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Humour Saturday: Kermit The Frog Is Minding His Business

A friend sent this to me, and after giggling over it, I thought to share. I simply love this Kermit character and his teas and penchant for not minding his

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Season Greetings, From Kito Diaries

Let the joys and blessings of this season abide with you now and beyond the Yuletide. Merry Christmas.

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Tweet of the Day: When In Doubt, Ask Questions

Real talk – Something no one ever talked to me about were some of the risks/complications that can come from bottoming.(Anal abscess/tears/fissures…)When U don’t have a good knowledgeable health professional


  1. Mercury
    May 02, 07:07 Reply

    I wonder, its supposed to be reflexive.

  2. JArch
    May 02, 07:11 Reply

    But why’s Max like this… This is Max handy work

    Max am I supposed to press nyash everytime we kiss. So times I just want to kiss you and not hump you.


  3. Jamie
    May 02, 07:34 Reply

    Revelations, chapter what? Lolzzz

  4. wondabuoy
    May 02, 08:01 Reply

    I’ve been wondering. Hands-mouth-butt relationship. 🙂

    • Gad
      May 03, 05:02 Reply

      Wondaboy,I didn’t hear from you again.

  5. Ace
    May 02, 08:01 Reply

    That is my default kissing mode. My hand just always lands there and I press it and release it to reviberate.

  6. trystham
    May 02, 08:07 Reply

    PINKY, u r going to hell for this!!! *incensed* #TeamMuchoSkinny #TeamIHateBubbleButts #TeamSkinnyIsLife

    • Eros
      May 02, 08:21 Reply

      Dont worry trysham, plastic surgery is your friend. With the right amout of silicon, you may just compete with Cossy

  7. Absalom
    May 02, 08:19 Reply

    Err, I prefer to press his big arms and cradle the back of his head.

    • Eros
      May 02, 08:23 Reply

      While he traps you to the wall with your knees around his hips and he dry humps you?

      • trystham
        May 02, 09:15 Reply

        ROTFL! Dry humps? Fuck! This broda is EVIL!!!

  8. Eros
    May 02, 08:29 Reply

    Pressing my ass one major turn on for me. I remember one time when I was in Jss1, there was this one guy who wanted to copy my assignment. I told him to press my bumbum if he wanted to do it. Well he did.. #TeamSkankyAndProud #TeamTouchMyYanshAndMyLegsWillStretchToThePoles #TeamBubbleButtsHaveBeenSavingLivesSinceTheGardenOfEden

    • trystham
      May 02, 09:14 Reply

      I’m sure a belly in between stretched his hands further
      BubbleButts, stealing men since forever

      • Absalom
        May 02, 09:33 Reply

        Eros and Trystham, we should organise a Butt and Buttless Challenge for you two.

      • Eros
        May 02, 11:01 Reply


    • Eros
      May 02, 11:02 Reply


  9. Diablo
    May 02, 08:46 Reply

    I think this should apply to our tops in the house, and mostly concerns bottoms with considerably large to average sized bums… others, keep scrolling.

  10. Chris
    May 02, 09:56 Reply

    As much as a dude that is well hung would be appreciated,
    a dude with a proportionate size butt would be appraised.

  11. Ruby
    May 02, 11:25 Reply

    Another Question!!!
    How will You kiss and not GRAB Crotch???
    *Ladies Hey*

  12. Lothario
    May 02, 18:34 Reply

    Honestly, I wonder about that. The minute I lock lips with you, the next move is yansh pressing….. it’s so natural.

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