What’s The Worst Date You’ve Ever Been On?

What’s The Worst Date You’ve Ever Been On?

Charlize Theron appeared on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the Oscar-winning actor and host Jimmy Kimmel discussed their obsession with The Bachelor.

Things took a sharp swerve into Bonkers Town, however, when Kimmel asked the Bombshell star if she’d ever gone on any dates that were as cringeworthy as the ones seen on the popular dating reality show.

“I went on a date in my 20s with this guy who was really, super handsome,” Theron began. “I was really into it. And he picked me up for dinner, we went and had dinner. It was lovely. I was like, ‘This is going really well.’ And he drove me home, and you know, I kind of signaled that I was in for a kiss.”

And this is when things got really weird.

“He pulled over by my house,” she explained. “And we started kissing and it was really good. And then, he pulled away and whispered, ‘Make out with my nose.’”

Theron then burst into a fit of laughter.

As she wiped away tears from laughing, she said that she could never forget that date because she’s “yet to meet another person who likes have somebody make out with their nose.”

When a flabbergasted Kimmel asked if her date was joking, Theron asserted that the guy was “really into” the idea. She went on to explain what happened after he asked her to snog his schnoz.

“I started giggling, ’cause [the kissing] was good! So, I didn’t want to mess it up,” Theron said. “So I gave him a little peck on the nose and he was like, ‘No, make out with it.’”

Check out the video below.

Meanwhile, over at E!’s Daily Pop, hosts Carissa Culiner, Justin Sylvester and Morgan Stewart were discussing Charlize’s recount of her disastrous date. And Carissa asked for her co-hosts to talk about any bad dates they’d been on.

Justin, who’s gay, went first, talking about a date he went on with a guy who he thought was into him.

“I invite this guy on a dinner date,” he recounts. “We had a two-hour dinner. It’s like the bomb. It’s everything. Like even the waitress was like, ‘Ohmaigod, you guys are hitting it off.’ I’m literally thinking, ‘It’s happening, it’s happening.’”

And then, things of course took a turn for the unforeseen.

He says, “The waitress comes back, brings the check, and he’s like, ‘Oh no, no, I’ll get it. And as he’s signing the check, he goes, ‘Wow. This is a great spot. I can’t wait to bring a date here.”

Oops. The guy he’d been on a date with didn’t even think he was on a date with him. And there Justin was, not eating much, having only a salad because of the anticipation of something more after dinner. LOL.

Check out the video below.

And so, I guess I’m turning this over to y’all. Does anyone have any bad date stories for us? Someone once said to me that Nigerian gays don’t go on dates. “We just meet on Grindr and go straight to shagging,” he said.

Well, I beg to differ. I have been out on a few dates myself with guys I intended to shag with afterwards. And some of them went well, while others didn’t.

But this isn’t about me. LOL. So  guys, tell us: what is the worst date you’ve ever been on?

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  1. Colossus
    January 18, 07:02 Reply

    This is also about you, let’s have the worst date you’ve ever been on.

  2. Mitch
    January 18, 08:42 Reply

    Worst date?
    How about the worst 3?
    Because, while I think one of them is way worse than the others, I can never fully decide on the matter.

    First, the guy who invited me to dinner and while we were ordering, he kept looking ate like I was doing something wrong. When we got to our table, nigga told me that I was “…doing like woman too much!” That he doesn’t want to be outed. That I should man up. I looked at him, looked at myself, got up and walked out of the restaurant. My white shall not be stained, ni oruko Jesu!

    Second one was the one who launched into a narrative about his life, how he’s bisexual and how he lived with his girlfriend and how, when we started dating (nigga legit said when. Not ‘if’ oh. WHEN!), I would have to cut off all my friends because “…TBs are not loyal. You people would be fucking everybody and claim you’re just friends.” I was beyond shook. All the way to my marrows.

