Ten Things The Christian Learned About Gay People in Ten Years (Part 2)

Ten Things The Christian Learned About Gay People in Ten Years (Part 2)

Jesus talked about equality a lot; it made the powerful quite uncomfortable.

Written by Kathy, and originally published on canyonwalkerconnections.com

6. ASKING GAY PEOPLE TO DENY THEIR NATURAL SEXUAL ORIENTATION IS DESTRUCTIVE. Recall, homosexual orientation is no more a “behavior” than is heterosexual attraction.  Both are orientations, innate attractions. Reparative therapy (Exodus-type programs that offer results that take away “unwanted sexual attractions” or allude to a gay-to-straight conversion) treats homosexuality as if it were a “behavior” akin to other life choices like drug and alcohol usage, adultery, cheating and lying.

You would expect that the elimination of bad behaviors would result in life benefits.  However, if you force a gay person to “not be gay,” loneliness, depression, isolation and shame can result.

Some gay people do make a choice to live celibate lives.  This is called “Side B” for gay Christians; they come to a personal conviction that God is calling them to be celibate. This is not the same as the imposition of celibacy by an outsider for acceptance before God. Celibacy does not take away attraction; it only means a person is not engaging in sex. A celibate straight person is not “no longer straight” simply because they are not being sexual.  Likewise, a celibate gay person is not “no longer gay” simply because they are not being sexual.

The rejection or insistence on change is destructive. Statistics on gay youth prove this. Gay youth, unaccepted by family, are:

  • Eight times more apt to attempt suicide than those who are accepted
  • Six times more susceptible to depression than those who are accepted
  • Three times more likely to get involved in drug and alcohol abuse than gay youth that are accepted
  • Three times more likely to contract HIV/AIDS and STD than gay youth that are accepted?

If a person is indeed gay, then no amount of a-wishin’ and a-hopin’ and a-prayin’ will make them straight. Of course, you will hear of “success stories” of people who are “no longer gay”. I have hundreds of friends who tried to play the “I am not gay anymore” game. I know dozens of former leaders and founders of Exodus type programs, and all say they do not know one person who was strictly gay and is now straight. I have never met one such person either.  I did register for an Exodus Conference and was uninvited. I was and am willing to be wrong and see the other side of the reparative therapy issue and meet some “success stories”. Of course people can “live as heterosexuals”, they’ve been doing it for millennia. Some of those success stories are actually bisexual people.

7. BISEXUAL PEOPLE ARE ATTRACTED TO BOTH SEXES IN VARYING DEGREES. It would be wrong to say bisexuals are equally attracted to both sexes.  The Kinsey Scale, for which there is no definitive “test,” classifies sexual orientation on a spectrum from zero (strictly heterosexual) to six (strictly homosexual).  Bisexuals might be mostly attracted to the opposite sex and somewhat attracted to the same sex and be a two or a three on the Kinsey Scale.  Conversely, bisexuals might be mostly attracted to the same sex and somewhat to the opposite sex making them maybe a four or five on the Kinsey Scale.

Perhaps you believe that people who identify as bisexual just “want to have sex with anything that moves.”  I actually hear that too often because it appears that way to us zeros, and even some sixes.  That is a patently wrong and hurtful assessment.  Simply, bisexuals are somewhere on the continuum of one to five on the Kinsey, and they are about 5% of the population. Bisexuals can be satisfied emotionally, relationally and sexually with either a man or a woman.  They are not hard-wired for only a man or only a woman.  Oh my, this is not at all comfortable for those of us who live in a construct of pink and blue.  Some of the “no longer gays” are indeed bisexual who have chosen to be in relationship with the opposite sex.

An illogical, fear-based statement I often hear is: “If we accept bisexuals then we have to redefine marriage and let them have two spouses.”  Nooooo.  Marriage is a contract between two people, not three people; two people. Two adult people.  Bisexuals would, and currently do, marry only one person.

8. THERE IS NO “RADICAL GAY AGENDA” AND NO DEMAND FOR “SPECIAL RIGHTS.” The ‘gay agenda’ said to threaten America with “complete elimination of God and Christianity” was created in the 1990’s by Christians and political conservatives.  I have read many “histories” of this fabricated agenda and they all are birthed in a few small groups creating negative buzz about gay people in the 80’s and 90’s. The term “gay agenda” is a joke in the gay community.

