Two things:

1. You never know what your pussy is capable of until the right hand comes along.

2. I think I may have stolen somebody’s dick appointment.

This story begins this morning, when I hit up Grindr. I’d visited my cousin’s place in Ajah for the week, and this morning, I open Grindr and brace myself for impact. Of course, because new profiles on Grindr locations are always the most sought after, I soon find myself chatting with a lot of prospective hookups.

I just need one to shag today. Just one.

And soon, I find him. We video-call on the app, and he turns out to be an old online acquaintance of mine who I was interested in years ago, but nothing happened because he lived in Ajah and doesn’t visit the mainland.

But now, I’m nearby, why not if not.

However, he says he can come see me, but that we can’t fuck.


He says it is because he already has an appointment to go fuck some other guy. I feel some disappointment, and I’m like, okay then, how about tomorrow? He says he’d be fucking some other guy tomorrow too, but can we hook up the following day instead?

Talk about being a busy guy. Two booty calls lined up on two days, and if I acquiesce to his offer, I’d be the third on the third day. Dude must have premium dick.

But I really am not pleased by the posting till two days later, and he seems to sense my displeasure. He apparently really wants to finally see me, and pleads with me to bear with him. He suggests we at least see today and hang out, and then he’d make it up to me when we see again in two days’ time.

I laugh to myself. Sure, come on then. Don’t worry, we’ll just hang out.

Within the hour, he locates me. As I let him in, I can appreciate his good looks. I mean, it’s not that he’s stunning or anything like that. But with his full beard, full lips and the sprinkling of hair I can see above the neckline of his T-shirt that hints at a hairy chest, I can see how his young zaddy sex appeal would fetch him man-pussy on the regular.

So we settle down and gist about this and that. I am wearing briefs, my long, fair, fine, bare legs positioned attractively on the sofa beside him. I’d be damned if he’ll come all the way here, and we won’t fuck. In two days’ time, my nyash!

We gist and gist, and then predictably, he moves his hand to lightly touch my thigh. That is all the encouragement I need, before I move onto him to claim his lips.

I kiss him. He kisses me back. And it escalates from there. We make out very heavily, before we start pulling off each other’s clothes. I remember reaching for his belt buckle and hearing him chuckle to himself before muttering, “Chai, I suppose dey fuck another guy o.”

Well, oga, the scriptures do say: “The preeq is for the swiftest.”

We move to the bedroom where things move on rapidly. However, before we go from foreplay to penetration, he fingers me. Some people like to eat ass, and some others apparently like to finger ass. This guy fingers me with a dedication that betrays how pleasurable he finds what he is doing. He simply positions himself behind me and keeps moving his finger, then fingers, in and out of my ass. He is breathing heavily, licking his lips, and his hard dick is jerking, as he works my asshole with his fingers.

Then those fingers gradually become a fist. This guy had started trying to force his fist inside my ass. In fact, the entire five fingers up to the knuckles had started going in and out.

I am stunned. I am revolted by fisting, whether as something to be done to me or something to watch in porn. I absolutely do not like fisting. I don’t find it pleasing, and whenever I encounter it in porn, I shudder with distaste.

Yet, here I am, trembling with desire at somebody’s attempt to fist me. I mean, sure, it hurts. But he is so skillful with his hand, that I am riding the pain while finding it pleasurable. I can’t of course let the whole fist in; it isn’t THAT pleasurable. But it amazes me how he can get as far as he is doing, and I’d be enjoying it. Which tells me that if perhaps I am high on some sex drug, I’d probably have been able to allow myself get fisted.

Eventually we go on to fuck. He comes. I come. We wash up.

Then he goes out to his phone, where there are 7 missed calls from the guy he is supposed to be fucking today.

Written by Pink Panther

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  1. Lopez
    May 25, 08:15 Reply

    Pink, I don’t like what you’re doing. You’ll post stories early in the morning that will make one have boner at work. Which kind embarrassment be this, watch it o.

      • Lopez
        May 25, 11:25 Reply

        I always assume fingering to be disgusting, untill someone gave it to me. Now it’s part of my menu. That’s why I was aroused reading this.

  2. Francis
    May 25, 09:09 Reply

    Wawu! Which brand of lube una use abeg? *asking for the future* 🤭🤭

  3. Delle
    May 25, 09:27 Reply

    So, we have it on record that PP is a thief.


  4. Pete
    May 25, 10:49 Reply

    You don thief person dick appointment 😊😊😊

  5. Mannie
    May 25, 16:01 Reply

    Office boner…..not good at all. Now, everyone is fine and appealing… and my boss has been calling me to explain something to him. Not going anywhere till young John is down😪😪😪😪.
    7 missed calls??????….indeed the dick is premium.

    • trystham
      May 25, 23:29 Reply

      Perhaps. We also hate to be disappointed after douching for preek.

  6. Mandy
    May 31, 10:41 Reply

    LOL. So somebody finished douching somewhere, just to have another Bottom snatch his fuck from him, eh? Pinky, I’m judging you.

  7. AdeJ
    June 22, 20:13 Reply

    Where do we make submissions to this blog please?

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