Public Notice: Someone In The Community Is Looking For A Housemate

Public Notice: Someone In The Community Is Looking For A Housemate

A housemate is needed in Igbo-Efon Lekki (second bus stop after Circle Mall, Jakande).

It’s a three-bedroom apartment, two rooms already occupied, and the flat-mates need a third person, preferring someone from the community.

The room is up for N450k (although it is negotiable). Electricity is stable and the apartment is close to the bus stop.

Any interested house hunters should send a mail indicating their interest to

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  1. Delle
    March 29, 08:57 Reply

    Only one room is 450k!? Hian!
    Will I be able to trek to Canada from the verandah?

    All these houses on the island and their outrageous prices, I’ll never understand.

    *cozies self in the lushness of the affordable blanket that is Mainland*

  2. Ricky
    April 03, 01:27 Reply

    Mad ohhh!!!
    Delle you mirrrored my thoughts

  3. O.B
    April 06, 13:00 Reply

    Totally unrelated, I would like to know how I can send messages to the editor to publish for me.
    I’ve tried figuring it out myself, but I can’t.

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