A Word From Me To You, My Brethren

A Word From Me To You, My Brethren

I’m not much of a blog or website guy. For me, surfing the Internet simply means Facebook, Badoo, instagram and the occasional trip to Manchester United’s website, with just the rarest trips to Bellanaija and Linda Ikeji’s blogs.

I don’t know how it happened, but one day, I found myself reading cool, funny, entertaining and educative stories and articles on a particular blog. I was so engrossed in this new blog that I forgot to note the name until my phone’s battery dropped dead. However, thanks to my browser history, when my phone was brought back to life two hours later, I quickly bookmarked the page.

That was how my discovery of Kito Diaries led to a journey I’ve not regretted.

Reading stories, articles and sometimes random stuffs on this blog-turned-website has inspired me. Such reading has had me laughing many a time out so loud that people around me gave me the ‘Are you ok’ kinda look. I have also learned a lot from this forum, and developed some personal convictions about life.

For example, if I decide to start going to church again, it won’t be because some bigoted religious nut thinks it’s a sin to not go and that as a result, I would be doomed to eternal damnation. If I decide to bring home a wife, it won’t be because the society frowns on my sexuality. I’d go to church because I want to worship God in a place of communion, a place that could also be in the comfort of my air-conditioned room (if EEDC allows it). I’d get a wife because I feel there will be some form of happiness in becoming a married man, married to a woman who’d become the mother of my children.

In addition to the stories, I have also gotten to know some wonderful, fabulous, classy and rude fellow countrymen and women, people whom I’ve come to enjoy their stories, thoughts and shades.

So I want to thank all KDians, all you my brethren, especially those who write for this website.

To our founder and he who likes to sit on the fence oftentimes when issues are thrashed out here but who won’t hesitate to brand his views on our forehead through his series or fight like a dragon when his kith is threatened… Merry Christmas, PP.

To Denis Macaulay – one of the three KDians I stalk online – for giving me the liberty of looking at the worms (both good and bad) in his head. I have learned so much from your weekly entries. For the record, I don’t think you are the terrible human being your detractors are so anxious to show you off to be. And FYI, I like Korede Bello too; too bad you let go of him, I was warming up to putting you away permanently for being an intruder. Do have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year of more fruitful relationships.

To Maxine/Max/Maximus, I think that you’re too good-looking to have such a wrathful personality you’ve become famous around here for. But I suspect that aside from all your sternness, you’d actually be a fun person to be around. Merry Christmas to you.

To Django for giving me those rare opportunities of knowing the struggles of a lesbian, I wish you a Merry Christmas.

To Teflondon for being the Voldemort of this place, thank you for helping me realize that being truthful to one’s self in the face of much deceit is not a big deal. Merry Christmas to you.

Today, I’m no longer fearful of my status as a HIV positive guy, because of people like Bobby and Temi-D, who have made me realize that one can survive despite all the discrimination and self pity. So, to Bobby and Temi-D, I say keep going strong and bear in mind that your strength inspires me.

There are so many KDians I love and appreciate – people like James, Chizzie, Sensei, Mitch, Mandy, Kacee, Khaleesi, TDC, Dimkpa, Vhar, Eros, Absalom, and the two people who have embodied the word ‘sarcasm’, Colossus and Keredim, I wish y’all a very Merry Christmas. This goodwill is extended to all those I failed to mention, and to all those who don’t exist in the comments section.

This year has been an interesting year of thought provoking exchanges and cringe-worthy performances in the comments section. Alas! We fight a lot here. If these fights were intellectually inclined, I’d be glad because then individuals like me would learn more. But these fights are mostly egocentric and unnecessary. We are adults sniping at each other like children, and this doesn’t project a likeable image of this forum. We exhaust a lot of energy and good vocabularies on just getting back at people with opposing views or just people we have resentful histories with. Hopefully, this will not be an exercise in futility, but I beseech us to be less unnecessarily contentious and let our disagreements inform and educate the people reading and observing. This place should not be an extension of personal conflicts. It should be a citadel of learning and think tank of progress for the Nigerian LGBT.

All the same, here’s to wishing us all a Merry Christmas and a Fabulous New Year.

