Two Men Who Had to Go Into Lockdown Together Are Now Boyfriends

Two Men Who Had to Go Into Lockdown Together Are Now Boyfriends

A lot of stories have been coming out about the current, ongoing global pandemic that is affecting millions of people, and while most of them are sad and somber, there have been some good, positive things that have come from the need for quarantining and social-distancing.

Like this gay couple’s super cute, newfound relationship!

Aaron Hussey and Reed Badman, two gay British men living in London, had only been on a few dates before most of the world had to go into lockdown mode for the health and safety of the masses. But after Reed’s roommate came into contact with someone affected by the pandemic, the two were forced to stay together in Aaron’s house.

“He stayed for a few days to protect himself and see how that played out,” Aaron told Pink News about how their living arrangement started. “And then in the middle of that time, the lockdown was announced and it just made sense for him to stay until Boris Johnson told us otherwise.”

He continued: “When you’re suddenly locked in a house with someone 24/7, it definitely accelerates the ‘getting to know you’ phase. Luckily we’ve not annoyed each other too much and haven’t run out of things to say yet.”

With nothing to do but stay inside and away from the outside world, Aaron and Reed quickly got to know each other, and eventually, the two became boyfriends.

“In a weird way, I’m really happy that this is the way we’ve started our relationship because we have really been able to get to know each other without distractions,” Reed said. “And it’ll make for an excellent dinner party story.”

Aaron has been chronicling his lockdown with Reed on Twitter, and to say it’s cute AF would be an understatement!

This is the kind of stuff the best rom-coms are made of!

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  1. Mandy
    April 18, 07:11 Reply

    The very opposite of my love life in this quarantine period. While these two are finding love in lockdown, I’m feeling love die in the lockdown. ????

    • Dunder
      April 21, 01:54 Reply

      I think your struggle is akin to what hetero couples go through during pregnancy or after a baby is born- you spent a lot of time being a caregiver so it would take some time to get back to wild bed-breaking as you’ve not been seeing him as sexy for a while. What y’all need is space and the opportunity to miss each other and talk dirty. I hope you guys get over it and I wish you the best.

  2. Higwe
    April 18, 07:19 Reply

    Congratulations to the beautiful couple .


    I told you guys that that my bitch psychic is always right .?
    USA just like she predicted has started reopening precisely at the date she gave ….from April 17th .?

    Every single thing that psychic said would happen infallibly came to pass….bitch might be a nutcase but she’s very good at her job.??

    Worry not guys – our depaysement will soon come to a quietus.


    If you wanna see the place I gave the April 17th date , go to Mand’s last submission , where he claims he might be decathecting from his current boyfriend .?

    Corona will be gone soon , let’s hang in there.

    • Yeah!
      April 18, 08:40 Reply

      As at the last time you made that comment the american and global rates were at 200 and 900 and something thousand its presently at 700k and 2.2million so there hasnt been a decrease in the disease spreading,the american government are only talking about ways to ease the lockdown due to the economic fallout,the stock market has been volatile due to investors pulling out of the markets and industries seeking government bailouts.
      Things aren’t going back to normal in may not when a cultural event in the US cancelled their event just yesterday

      • Razup
        April 18, 09:23 Reply

        You very correct, no dim light @ end of the tunnel yet. Please stay safe!

    • D
      April 18, 11:55 Reply

      I will like to know your psychic. Any contacts?

    • Cedar
      April 19, 08:10 Reply

      Alright, help a brother out. Wanna know if my current budding relationship will sail or sink.

      Oh!, and when is the ‘current’ Buhari going to croak.

  3. Mike
    April 18, 15:10 Reply

    So after the pandemic they’ll break up right?.

  4. Peaches
    April 21, 20:38 Reply

    I could not take my eyes off the iphone pro black colour and that adorb pouch!❤️.
    God I need a new phone?
    Let the good lord bless me with something just like yours.
    The phone or both ways?.
    But i do love the couple!

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