Gay people do not want to destroy marriage; they want to participate in it.  Gay people do not want to destroy churches and religion, they want access.  There is no “recruitment” of children.  My goodness, where do we think gay children come from?  They are not recruited, heterosexual couples keep having them!

What gay people want is equality. They do not want “special rights,” just equal rights. They do not want “gay marriage”; they just want marriage. The only agenda of gay people is equality.  Jesus talked about equality a lot; it made the powerful quite uncomfortable.

As a side note, Gay Pride is not about “pride”; it is a celebration to commemorate the Stonewall Riots in 1969 when the gay and transgender community decided to stop hiding in society-imposed shame.  So when we heterosexuals say silly things like “well, there are no Heterosexual Pride parades. Why do we need gay pride?” it really is that – Silly.  Heterosexuals have never been forced to hide in shame for being heterosexual; we don’t need to celebrate our freedom to be who we are.  We get to live it daily.

9. THE LOSS OF GAY BELIEVERS TO THE CHURCH HAS BEEN TRAGIC. Eighty-four percent of gay people were raised in some kind of faith community.  Sixty percent of gay adults describe their faith and a relationship with God as “very important” in their lives. Fifty-eight percent of gay adults have made a “personal commitment to Jesus Christ.” Twenty-seven percent describe themselves as “born again.”

I am in an extremely rare position to have participated extensively with gay believers in one-on-one settings, conferences and camp meetings; I know thousands of gay Christians.  The gifts, the anointing, the worship and the devotion that I see in the gay Christian community are genuine and rich.  They want to love and serve God, and for the majority of Christian churches, this is a challenge.

I am immensely thankful for the Holy Spirit filled gay Christians who influence my life. Without doubt, some of the finest preachers and teachers I know are gay.  Although this statement will torque some of you, it is one of the most profound observations of the ten years of this journey.  The loss of their contribution that we as a church have already suffered is tragic.

I suggest that churches openly discuss gay Christian inclusion with love. Invite gay believers to be full participants in the dialogue and struggle to a conclusion together.  If you are not willing to wrestle with this with gay believers, I suggest they leave your church and find somewhere that will allow them to grow spiritually and in an honest relationship with God and others.  More and more options are becoming available for fellowship.  From my experience, you will deny your church body of some of God’s most anointed people if you do not reassess church policy on this issue.  Please do not become part of the “(un)Welcoming Committee”– we have already lost too many gifted gay Christian leaders of our churches.

10. THE LOUDEST MESSAGE THE GAY COMMUNITY HEARS FROM CHRISTIANS IS ONE OF INTOLERANCE AND HATRED. Imagine the sadness when a darling young lesbian pleads with me for an answer to the question: “Why does God hate me?”

What would you say to her?  If she really wanted an answer, what would you say?  Very few would tell her that God hates her, yet this is the dominant message.  Some would tell her she needs to change her sexual orientation for God to have a relationship with her.

The reality is that most of us know something is wrong with both of those messages.  Most of us believe that God loves unconditionally and half of us already believe sexual orientation is not changeable.  We may not understand the issue well enough to verbalize anything, so we stay silent.

Ten years ago, I too was in that spot, not at all unkind to the gay community, just doing my Christian thing in my Christian heterosexual world.  I had ceded my “kinder” voice to those who stand on street corners and in pulpits and passionately preach “homosexuality is an abomination.”  This is the minority voice that is heard by the gay community.  I go to Gay Pride events often and do not see Christians equally and passionately declaring a “Jesus loves you” message.

So, what would you say to this darling young woman as she pleads with you for an answer?  It is time to find your voice in this equation.  As the silent majority conveniently avoids the dialogue, people are walking away from Christianity and hating us, thinking we hate them. We get lumped in with the intolerant and hateful. Have you found yourself saying, “Oh, I am not that kind of Christian,” in defense?  Well, what kind of Christian are you then?  The kind that stands at a comfortable distance while gay people hear select pieces of Scripture and not the message of love?  What drew you to God?  The condemnation or the love?  You may not know where you are on this issue, but silence and indecision occupy a position in this dialogue.  By default, your voice is thrown in with the loud “you must change” voice.

