You Are Gay. Yes, I Am

You Are Gay. Yes, I Am

You are gay, you tell me

You say you see it when I work my hips

You see it when my lips move every time you talk

You’re very gay, you say

When I dress up to take a walk

When I curl up altogether in my sleep

You see it when my friends are all guys

You see it when they have their arms around my shoulders and talk in quiet tones

You see it in the way I write

The way my books are arranged

The way I have footwear in hundreds

The way I’m particular about your choice of words

You’re so gay, you tell me


You. Are. Gay.

I’ve heard these all my life

Hated myself for it

Slurs from minds that fail to paddle their canoes of ignorance

And let me lounge in my closet

I am Gay.

I’ve stepped out with the rainbow as my backdrop

From the captivity of those laws

Which kept me in the towers of homophobic castles

Under the guise of culture, religion and unchangeable idiosyncrasies

I am Gay

Happy and wild

He who God has made and called Beautiful

You take away my freedom

You build my tomb before my demise

You make me scream in loud whispers

You dim the vibrancy of my rainbow colours

You leave me shredded, your whips and chains against my skin

And through it all

I will tend to my wounds and take pride in my scars

I will grasp tighter the memories that make me who I am

And flaunt all the features that capture what I’ve been through

And how strong I am for coming out for it

You are gay, you tell me

Yes I am. I am gay

Happy and wild

He who God has made and called Beautiful

Written by Vhar

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  1. Jamie
    January 01, 06:56 Reply

    WOW!!! I read poetry…
    Wait a minute anyway, am I mistaken, or isn’t it popularly thought that guys (especially feminine ones) who love female company are more prone to be seen as gay???

    • Oluwadamilare Okoro
      January 01, 09:32 Reply

      Sweetheart. Drinking fanta is seen as being gay … By all means, let the homophobes continue to fan their ignorance!

      It shouldn’t concern us what they “popularly” assume! *all wrong though*

      • Delle
        January 01, 10:26 Reply

        Drinking Fanta is seen as gay?! Lmao…no wonder I’m so stuck on that soft drink! Hmmm

      • Jamie
        January 01, 12:05 Reply

        LOL!!! As if I even love love the fanta… All these stereotypes een…

  2. Oturugbeke!
    January 01, 07:32 Reply

    I’m gay, but people can barely tell. I’m even surprised I’m gay and bottom…lolx. This is because I’m not the stereotypical depiction of gay men. Love sports, not too into fashion, but dress well and so many opposite stuffs the media try to depict gay men as.

  3. Mandy
    January 01, 07:37 Reply

    KD’s theme this year appears to be the exhortation for KDians to push their boundaries. 😀 I like. ????

    Happy New Year Vhar.

  4. Andrevn
    January 01, 08:12 Reply

    You’re Gay.
    Yes I am. Anything else you wanna tell me?.

    “I will tend to my wounds and take pride in my scars” I’d just take this line and run with it. Thanks Vhar for such beauty this early.

    Happy New year KDville. Together I know we will soar high.

  5. Reverend Hot
    January 01, 09:15 Reply



  6. Mitch
    January 01, 09:36 Reply

    Yesterday, a family friend saw me and told my sister that my mother had two daughters and no son because she felt I was catwalking. I was surprised when my sister said, “Babe, are you drunk? He’s walking like he always has”. Guess what I’m saying is, ain’t no more apologies. I am Gay and Proud! Thanks for this one Vhar

  7. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    January 01, 09:41 Reply

    Great piece Vhar.

    We all should be comfortable in our own skin … No apologies. No looking behind to see who’s looking! #sigh it is so exhausting, I shall not subscribe to that this year at all.

    Hello Masked Man!

  8. Eros
    January 01, 09:58 Reply

    Hey Sister Gurl!!! Happy New Year

  9. Delle
    January 01, 10:24 Reply

    *dancing into the New Year singing Nicki Minaj’s Va Va, no, Vhar Vhar Voom*
    Such an edible poem for the new year, Vhar. So delectable.
    Happy New year all. It’s 2016! Aaarrggghhh!!!

  10. Timi LEO
    January 01, 10:27 Reply

    writing now depicts u as Gay😎😎😎 homophobes and their cross..yes I’m Gay

    • Andrevn
      January 01, 11:41 Reply

      Oh you need to see the kinda cross some homophobes carry. Timi

      And I bet you haven’t been accosted with something like…
      “You speak so well, are you gay?”

      Just before sch went on festive hols, a female course mate was soliciting for support for my departmental marathon. I beckoned to her and as she was approaching I flashed her a toothy grin and know what she said next.
      “Why are you sunny your teeth? Abi you be gay?”. It took the whole of my self control and straight Po-ROM not to bitch slap her there and then. Let’s just say my mood went sour for the whole day.

      So yes! They do have crosses and they rub it in our faces to show how stupid and smudgy their bloated brain can get.

      • Andrevn
        January 01, 11:45 Reply

        *My department’s end of year Marathon Race.
        Apologies, My bad.

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