abuja. A friend of mine is being blackmailed and extorted by blackmailers, we have identified the blackmailers and know where they live. Intend is to teach the idiots a lesson. Any help and links will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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