With love, from Michael

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  1. Mandy
    December 27, 07:05 Reply

    Merry christmas to you too, Michael. I feel you on your plea for less fights. but that task you’re iving 2016 though… lol.

  2. Uziel
    December 27, 07:28 Reply

    Merry Christmas, Michael. (y)

  3. Oturugbeke!
    December 27, 07:40 Reply

    Chizzie I love you and follow you on Instagram, I believe you are much more fun in person than the toxic personality you put up here on KD. That hilarious video of you dancing in front of a mirror on IG, is saved on my device.

    Posh someone sent me your pic on BBM, then I saw your comment on a post on IG and strolled into Your profile. I think you’re good looking, tho you used to be very thin…lol. Even in those your NYSC. I wish youbwould take more time to proofread posts before posting to make them more understandable.

    Dennis, I’ve known you for long. You’re an amiable person nice physique, not too good looking. I’ve not had time to check your teeth, maybe cause you don’t smile enough. You’re very successful and I envy that. However, in 2016, I wish you will reduce the gossiping and try to obscure details about you in your journal, to prevent the breaking of your closet door

    • posh6666
      December 27, 11:51 Reply

      Lol thanks oturu for the complement….Oh look someone finally had something nice to say about me.Seriously someone sent u my pics?should i be scared for my life?i guess with social media one’s privacy is no longer guaranteed.

      I appreciate your constructive criticism and for that i think i owe you an explanation.The thing is i actually hate typing so much,very lazy at it and dont have the patience for it.Infact my autocorrect is permanently turned off cos i am very impatient to how annoying it can be as everyone knows..

      I am more of a phone call person but of cos cant completely do away with typing hope that makes some sense sha.

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    December 27, 07:46 Reply

    Merry Christmas Michael and thank you for your kind words.

    As per KB? Carry go, the ministry has moved to permanent site! Tekno is bae of eternal baeness after I eliminate Obatala!

  5. Oturugbeke!
    December 27, 07:53 Reply

    closet door by people who don’t mean well… How’s our dick tho?

    Max and his lanky buddy. Truth is that you’re overhyped and crave too much relevance on this blog so much so that you go out of your way to flaunt your once in a year sexual life to taunt and slut shame others. You have nice red lips sha, but the body of Somalian refugee wirh the face of a typical ekiti man. I like the interior of your car tho.
    cut down on the sanctimonious tirade in 2016. Chizzie, has been back for months so you can return to the quite whimsical boy we used to know.

    Sinex, you’re have a thick and stout bodied, with nice face. Not too tall, but I will definitely do you 🙂 Whore somebody? you come of like someone with a thick n short member. hahaha. Like your hairs tho! I will like to see your presence more on KD in 2016. it appears to have been dropping off. Maybe it’s because of work on the plenty flights you’ve been taking.

    Teflondon. When I first saw your pic I was like, na you be this? I think in all sincerity you need to splurge that $$$$ you so much boast of on your self this coming year. Eat more of crackers and get chemical peels. I could order one for you from stores here. But seriously I love your divergent view and outspoken nature. Hugs.

    I’m tired of typing and gotta sleep jare…. Abeg I’m worn out. 2016 will be awesome for us all sweeties.

    • kacee
      December 27, 08:36 Reply

      cabeza dick eres tan desempleo

    • CriXXus
      December 27, 08:51 Reply

      Oh my good God! ??????????????

      Remind me never to cross your part, step on your toes, or ever be on your bad side.

      KD peeps tho…… I get scared by the day. Words breaks or make. Lets choose wisely Biko.

    • thatinyvoice
      December 27, 09:15 Reply

      …Boy is fat, that face sha, *eyes rolling* a chemical peel won’t be a bad idea.

    • Maximus
      December 27, 13:17 Reply

      And just like that, you gave yourself away… Bravo

    • Stranger
      December 28, 08:36 Reply

      Lool. Now I see why Sinnex was curious about you.
      You should write your own “end of the year party” article. I’d love to read.

  6. Eros
    December 27, 08:29 Reply

    Merry Christmas to you too Michael

  7. kacee
    December 27, 08:31 Reply

    Merry Christmas Michael *kisses from me to you*

  8. sinnex
    December 27, 08:59 Reply

    This post reminds me of Hozier’s Take me to Church. I just don’t know why.