In 2001, I considered myself well-educated and strong in Bible knowledge and understanding.  I thought it was sufficient to let others tell me what to believe about gay people and what the Bible says about them. That all changed in one relationship, making my place of uninformed comfort no longer reasonable.

I intentionally inserted a time line to show the decade it took to come to these ten insights.  On every one of these points, I either did not care or believed the contrary position.  Please, take what I offer and challenge yourself. The wrong thing to do is nothing and sadly, the majority of Christians are comfortable right there, doing nothing.  I understand that.  I was silent and lazy.  Come on, we know that is not the Jesus-model; the Jesus model is filled with verbs: love, go, heal, make, do, serve.

While the majority of Christians ignore the issue of faith and orientation, the minority of Christians passionately sends a message of hate or one that demands change.  While the majority of Christians ignore the issue of faith and orientation, most of the eighteen million gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in the US walk away from the possibility of a God-connection, feeling excluded because the loud minority is telling them they are excluded.

Maybe you are at step one and you do not have gay friends and honestly do not know if sexual orientation is innate.  If that is the case, then purposefully engage in relationship with gay people.  Start with coffee if dinner is too intimidating.  Just be humans together, find commonality, break down some walls.

The next step might be visiting an affirming congregation.  If that scares you, “visit” one online.  (There are some suggestions at the end.)  If your child is gay or lesbian, reach out to others for answers at a local PFLAG, come to the annual Gay Christian Network Conference with your son or daughter, or go to the forums online and engage other Christian parents.

Intentionally spend some time with a Bible and concordance and read, in context and original language, the sections of the Bible that refer to same sex activities.  Most of you have probably never done this.

While you navigate the authenticity and implications of these insights with your faith and life:

Being gay is not a choice

There are gay Christians

Gay couples do enter into long term, committed, monogamous relationships

Every word translated as “homosexual” in the Bible is in an extreme circumstance

The church is not offering a model of being gay and Christian and leading a virtuous life

Asking people to deny their natural sexual orientations is destructive

Bisexual people are attracted to both sexes in varying degrees

There is no radical gay agenda

The loss of gay believers to the church has been tragic

This last point needs to be held in the forefront of every step: The loudest message the gay community hears from Christians is one of intolerance and hatred.

Is this the message in you?

God loves you. I love you

Then say it with passion until you drown out the hatred and intolerance.  This is the life-changing message that all of us, including the gay community, need to hear:

God loves you. I love you.

I encourage you to be uncomfortable and to challenge yourselves out of passivity.  For God’s sake and the sake of His people, please care, please.

Start with a step.  Start with a whisper.


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  1. Ruby
    October 05, 05:34 Reply

    This is deep!
    I just hope people will read this article and make a change.
    We all need Love and Acceptance.
    BTW Pinky, I sent you a mail last night and i haven’t received a response yet.

      • Ruby
        October 05, 06:01 Reply

        I asked you for a little favour which you haven’t responded to.

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 05, 06:03 Reply

          Could you resend it? I’m not sure I saw it. Or perhaps I did and am just now too woolly upstairs to properly process my thoughts about my mails. lol.

  2. Dennis Macauley
    October 05, 05:52 Reply

    No 6 rings true. I heard pastor Chris say once that “homosexuality is just like a habit, like doing drugs. You just stop taking it, and it may be difficult to stop, just like when you are addicted to cocaine, so you may need help quitting it”

    I just smiled and was like “so much ignorance”. This is the mindset of many people when it comes to this, which is why they cannot tolerate it.

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 05, 05:58 Reply

      Pastor Chris said that, huh? Aren’t men of God supposed to have a degree of Christ’s intelligence?

    • Rapu'm
      October 05, 05:59 Reply

      Lmao. At least he did not say it’s because gay people are afraid of women, like the Primate of Nigeria’s Anglican Church said. I just laughed it over. The dude should definitely send me his wife; I’ll snatch her from him if he doesn’t take care.

    • gad
      October 05, 08:32 Reply

      That man,s case is not that of ignorance but deception.He has to tell his customers what they want to hear to be on the safe side.Atleast he had earlier compensated his gay congregation with the endorsement of masturbation.Business strategy if you ask me

      • pinkpanthertb
        October 05, 08:56 Reply

        And that is okay? We speak of church and business in the same sentence, and THAT the bible approves?

