Dear KD: Where Outside The United States Can I Marry My Partner?

Dear KD: Where Outside The United States Can I Marry My Partner?

Hello fam, I really need your help with resolving this situation I am in.

My partner and I want to get married and make the United States our home. He is a permanent resident in the US, not a citizen, and because it is only citizens who can bring someone (a fiancé or partner) over to wed in the US, we have to get married first so he can start filing papers for me to come over and join him.

So we are looking for where to get married legally so the process can begin. Some EU countries are quite restrictive regarding visitors traveling to their country due to COVID19. And since we don’t know when these restrictions will be lifted, we’re looking for other options in Africa and what processes are involved in legalizing gay unions there.

Any directive or suggestions to a resolution will be deeply appreciated.


Submitted by WeGrind

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  1. Jezebel blade
    October 19, 08:08 Reply

    It’s easier if you go to south Africa and get married. Visa from Nigeria to South Africa is not a big deal and him coming to South Africa is also accessible. But most importantly, your partner in America needs to prove he can cater for your needs. Usually, fat bank accounts do the trick. Best of luck

  2. Big Bad Judy
    October 19, 09:22 Reply

    Hello! South Africa is your best bet, to get married to your partner. They have 3 different marriage acts, and the Civil Union Act of 2006 also allows Non-South African queer couples get married, provided they meet the Department of Home Affairs’ requirements (eg you’re both of legal age). You’ll be issued an unabridged marriage certificate (A union where one partner or both are South Africans, get an Abridged certificate). The Unabridged is issued by the Cape Town High Court and is what you’ll use to register your marriage in your resident country. Just do as much as research as you can, speak to whomever you can (especially lawyers), but South Africa is the best option you have. Wishing you both a smooth ride and accept my congratulations in advance.

  3. Colossus
    October 19, 09:33 Reply

    The SA option is your best route, I know a guy who went that way. Few months after their union, he joined his partner in the States.

    • Obi1kenobi
      October 19, 15:37 Reply

      Did you say a “Few Months”? Interesting.

  4. Mandy
    October 19, 09:39 Reply

    Spoke to a South African friend and he said it’s doable. You just have to arrange with South African Home Affairs for the marriage. He says you should look on the Home Affairs website for South Africa.

  5. David Kamdili
    October 19, 12:24 Reply

    Ask no more. Angola is your top choice destination. Discrimination against the LGBQT+ community is a crime punishable by two years imprisonment.

    You might as well check out
    1) Republic of Seychelles
    2) Lesotho
    3) Mozambique
    4) Botswana

  6. ken
    October 23, 17:22 Reply

    There is no country that is more liberal for LGBTQ persons in Africa, than South Africa.

    Thats your best option.

  7. Rolly
    November 28, 10:54 Reply

    @wegrind! Your best bet is South Africa, you can explore that option and do your research. I will help you check with some people in South Africa to know the procedure. I guess you are Nigerian, what of your partner, where is he from? Anyways, I will get back to you. Take care..

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