    2015 was a wonderful year.

    It was a good year for me at work.

    Kitodiaries actually played a very prominent role in my life.

    PP is a durling.

    I actually look forward to chizzie’s comments. I fell in and out of love with MaskedMan. I met Teflondon and he opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. I don’t really have any opinion about Max. At first his comments were funny, but I don’t know what to think about him any longer. Keredim is bae.

    I have actually learnt a lot here. I know I don’t see eye to eye with a lot of people, but it is nothing personal.

    OAN-Otubereke, it seems like you know me, why don’t you send me a message sometime. Who knows, we could fall in love and sail away to Seychelles.

    • keredim
      December 27, 10:23 Reply

      “Keredim is bae.”

      That was a typo right?

      Please don’t tell me it was sarcasm and I missed it?

  9. Chizzie
    December 27, 09:01 Reply

    I don’t think max is that good looking, but I guess these things are relative. And I have to give it to we Nigerian gays, we are the only ones that would be convinced to start going to church after reading a gay blog. Steady giving God a laugh since 1914.

    @Oturugbeke Yes of course I’m a fun person in real . I mean *flips weave* but I have these personality glitches where I go from Mary Poppins to Chuckie’s bride in a matter of seconds.

    • Lothario
      December 27, 09:44 Reply

      Chuck’s Bride??? Lol….. You underestimate yourself

  10. Dickson Clement
    December 27, 09:13 Reply

    Just taking notes!! The hot ones, the very successful ones*which one is that again?* how eggzactly do you guy get to see urself cos I trusted the confidentiality of this blog?

  11. lonz
    December 27, 09:44 Reply

    Going to church, marring a woman.. if thatis what you learnt then i am afraid you have learnt it all wrong.

    Unless you are not gay.

    But if you are, dont kid yourself, this is all wrong.

  12. Lothario
    December 27, 09:45 Reply

    Happy Holidays Michael…. This was a really nice post.

  13. keredim
    December 27, 10:15 Reply

    Thanks (I think) Michael for the mention.

    The last part about egos and sniping at each other like children (I prefer Market women?) making the forum look like a bad version of “The Real housewives” franchise, at the expense of using our intelligence to educate people (LGBT or other wise) out there about LGBT issues, is so on point.

    I have often battled with this and I know that i haven’t helped issues. But I ventured to a few mainstream Nigerian websites and forums, the Nigerian Punch newspaper being one of them, and the vitriol spewed on there , made KD comments section look like Sesame street.

    I now realised that this behaviour is not a Gay thing, but a Nigerian thing. I think we are Nigerians who happen to gay and not gays who happen to be Nigerian. Is this a good or bad thing? I can’t be sure.I need to process it.

    All I know is, (and I have said this before) I am yet to come across another LGBT forum where people beat their chest and talk about their degrees, jobs, social status and wealth.

    I will probably get ripped apart for this, but hey that is KD.

    I am happy you were able to see through the shade and drama and grasp the good things in KD (Bobby and Temi’s posts) as they affect you.

    I pray others In and Out of KD can do the same.

    Happy Holidays Michael.

    • Chizzie
      December 27, 11:32 Reply

      I believe its called a fallacy when you conclude that the behavior of a few is the status quo for all others. The only people Im aware of exhibiting such behavior like you described are Posh and Teflondon, and we all know that empty vessels make the loudest noise so we don’t think much of it or them

      I’ve noticed you tend to have a warped or selective sense of reality, and I don’t blame you. I think its just ideal for a man your age. After all, biologically speaking you have more dead brain cells than the majority of us here.

      Please continue to take your supplements.

      • #FlyOnTheWall
        December 27, 13:41 Reply

        This is an example of where Michael says we should put our intelligence to good use, rather than snipe at each other. But of course you had to prove a point.

        Yes indeed Keredim might have more dead brain cells than most people on here, but not those whose brain cells have been damaged by bad bleaching cream chemicals”

        …and it’s also a falacy that you have chosen to remove your self from the small group. But of course, we dare not hold a mirror up to your face… As I said before it keeps cracking from your delightful good looks

  14. D-boy
    December 27, 10:37 Reply

    I rarely get to comment here, but I am extremely grateful to KD. I stop by everyday during lunch breaks. It’s been highly insightful and entertaining. Thanks to the HIV awareness, I have been able to make smarter decisions as regards sex. No condom, no ass!

