Naked Sword Gives A Ranking Of The Top Ten Best Celebrity Bubble Butts

Naked Sword Gives A Ranking Of The Top Ten Best Celebrity Bubble Butts

Between all the internet challenges and Nigerian Twitter’s ignorant (and very, very unnecessary) comparisons of Beyoncé and Rihanna, we also appreciate a little Hollywood nudity, especially in these times when we’re all sequestered at home and barely getting any action.

Porn site, Naked Sword took it upon themselves to rank all the big male bubble butts Hollywood has been serving us over the years. These hunks got chunk in the back and we are living for it.

Check out the top ten list of beautiful big booties, and let us know if y’all agree with the ranking.

10. Jay Ellis in Insecure


9. Nathan Fillion in Firefly


8. Sean Depner in Deadly Class


7. Michael Luwoye in She’s Gotta Have It


6. Omari Hardwick in Power


5. Henry Cavill in The Tudors


4. Channing Tatum in Magic Mike


3. Jean-Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport


2. Dwayne Johnson in Ballers


Before you get to Naked Sword’s number 1 bubble butt, I decided to add an honorable mention:

HM: Reggie Conquest on Insecure


And now…

1. John Cena in Trainwreck


Do you agree? Is this the order you would prefer this list? Are there any other butts Hollywood has served that didn’t make it into the list? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. Delle
    April 22, 09:46 Reply

    Van Damme, Henry Cavill, Channing Tatum, Michael Luwoye, Sean Depner…

    The rest? I don’t know her ???

  2. Ụtọnwa
    April 22, 10:19 Reply

    And they chose to ignore Daniel from InsecureHBO maka why? ? ?. The person that compiled this list must have been turned down by Daniel cos what rubbish! Anyways, Jay Ellis ass for the win! I love me some Channing but Mbanu! Not for this list. And Omari Hardwick’s ass…..????

  3. Higwe
    April 22, 11:53 Reply

    The asses on these gods though ???

    Been trying to get my ass to look like this.
    I’ve always had a well structured ass but it has always been shades darker than the rest of my skin .

    If the quarantine has done anything right , it’s the fact I can now stay naked all day ….lying on my belly… which speeds up the success of my ass bleaching. ?

  4. Eric
    April 22, 12:23 Reply

    What of Lyriq Bent’s ass in Tyler Perry’s Acrimony. Now that is some fine ebony ass.

    • Eric
      April 22, 12:26 Reply

      Even Will Smith’s very fine ass in iRobot. Bia this list is very very incomplete o.

  5. ken
    April 22, 12:29 Reply

    omari HARDwick


  6. Jay
    April 22, 15:53 Reply

    Why Why wasn’t Mehcad Brooks from “A Fall From Grace” on this list??? This whole list is nullified if he isn’t number 1

  7. Rudy
    April 22, 19:32 Reply

    Omari Hardwick should have been first on the list.
    That kinda ass that can make a grown man cry ?
    That ass got a brain of its own!

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