      • king
        October 05, 10:12 Reply

        Gad!!! Let’s hope to God you get forgiven for your judgement of God’s own servant!!!! I pray oh lord i just pray!!!!

        • gad
          October 05, 10:56 Reply

          Amen! Jusst in case

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 05, 10:56 Reply

          Of course Gad needs forgiveness, never mind the rest of us who are married, have twins and still screw man-pussies. Nah, all that doesn’t warrant a plea for God’s forgiveness. But speak out of turn about a minister… THAT needs forgiveness.

      • king
        October 05, 11:32 Reply

        We all need God’s forgiveness baby!!! Hope you do too!

    • s_sensei
      October 05, 11:56 Reply

      @pinky: one million likes for your comment! Hahaha

  3. Rapu'm
    October 05, 05:55 Reply

    Oh, great. And so the Church of England tries to be loving and it’s bullish big colleauge in Nigeria rallies the other stupid colleagues in Africa (except South Africa) and breaks away, calls it, quite lyrically, “Impaired Communion.” And now I hate that church. In a few years, trust me, they’ll look like the fools they really are.

    Anyway, I liked this: “There is no “recruitment” of children.  My goodness, where do we think gay children come from?  They are not recruited, heterosexual couples keep having them!”

    I came out to a ‘sister’ I used to look up to in my ‘spiritual’ years. She listened. Asked questions. Tried to understand. Then she asked, “If gay men marry, won’t their adopted children then become gay since that’s what they see?”

    To which I replied, “If that’s the case, there’d be no gay people around today!”

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 05, 06:01 Reply

      I love that response. LOL. That is the underlying fear that drives the cause against gay marriages and gay parents. Ignorance breeds this belief that with gay parenting, more gay children will abound.

  4. Ruby
    October 05, 06:22 Reply

    @Pinky… I just did.
    Its titled A Little Favour

  5. king
    October 05, 06:22 Reply

    Eh this piece still sounds nice and true however I am yet to see the verses that the writer swore were in the bible that would NOW open and reveal to ME that God authenticates gayism( yeah that word again)! …anyway I still didn’t see any verses stated from the bible..

    So what I advice this writer is to go ahead and write but don’t overwrite in such a way that your good writing would be rubbished even by you!!! Just say what you believe but don’t say what YOU don’t know!!! People like us really want to believe but we ONLY DO IT WITH SCRIPTURES …raw in our faces but AGAIN this was not so……sigh!

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 05, 06:30 Reply

      You really are despicable. Someone is preaching love and acceptance for your sexuality, and all you can see to do is nitpick and cast sticks and stones, something I’d expect from a homophobic individual. By all means, be there and let the myopia that your religion has instilled in you blind you to the generosity of this writeup.

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 05, 06:32 Reply

      FYI, this writing isn’t supposed to be about the scriptures of the bible, but of what is expected of Christians. Simple as that. How you could not get that, being a gay man that you are, is beyond me.

      • Ruby
        October 05, 06:36 Reply

        @Pinky, have you found it?????

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 05, 06:38 Reply


          That is the email address you sent it to, right? Becos I’m watching my mail at the moment and nothing is dropping. Not inbox. Not spam.

    • Khaleesi
      October 05, 09:00 Reply

      ‘that God authenticates gayism’ ….what on earth us wrong with this twisted screwed up person called King? Like I said you are one other KitoDiariesian (his name starts with a G and ends with a D), have shown me the strength of the linakage bw gay/busexual married men (usually staunch christians) and HYPOCRISY of the highest order … in Pinky wont call you out for what you are, I WILLL!!! you’re a self – loathing hypocrite eaten up by internalized homophobia abd guilt brought about by the reinforced hypocrisy of your false religion … its frightening to think of the mess thats going on in your head … abeg!! ***BBM talk to the hand smiley***

      • maxonex
        October 05, 11:56 Reply

        OMg….hahahaha hahahaha…*goes to the middle row to get a better view…puts on 3D glasses…

    • s_sensei
      October 05, 12:11 Reply

      @Gad: So homosexuality is wrong? Why do you still practice it? This can only mean one thing; faith without works is dead. You are hanging with the wrong crowd. Sweetheart, pick a struggle!
      @Khaleesi: breathe, darling! You just gotta keep breathing! Lol!