    I’d like to suggest that a weekly advisory column be set up in which KD’ians can anonymously ask questions as regards relationships, sex, career etc, and be thrown out to the readers to advise based on their wealth of experience and knowledge. A couple of other blogs have this; Ask Bella, Saturday conversations on Naked convos etc. I know we have kito fairies, but it’s not as frequent as I hoped.

    Happy Holidays guys!

  15. Delle
    December 27, 10:44 Reply

    Aww…even though I didn’t get a mention (I’m new anyway, silly me)…I’m wishing you good health and a wonderful 2016.
    Ehen my turn…

    I firstly want to say a huge thanks in appreciation to PP for this blog, his intelligence, his doggedness and his reprimand. I love u plenty.

    I can’t proceed without thanking my sweetheart, my cupcake, the only one who’d want to fight in Shoprite and Computer village on my behalf, Kacee. She’s just a darling beyond comparison. Thanks for the encouragement, the endless calls, the outings (hehe) and the FIGHTS (yea, we are quarrelling now sef). Lol

    I’m thanking my pal, my brother in school, my confidant Mitch for always being a pillar of support. The number of times I’ve cried on ur shoulders (very padded shoulders I must say), is indispensable. Thanks for being such a ‘school mother’.

    Appreciating DM and Max for the attacks to keep me in check when I’m about to go haywire. The fights made me think about somethings and no, I don’t think you are horrible people, just hugely annoying *smiles*. Thanks anyway.

    To Mandy (your jabs are all), Chizzie (God, I love ur assertiveness), Ronniephoenix (I’ve got to meet you dear), Django (ur dominance makes me cry), Khaleesi (wonderful actress), Keredim (dripping shades), Posh (beautiful nonchalance), Tef (confidently incoherent) and everyother person, I love u more than my mama’s breast milk! You all make KD worth reading.

    Love u, love u, love u, Delle.

    • Mr. Fingers
      December 27, 10:51 Reply

      Lmao@ confidently incoherent. Hian. Hahaha haha. Issorai.

    • Stranger
      December 28, 08:47 Reply

      Lmao. This guy, you’re not well. Lool!!

  16. #TeamKizito
    December 27, 11:02 Reply

    *NP: Frank Sinatra – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

  17. Kenny
    December 27, 12:17 Reply

    PP, Max, Dennis, Just James, Absalom, Mandy, DEOLA!!!, Sensei, I think ya’ll are awesome even though I don’t know any of you. Here’s to a wonderful 2016✌✌

  18. Maximus
    December 27, 13:25 Reply

    And just like that, you learnt all the wrong things from KD…. *sigh*

  19. iamcoy
    December 27, 14:37 Reply

    Seasons greetings PP, Michael and all. May 2016 bring greater strides and skin deep smiles

  20. Teflondon
    December 27, 14:51 Reply

    Some People might think I come to KD with all my shinanigans to be popular, known etc but in actual facts it’s none of that. Why do you want to be popular, for example on a blog like KD. To make new friends perhaps? acquaintances, new shags? Yea? etc but since I have been on KD I can only say I made just one friend which everyone knows Sinnex. I’m not proud but I chose to have a very close knit of friends with as less gay people (we can be so dramatic and unreal) as possible. (It’s not being homophobic, it’s just a personal choice). I could have made a thousand friends from KD already. As KDains (even after lots of them yab me on here, as that’s what is in vogue) tend to bombard me with friends request and messages on my different social media accounts which I always reject or ignore. Nigerian Gays (including Kdains) pretend a lot, lie a lot and I can’t deal. I like to surround myself with very real people. Being real has nothing to do with money or class. Gay people like to build their castles in the cloud.
    Why my epistle? I don’t come here do to all I do for popularity’s sake (heck, I’ve got that in abundance even before joining here) or to make friends. I just want to be some sort of reality check. Someone that doesn’t really have to think a certain way just cause majority think that way.
    Believe it or not, nothing I do here (fights & shit) is ever personal. thats why I am shocked when people start calling out personal details of other people on a blog that’s supppose to be anonymous to spite each other But then it brings me to another question, should we all remain anonymous to each other? Yes we hide from the general public but should we Hide from ourselves also? I’ll suggest that as from next year real pictures of ourselves should be posted here. Let’s know ourselves facially. We can’t say we are all fighting for a course while we hide from each other. (Except ofcourse we all are pretending to ourselves here, so why are we here on KD?) we all like to form LGBT voltron and activist, speak all the gramma in the world, preach this and that but cAnt do the simplest of things by coming out to each other and fighting together. The other time Mike deamon suggested KDains should be interviewed, telling us about their experiences and coming out! No one showed up. Except of-course Yours truly. and I am also willing to volunteer to be the first person who’s picture is posted. We need to walk the walk 2016 and not just talk the talk which seems to be the order of the day around here.