    The 3rd is the one I like to consider my worst date, not because it was worse than the other two, but because of who it happened with. My then boyfriend took me out for dinner and a theatre show in school for my birthday. And he invited some of his friends. And throughout the entire night, from the dinner to the theatre event, nigga ignored me completely. He didn’t say a single word to me beyond asking me if I wanted any particular food or pastry or suya when we got to the theatre show. Like, I was supposed to be enjoying a romantic evening with my boyfriend. But, somehow, the pluses we had – his bestie, his bestie’s girlfriend and two of his classmates – took centre stage and I was the outsider in the scenario. By the time we got to the show, it took a lot of willpower for me not to start crying. It was fucking upsetting.

    • Terra
      January 18, 09:48 Reply

      The effontry of that 2nd guy. “When we start dating”. Encountered men like that before. Like because they want you they automatically get to have you. So entitled, God. Also “TBs aren’t loyal”. The actual ghetto

      January 20, 06:29 Reply

      Lol. May you white shall not be stained o jare.

      Plus I hope you gave the second guy the same treatment? “When we start dating kill him there!”

  3. Delle
    January 18, 09:51 Reply


    It has to be Richard (real name).

    We had been chatting each other for over two years, on and off, from the time I was in final year till my service year in Abuja.
    Then I decided, after a phone callversation we had one evening while I was still in Abuja that he had earned an outing.

    I wasn’t really into him all the while we had been chatting and even the times he would call and we’ll talk on phone for almost an hour, but I figured I’ll give a chance to this persistent guy once I return to Lagos from Abuja.

    And there it was.

    I got back and we fixed a date.

    There’s something utterly thrilling about seeing in real life the same person you’ve been having virtual conversations with and so it was with Richard.

    We met at one of these malls on the mainland.

    He was just the kind of guy I like. Nothing extra, plain-looking yet appealing. Into IT and smiled a lot.

    He seemed smitten.
    I was taken by him as well.


    After our dinner, he told me he wanted to get some stuff from the Mart as he would soon run out of provisions and I had no issues.

    Now, you should know I’m not a materialistic guy. I’ve always been preserving of myself to expect a guy to do stuff for me and as such, I’m not one to shop your money down in a stall. I don’t know how to!

    But Richard was different. Maybe it was in his free-spiritedness, he would pick something and get for me as well and I wouldn’t know how to reject it. I mean, I wanted them, as at the time I wasn’t working, so you can say I needed them even. Besides, it seems a bit pretentious and unnecessary to reject stuff you very well know you need.

    I guess I got carried away at a point and went ahead to point at two or three things extra (Malteesers, a pack of juice and one other thing I can’t really remember).

    Perhaps I shouldn’t have. He didn’t seem fazed by the addition and I swear, those were all I added.

    We paid, sorry, HE paid and we left the mall.

    The goodbyes were promising and I got into my bike filled with hope, an innate sense of satisfaction and an anticipation of good things between us.

    That, however, wasn’t to be.

    Richard never texted nor called to know if and when I got home that day.
    Not thinking too much of it, I did the calling only to meet an unresponsive line. I texted and till today, the WhatsApp ticks are grey.

    I have a good feeling they’ll never turn blue.

    It’s been a year now.

    • Avid fan
      January 18, 16:14 Reply

      The worst thing you can ever do to someone like me is to ghost me. Hey gawd!!! I’d be imagining the worst like, what if he died?

      Have you noticed any activity on his WhatsApp to counter my fears? And have you tried calling with a different number?

      • Delle
        January 18, 16:40 Reply

        For a while, I checked and saw, to my dismay, that he was active online. So no, he didn’t die nor did he lose his phone.

        I blocked him a while later and now I’m totally over it.

        This could very well be a story from one of my history books ?

    • Lyanna
      January 18, 18:31 Reply

      Must have hurt. Feels like yesterday, doesn’t it? The guy Richard isn’t worth it. Bloke is a spineless coward, empty, vain and most likely narcissistic.

    • ChubbyLover
      January 19, 22:16 Reply

      What if something terrible happened to him on his way back home?

  4. Dayve
    January 20, 05:44 Reply

    @mitch chai… pele about the first you posted. But you are harsh o. You walked out of the restaurant? Omg

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