  6. Ruby
    October 05, 06:59 Reply

    Oops! I’m so sorry, I got d address mixed up.
    Coming right up

    • Ruby
      October 05, 07:09 Reply

      @Pinky, u can check now.
      Thanks Love

  7. Deola
    October 05, 07:07 Reply

    Pinky while I don’t agree with King and suggest he goes back to read the article cause he has certainly formed a false opinion about it, I dont think you should be attacking like that, you posted all that Cyber Bulliying stuff anout how we should all coment nicely here, yet you’re calling him despicale.
    Most of King’s comments are non-agreeable to me, but they are just that , his comments and opinions and I believe he is allowed to have them.

      • king
        October 05, 08:47 Reply

        Good now that that’s out of the way I guess I also love you much Pinky Darl (irrespective of our differences…if any)…now I said what I said because if you do remember like i know you do..coz u posted it…..that the writer in her first part said he was going to reveal scriptures that would definitely put our minds at ease as hour had been too….however all throughout that and this one there just isn’t any scriptural backing for anything said here.. .much that I love the write up and it’s all about loving your fellow man irrespective of his gender…( not that my less than 1 year old son doesn’t know dis) he should have just stopped there and we would have clapped for him and put this as one of the failed attempts of trying in telling us that the TRUE God whom we all serve…can say two things at the same time…..

        Seriously although I am gay and yes loving it no matter I know my father’s heart and know he cannot lie and say two things…his word is YES and AMEN and HE doesn’t shift like shifting shadows….so I know he who created them man and woman didn’t make a mistake……and suddenly will turn and say it’s man and man…..(much as I would love that!! )….

        So until someone shows me some scriptures eh…!

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 05, 08:54 Reply

          I was being sarcastic in my comment about a reminder, king. Not that I would expect you to get it.

      • king
        October 05, 09:59 Reply

        Of course I “wont” get it….not with you. anyway!!!

      • maxonex
        October 05, 12:04 Reply

        Emmmm I wanna understand something, @King so you think you’re a mistake? We both need to sit down and talk…seriously… Who told you that??? A 2000 yr old book which was written by Men???
        I try so hard here not to throw any verbal card around here even when many people deserve a douse of hot Louisiana pepper in their ass followed
        By hanging them upside down with a whip tied to their penis.. If you think of homosexuality like this, imagine what straight people think. I hope you don’t teach your kids the same lies fed to you while growing up.. Even God will never forgive you for that. If you believe in God and that he’s incapable of mistake, then you should know you’re not a mistake . your simply part of his plan.

  8. October 05, 07:56 Reply

    Hehehe…all the people I knw who gave me that ‘I am no more gay’ story…well they all came back for some more shugar and are even getting milk added now and might add milo pretty soon…

  9. artionis
    October 05, 08:08 Reply

    This was really informative; I think acceptance within religious circles is definitely improving (especially here in the UK), but I’m still a little glad I was brought up without religion! xD

  10. gad
    October 05, 08:28 Reply

    King,I salute ur honesty and objectivity.Noble men should always acknowledge the truth not only when it favors them.As the writer rightly said,get an NIV devotional study Bible and check the footnotes and concordance on homosexuality and you will begin to really see and understand the Bible stand on homosexuality.I stumbled on this in the late 90s and it really helped my understanding of God and homosexuality.Have you for once considered the Bible quote”suffer not the little children to come to me”in symbolic terms?Ponder it anew.Like you,I was wondering how the writer got statistics like percentage of born again gays etc.At a point, I thought I was reading a politician,s speech.If marriage as the writer defines it is contract bw 2 persons,what do we call polygamous and polyandrous marriages?Just thinking.If we walk away from God(thats scary) because of what mere mortals say and do we are of all men most miserable.Its like shooting self on the leg.I remember the day my priest told me in 2007 that I can no longer partake in holy communion @ his hands,I told him I was okay with that knowing it was man,s decision and not God,s.To my surprise he agreed with me.I also remember D late Ven Dr Tola Roberts,he told me”if God has not condemned you,who am I to”.Lastly,I wish to recall what happened in a Bible study class @ Ang Church of d Pentecost, festac town.After all participants has finished their dutiful condemnation of gayism,the vicar Ven Dr Adeyeye rose and asked”are we saying that gays are not among us?”.He challenged any man that can vouch that none exists to bail out the men and none.Then he turned to the woman and did d same.He even called on his wife to pls vouch 4 d women but no one.He closed d Bible study with the following prayers”merciful God,we know u created and love all men,endue us with your grace and nature so that we will be wise to accommodate all and draw them to the Christ that all may come to the knowledge of your love and atlast enter your rest,through Christ our Lord”That prayer did a lot in my life and that of my son who was with me.Im sure it did same for many in the church that day.I deliberately mentioned names bcos of earlier comments against the church of Nig and it’s Primate.The people against homosexuality are only acting on the level of information @ their disposal.We who look @ them as ignorant also do so based on the informations we have.Dont you think we owe them and us a duty of enlightenment?Of course our cowardice won’t allow us.

