Random Questions: Who Would You Rather Call You A F*g?

Random Questions: Who Would You Rather Call You A F*g?

Following this piece that was written about the vilification of the word “effeminate” – What Is In A Name? – a piece which itself took roots from another previously published post, About Straight People And The Language of the Word “Fag”, a conversational post which explored the reclamation of the word “faggot” by gay people, a KDian took to Twitter to post a poll where he asked Gay Twitter who they are fine with calling them the word “faggot” – not as a slur but in a nondiscriminatory way.

“As a gay person, with whom do you feel comfortable being called faggot?” he asked, before listing options which are:

1. Other Gay People

2. Friends (Gay or Straight)

3. Gay Friends Only

4. No one

As you can see from the screenshot above, out of 233 votes, an overwhelming 62% would prefer no one call them “faggot” (probably not interested in reclaiming the word at all and preferring to let it die a natural death) while a middling 7 and 8 percent would be okay with other gay people and friends, gay or straight, calling them that, respectively.

So, what about you? Who would you be comfortable calling you a faggot? And what reasons do you have for your answer?

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  1. Delle
    June 24, 08:14 Reply

    For me I have no issues with FRIENDS calling me that and that’s even because I do not have that many people who have that tag in my life and as such, there’s a concrete and close-knit understanding even in the words we use on each other.

  2. Jinchuriki
    June 24, 09:08 Reply

    In the end, a word is a word. Faggot, effeminate, both are derogatory terms. I’m not comfortable with anyone calling me or a queer person I know a Faggot. Some staff did that on the way to work yday and I put them in their place with the help of two female allies. The matyrs did not die for us to be called Faggot, by anyone. Periodt

  3. Loki
    June 24, 09:41 Reply

    Call me queer, call me gay but neva eva call me a faggot. Not even my gay friends can call me dat. I can’t b comfortable wit dat.

  4. trystham
    June 24, 10:32 Reply

    My gay friends can call me that. Gay FRIENDS. Even FBs do not have that luxury

    • Mandy
      June 24, 13:01 Reply

      FWB will be fucking you and be moaning, “Oh yes. Take that, you faggot. How you like it, faggot!”

      😂😂 Totally unsexy.

  5. Mandy
    June 24, 12:58 Reply

    I don’t even tolerate anyone, friend or stranger, calling me “my sister”, let alone faggot.
    No. Mba. Nay. Nuh-uh. Please this is not a word I want to reclaim. It’s much too ugly.

  6. Shadow
    June 24, 14:45 Reply

    I don’t even tolerate my fellow gay people calling me Sis/Sister it’s now faggot I’ll tolerate?
    That word is too ugly please and nobody is allowed to call me that.

  7. Black Dynasty
    June 24, 21:10 Reply

    I have the same policy as I do with the N word. I do not use it on anyone and I most definitely will not tolerate it being used on me, I don’t care how close we are.

    Zero tolerance for those words.

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