US Governor of Indiana Bans Boys from Wearing Clothes with ‘Gay’ Colors

US Governor of Indiana Bans Boys from Wearing Clothes with ‘Gay’ Colors

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed an executive order on Wednesday that bans what he called “gay colors” to be worn by boys in public elementary and secondary schools in the state. Pence referred to pink, chartreuse, teal and magenta, in particular, as “gateway colors” for young boys who might have an inclination toward homosexuality.

“Governor Pence believes that if boys wear clothes with colors traditionally worn by young girls, this can cause gender confusion for the boy,” said Hugh Strait, a spokesman for the governor.

The executive order comes as other states have passed laws that critics say discriminate against gays and LGBTs.

In recent weeks, North Carolina passed a law that says that LGBTs must use public restrooms that conform to the gender on their birth certificates. Mississippi passed a law protecting business owners who don’t want to serve same-sex couples.

The Tennessee Legislature approved a bill that allows counselors and therapists to reject gay patients if their homosexuality runs contrary to their religious beliefs. The state’s governor has not yet signed the measure.

Pence’s spokesman said that the governor wanted to remind Hoosiers that he was supporting discriminatory laws long before other states. “The governor wants to emphasize to people in his state and to the rest of the country his commitment to intolerance, whenever and wherever it exists,” Strait said.

A year ago, Pence signed the so-called “religious freedom” law that allows business owners to refuse to serve customers such as gays who offend their religious beliefs. The law was criticized throughout the 21st century.

Pence’s executive order bans boys from wearing clothing with bright colors in public elementary and secondary schools because of a concern, he said, they act as “gateway colors.”

“There are boy colors and there are girl colors,” Pence said, “Once we started letting boys wear girl colors, what’s next? I don’t want to think about it.”

The governor’s spokesman was asked who would decide what is or is not a “gay” color.

“The governor knows a ‘gay color’ when he sees it,” Strait said.

The executive order comes several months after political conservatives criticized Frito-Lay for offering rainbow-colored Doritos — in green, blue, purple, red, and orange — to benefit a non-profit LGBT group, It Gets Better. In late September, Mike Huckabee, then a Republican presidential candidate, called on Frito-Lay to quit offering the “gay” snack food. In addition, another conservative commentator called Doritos a “gateway snack” designed to introduce children to homosexuality.

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    • Pink Panther
      May 02, 06:46 Reply

      I swear, America does a good fight to uphold her open mindedness. But at the root of that nation, homophobia thrives. And with such ridiculousness.

  1. pete
    May 02, 07:13 Reply

    Reminds me about a groomsmen meeting we had at one time. Somebody suggested we wear pink ties as it was among the colours of the day. See objections led mostly by gays. They branded the colour too gay.

  2. Kenny
    May 02, 07:38 Reply

    This is just ridiculous. If you like wear black/brown everyday of your life if you’re gay you’re gay. Someone dash this man some sense please.

    • ambivalentone
      May 02, 11:29 Reply

      I already ordered one as a gift for him. Unfortunately, no market supplies his kind. I’m afraid he will be senseless for d rest of his life.

  3. Delle
    May 02, 08:29 Reply

    I’ve finally seen someone dafter and more stupid than the combination of Mugabe and Buhari!
    Gay colours? *rme*

    • Law
      May 02, 09:27 Reply

      Errr….. U just have to make ur point valid by calling ur president daft.

        • chuck
          May 02, 11:56 Reply

          He isn’t. He is a distinguished soldier, who just became the first opposition candidate to win control of government in Nigeria. Do you have any evidence that he is? I’ll avoid name calling even though that comment showed a lack of reasoning.

          • Delle
            May 02, 20:01 Reply

            I’m sure the said Buhari would be proud of you, Chuck. Bye now.

            • chuck
              May 02, 20:41 Reply

              Of course. You’re just spewing attacks without evidence. Shior

              • Delle
                May 02, 22:26 Reply

                Are you for real now, Chuck? My living in this country in itself, is evidence enough. What else do u need?

                • chuck
                  May 03, 09:31 Reply

                  Living in this country is evidence of your/ your parents’ choices/ circumstances. Have you completed university? You would understand, if you took history/ economics/ political science courses, that inflation/ the price of crude oil are not evidence of a Nigerian President’s stupidity.

                  • Delle
                    May 03, 20:36 Reply

                    Smh. Let it rest already. I’m not going to have a political bout with you and you aint doing a good job at convincing me on the Buhari’s issue either.
                    You’re such an ardent fan *rme*

                    • chuck
                      May 04, 16:04

                      I’m not here to convince you. You don’t seem like someone who forms opinions reasonably. I’m here to rebut the rubbish you spewed.

                    • Delle
                      May 04, 19:47

                      You don’t seem like someone who is sensible enough to understand what it means for one to have a say either. You’re definitely not the brightest there is

    • Clive
      May 02, 18:47 Reply

      I’m totally disappointed in you for this statement!

      • Delle
        May 03, 20:33 Reply

        I believe I’m entitled to my opinions, no?

  4. Frank_Einstein
    May 02, 09:29 Reply

    Gay colours! Really? He just enlightened me….
    *Goin shopping*

  5. Eros
    May 02, 09:47 Reply

    I dont know why but I laughed while reading this. They should also ban Earl Grey tea (too gay…..and too british), Beyonce, the slang “YAAAASSS”, and even social media.


  6. Colossus
    May 02, 11:06 Reply

    *looks at the dark coloured t-shirt I’m putting on*
    I’m confused, where did I go wrong?

    • Pink Panther
      May 02, 17:29 Reply

      Hahahahahahahahaa!!! Perhaps your singlet is coloured teal? Or your boxers has a splash of pink on them?

  7. Lorde
    May 02, 13:59 Reply

    Gateway colours? That’s a new one… and here I was thinking foreign government had a lesser tendency to be fucking stupid.

  8. Lorde
    May 02, 14:06 Reply

    And the man sef open mouth dey talk “there are boys colours and there are girls colours” I thought American leaders are all college grads…. This is quite unfortunate…for him though, for not realising he just made a real stupid ass comment like this, who voted this motherfucker tho?

    May 02, 19:55 Reply

    Just when u think America has successfully curbed homophobia, another comes in with yet a new form of it…
    I just thank God he isnt African, his type will still be killing twins and do slave trading business….#such a schnook#

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