    • Aproko Pikin
      October 05, 08:38 Reply

      Oh Gad, God bless you real good…

      *hug and 10sec french kiss* #runsaway before he asks for more#

    • Colossus
      October 05, 08:38 Reply

      So you agree with King cos your message after kinda agrees totally with the writer.
      Anyway, i also salute your honesty and objectivity, your eyes have been open.

      One question though, why did your priest refuse to give you holy communion?

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 05, 08:50 Reply

      Gad, here’s the problem I have with people who are so quick to throw the scriptures in the face of homosexuality. I have no illusions about the acceptance of homosexuality by religion. Frankly, I don’t give two-fucks about what religion has to say about my sexuality. And the people who are so blinded by the scriptures that they can suddenly turn against one who was seconds ago a friend, simply because of a sudden awareness of his sexuality, are NOT Christians. They are ‘religionistas’ (that’s a word that should exist). Christians are supposed to Christ-like, and Christ LOVED. He LOVED. That is the basic truth to Christianity – Love. Acceptance. Tolerance, if you can’t go as far as accepting. That is, what I believe, this write-up is talking about. I am not a bible scholar, so I won’t claim to know the depth of this woman’s research, but I’m choosing to focus on the basic truth of her message:
      ‘Is this the message in you? God loves you. I love you.’
      And those against homosexuality, when you are in a position of enlightenment and influence, as a priest or a minister, and then you spout your idiocy, it’s inexcusable. You don’t get to be in such an elevated platform and hide under the shadow of ‘I am acting on a level of information.’ If you don’t know, shut up. Don’t speak. Don’t profess to know, lest you lead the people you have been given charge over astray. There is no stupidity that is more dangerous than ignorance peddled with arrogance. And so when Pastor Chris, or Rapum’s primate, or the Catholic priest in my friend’s church who beseeched parents not to send their children to boarding schools because the spirit of ‘gayism’ (can we stop with that inaccurate word that Oxford hasn’t even approved) dwells in boarding schools – when they spout their nonsense, and confidently so, that ignorance is not excusable. And I don’t expect to be chastised when I scorn them.

      • Colossus
        October 05, 09:45 Reply

        Remind me Lord never to cross Pink lest me i be roasted on top his alter.
        Save me Lord, save me *waving hands frantically in the air*

      • s_sensei
        October 05, 12:51 Reply

        Pinky, that was brilliant! Thank you!
        But you know you did’nt write this! Something took over! Hahahaha

        • pinkpanthertb
          October 05, 19:53 Reply

          LOL. I dunno what you are talking about o. *blowing gently on my chamomile tea*

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 05, 08:52 Reply

      And that is the kind of awareness I expect every member of the gay community to have. An awareness that such things written are endeavours to spread the message of tolerance and acceptance.

    • s_sensei
      October 05, 12:24 Reply

      Really I don’t think humans can ever agree on everything. People should be allowed to differ. In other words, as a christian, feel free to think homosexuality is a sin. I don’t care the basis for the conclusion because fact is everyone is entitled to an opinion. What is important for me is a person’s ATTITUDE towards another on the basis of an opinion about them. And for the so called christians, christ said to LOVE and not judge. But I’m saying, if you must judge, LOVE before you do. When Jesus said you should love your neighbour as yourself, it also means you should love the homosexual, the straight, the bisexual as you love yourself. But love is hard, and it is even harder not to judge. So they pevert the gospel of christ and use the sciptures as justification of the very opposite of what Jesus taught i.e. HATRED.
      And for those who keep saying, bible says this and bible says that. Bible said women should not wear men’s clothes, said the woman should not talk in church and oh yes, it said that the sabbath is SATURDAY. Strange how we only interprete the scripture literally when its convenient and explain it away when its inconvenient.