    We need more real people come 2016
    People who have got Balls!
    People who are passionate enough to do something tangible no matter how little to help the community.

    Kdains we need to stop the pettiness in 2016 and actually DO something. Knowing ourselves facially is a start I believe. ( and I don’t mean just a group of friends who already acquainted with each-other kind of knowing)

    Micheal this was a nice piece. Wish you the best for the future.

    XOXO! Everyone
    Enjoy your holidays.

    • Pink Panther
      December 27, 15:35 Reply

      If only people can actually practise what they preach, if only people can take the time to make sure their actions reflect the things they say, the world will be a better place.
      I find it ironic how in one breath, you’re preaching about stopping pettiness on one post and on another, you’re exhibiting the exact pettiness on a few other KDians. Your heart may be in the right place, but until you practise what you preach, your words come off as someone who likes to type because he likes the way his words align themselves on his phone screen.
      I’m not trying to be catty with this comment. Or trying to slam you. Even though I know your response will be to attack. I’m merely showing you that you don’t get to climb that pedestal you seem so hot to be on, when on the same day, you’re contradicting your ‘altruism’. Just today, Chizzie called you an empty vessel who makes much noise. Do we really have to wonder at the aptness of that metaphor?
      No one is perfect, Teflondon. I don’t even fool myself into thinking I am. But this aegis of self righteousness you put on every time you want to grandstand isn’t fooling anyone. That you still don’t know that is quite frankly laughable.

      • Mr. Fingers
        December 27, 16:47 Reply

        Geez PP, I ve not been around long enough, but with the little I ve seen it seems u like taking everything personal.

        • Pink Panther
          December 28, 02:34 Reply

          You are funny, Fingers. Every time I express an opinion, it has to be me taking it personal? Seriously? Nawa o. I’m not allowed to say something because ‘oh my God, some people might see it as me taking shit personal’? Abeg, if me saying stuff bothers you so much, then overlook my opinions. Surely there are other people you can heckle about the things they say.

      • bountyhunter
        December 27, 20:35 Reply

        really Mr PP? of all people that had different suggestion and comments you just had to single this guy out? what you just did now isbthe source of pettiness on this blog. you stir up shit silently and chill and wait and thereafter takes the ‘obvious’ side when it gets out of hand. the change of attitude on this blog should start from you. biko!

        • Pink Panther
          December 28, 02:35 Reply

          And if bountyhunter doesn’t have a thing or two to sling at me, who will? 🙂

  21. simba
    December 27, 16:22 Reply

    Thank God no reports of dead and etc…. we shall all be better individuals come 2016. Making ourselves and community proud. I love everyone here.. unfortunately not as chatty and regular comments as before..blame it to New job and paucity of time….. Cheers people.. Pinky u doing an awesome job, Amma not rest until Christine Amanpour interviews you…

  22. Brian Collins
    December 27, 19:55 Reply

    I just wanted Oturugbeke to stop typing after the first comment, and I obviously wanted TEF’s fingers to have a seizure (or whatever) after that first sentence. Aswear this period on KD is just horrible.

  23. Temi Cole
    December 27, 21:11 Reply

    Thank you Michael! Glad I could somewhat inspire you! Happy Holidays to you and every member of the KD Family! Good, bad and…

    Much love!

  24. Stranger
    December 28, 09:33 Reply

    Major shoutout to Max and Brian Collins…. You both speak my mind on issues concerning prostitution (hoe-ism) and Christianity respectively. Cheers???

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