      • pinkpanthertb
        October 05, 19:53 Reply

        As in eh. Religidiots (I love that Khaleesi’s word) can like to do selective validation of the bible. That hypocrisy is just something I can’t deal with.

        • gad
          October 05, 20:43 Reply

          The greatest idiocy is the inability to accommodate the views of others.Even animals respect diverse opinions

            • gad
              October 06, 08:01 Reply

              You are supposed to come to the army of pre-60s and be given the rank of a field marshal so you can push down your opinion on all at all times and have anybody with a dissenting opinion executed after a kangaroo trial.

  11. Colossus
    October 05, 08:34 Reply

    Finally the 2nd part to a write up i loved so much, still do.
    Reading this and i kept highlighting to many areas i wanted to include in this comment section but alas, that was turning out to be the whole article so i refer us all to the last paragraph.
    “I encourage you to be uncomfortable and to challenge yourselves out of passivity. For God’s sake and the sake of His people, please care, please.

    Start with a step. Start with a whisper.”

    Nuff said!

    • king
      October 05, 09:49 Reply

      Really is this fuss about caring? Or loving? Or even liking??? Heaven’s No!!!! Its about authenticity…period! it’s ok you preach love and care and likeness and all but Plsssssss stop there and don’t venture quoting scriptures out of context only to suit your “strong belief “…..you know why???? cause wherever you go You wont find a validation of gayism(sorry…i think it should also be included in d dico) IN THE BIBLE!!!!!

      And much as I would loooooooove to see it one day I still AWAIT for it biko!!! In fact very patiently….but yet it won’t stop the love, care and likeness I have and constantly show to everyone irrespective of our sexuality!!!!

      • Khaleesi
        October 05, 10:43 Reply

        King, in a weird twisted sorta way and without intending to, you made a lotta sense! you’re absolutely right! however long you comb through the bible, you won’t find a single verse approving of ‘gayism’ (I wonder where you dragged out that piece of obnoxiousNess from!!) … all you will find is hatred of gays,more hatred of gays and ever more hatred and condemnation to eternal damnation and blazes for all gays!! in fact, you’d probably have more luck finding evidence of an ancient igbo or yoruba custom which approved of same-sex polygamous marriages – good luck with that! for as long as you continue to guide your life and seek vakidation according to the dictates and within the confines of a 4000+ yr old book of jewish fables and folklore, for so long shall you remain wracked by guilt, sel hate and internalized homophobia. it beats my imagination how any1 who isnt a fool or a hypocrite can continually subject himself to such mental and emotional torture. I commend your faith anyway, maybe one day your wishes might come true and like the dead sea scrolls which were discovered in the 1940s, an unknown portion of the bible which (finally) approves of ‘gayism’ might be discovered in some obscure location!! until then, happy searching and good luck with your quest to follow the customs, traditions and folktales of jews who lived over 4000yrs ago, who’s circumstances differ from yours in every single respect and whose motives and/or motivations you will very likely never ever be able to understand …. good luck with that!! for me, I prefer a direct communion with my God devoid of all the lies and absurd contradictions … ***pulls on bright glittering beats headphones and cranks up volume to drown out the sound of King & Gad’s condemnations, winds hips and twirls hands slowly, rhythmically to the sensuous beat*** #yelzzz bitchess##

      • Colossus
        October 05, 11:29 Reply

        Erm, I’m confused. Is this a long reply to what i said? I said nothing but quote so don’t bring righteous indignation upon me, I’m way past that confusion in my life.

      • king
        October 05, 11:47 Reply

        Collosus stop please it’s not about you!! Phew…..finally at least you Khaleesi agrees with me…(which is more than I can say for some here….but until then….) Still i would like you to please stop seeing the bible as just some stories BECAUSE it’s really All about LIFE and truly your heart needs it…every heart needs it and contrary to what some old believers used to say about God hating pipo…. GOD truly loves US…yes US gays but that still doesn’t mean he has ALLOWED it….so let’s get our facts right……the bible does not spew hatred…pls far from it…rather GOD IS LOVE….so stop looking at yourself and judging you but rather lean on HIS GRACE and by God you will find the PEACE that passes all understanding….say whatever darling kitodiarians but I WILL ONLY LOVE YOU MORE! I’ll never spew hatred NEVER….so khaleesi and even you Pinky love I STILL LOVE YOU cause that’s what the BIBLE preaches and that’s what I am about. period!!!

  12. Khaleesi
    October 05, 09:40 Reply

    beautiful, lovely piece … so much if it struck me forcefully …especially the part about the harm of denying my sexuality … which is why I cant wrap my head around the hypocrisy and internalized homophobia displayed by some KitoDiariesians …

  13. maxonex
    October 05, 11:50 Reply

    Ok pinky I need the link to this article… Need to send it to some people.
    Beautiful beautiful ending to a wonderful piece.. This lady just said everything and answered every question roaming around many people’s mind. Love it..

  14. Dennis Macauley
    October 05, 12:59 Reply

    Religion is the opium of the (simple minded) people!



    *continues hiking on Afy Mountain*

    • Khaleesi
      October 05, 15:50 Reply

      @Dennis, its not that simple, cos those opium-brainwashed religidiots/religitards seek to impose their offensive views on us all. Much of their disgusting internalized homophobia is inspired by the heady fumes brewed over the contents of their ‘book’ … a lot of the oppressive and choking atmosphere we all whine & groan about is a direct result of & buttressed by this uncontrollable imbibing of this potent brand of ‘opium’ … ***wrings manicured hands in despair****

      • king
        October 05, 16:20 Reply

        The original and pure OPIUM brand….oh boi you hat to taste it for real or else…….hmmm

      • king
        October 05, 16:23 Reply

        And when you do..you’ll never go back!…you’ll realize you were supposed to be living on this OPIUM supply the rest of your life for there isn’t any comparison….all others are counterfeits…hehehehehe

        • gad
          October 05, 17:35 Reply

          I can’t agree less.I have been there.wandered and roamed about till I came back to d opium and meeen I don’t Wana quit

  15. Verified
    October 06, 00:32 Reply

    Throwing shades like market women ***Buys my ugu leaves and zooms off***

  16. Dominic
    October 06, 07:16 Reply

    What is it with u people and religion self especially christianity…abeg if some thinks Jesus still love them as they suck dick and eat ass all the best! Oga o

    • gad
      October 06, 08:11 Reply

      The incessant attacks on Christianity (as if it’s the only religion that “outlaws” homosexuality) is actually a type of propaganda but sadly,its the type where one thinks that by denying a fact continuously,it will change somehow or provide some succor or fill an existing void.The reality remains reality and the efforts of man, vain.

      • pinkpanthertb
        October 06, 08:33 Reply

        Gad, if you have any issue that pertains to Islam and homosexuality, by all means, write it up and send to me. If you have any dissension there, let us know it. This is no propaganda. No potshots at Christianity. No grand design to abolish the bible and replace it with pink slips. Its simply the concern that is readily on hand considering a bulk of kitodiariesians have Christian foundations. Simple.

        • gad
          October 06, 08:55 Reply

          Ehe! You see? Now that your response is civil my thoughts towards you have automatically become kind.whispers…”I was actually planning to gang rape you before now”. writing an article on The stand of Islam on homosexuality will be most unfair to Muslims bcos I’m a Xtian. The type that doesn’t even believe that the Xtian God and Allah are the same.My positions might be biased no matter how hard I try not to.

      • s_sensei
        October 07, 06:19 Reply

        The so-called christians deserve the attack they get because the hold “a form of religion and deny the power thereof”. The power of the cross is LOVE and many christians HATE freely especially the homosexual. If christians loved the homosexual as he is (but corrected him gently nonetheless) do you think all these attacks would be? Consider again the power of love…

        • gad
          October 07, 08:31 Reply

          Wonderful,so your attacks was more of a revenge mission? Tell me something! I think there is a confusion here because the “so called xtians” actually hate homosexuality but I can bet my life that they love homosexuals.they hate the act but love the persons.Since this is your grievance, may I @ this point move a motion for ceasation of all hostilities as to continue will amount to fighting for nothing which will amount to mere waist of precious time and resources.CONGRATULATIONS

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