Formula TS-69

Formula TS-69

Due to my sensitive skin, it had always been hard for me to find a brand of soap that didn’t break me out. There were a handful of brands that worked but didn’t have the scent I desired. Being a chemist was a gift and a curse because I knew what chemicals I needed to get my desired product but hadn’t come up with the right successful formula. On the sixty-ninth try, I decided to give up. I put the bar of soap I’d created from the last experiment in my carrying case to use as a test trial and then left the laboratory to call it a night.

The next day after work, I headed to the gym to instruct my women’s aerobics class. While I never had a problem with the women at the gym, I sometimes received different forms of disrespect from men because I’m a transwoman. I’d developed a tough skin in my thirteen-plus years of transitioning; however, some men went to the extreme in pointing out the fact that I’m trans. Luckily, I hadn’t been threatened with physical violence in a long time, but transphobia was painful to deal with, too. After instructing the aerobics class, I took a shower using my final soap formula to test it out and document my skin’s reaction to it.

What happened next is something that still boggles my mind to this day.

“That soap you’re using smells fantastic,” this older white woman said to me in the unisex locker room. “Where did you purchase it from?”

“I created it,” I told her while putting on lotion.

“You did? Wow, it smells so great.”

“Thank you. It actually makes my skin feel so smooth. I thought for sure this formula would be another dud like my others. I’m not so sure now.”

“You could probably make a ton of money off of it. I know I’d pay top dollar for it.”

I smiled as I finished getting dressed. I tried not to let the woman’s comments get me too excited but it was hard not to. Had I finally done it? Had I created the perfect soap for my skin? I couldn’t help but get a little excited at the thought of developing something that could not only help me but other transwomen in my situation. After getting dressed, I left the unisex locker room and immediately gained attention I rarely received from men at the gym.

“You need help carryin’ your bag, Miss?” this young but cute black teen asked as he approached me.

“He can’t help you,” said an older similar looking guy who must’ve been the teen’s brother. “I got way more muscles than him.”

“I can carry my own bag,” I told them with a smile. “Thanks for offering though.” I gave them a look and then proceeded to the exit.

“You come in here often?” asked a third guy, a handsome dark-skinned man who was shirtless and looked familiar.

“Every Tuesday and Thursday,” I answered. “Aren’t you the guy who once called me ‘He Man’ or something like that?”

He acted as if I were mistaken and asked, “What? I would never say that about a woman as beautiful as you.”

“Well, either way, I need to get going.”

“Alright, beautiful. I’ll see you next Tuesday then.”

Not knowing what to make of what was happening, I hurried out the door and when I made it to my car, I realized something had fundamentally changed. Men usually gave me weird looks or said dumb stuff, and now I was getting hit on by them in public, no matter what age they were. Naturally, I began to theorize that it had something to do with the soap formula. Even if it did, what were the odds of creating a formula that attracted men? I was creating soap as a side project because I needed it but also because I was bored with my actual work assignments at the lab, but my little side experiment could’ve been a major breakthrough. I had to test it out further.

“Sascha,” called out a sexy voice the moment I stepped into my apartment building lobby.

I turned to see it was my neighbor, Amir Jefferies. Amir was already living in the building when I moved in there six months ago. He was a photographer and deliveryman that always brought a different woman back to his place almost every night. He was nice to me whenever we happened to see each other in the building, but I never took his kindness for more than what it was. While I was extremely attracted to him, I knew he didn’t feel the same way about me.

“Amir, hey,” I said as I pressed the button for the elevator.

“How are you, beautiful?” he asked as he leaned an arm against the wall beside where I was standing.

Somehow containing my joy inside, I smiled and replied, “I’m great. You?”

“I’m good. Hey, there’s something different about you. I don’t know what it is but…” He leaned in and sniffed around me before continuing, “…it’s noticeable.”

“I haven’t done anything different.” The elevator became available and we both stepped on. I pressed the button for our floor and when the doors closed, I looked at him and asked, “So, I didn’t hear the usual sounds coming from your apartment last night.”

He laughed a little and rubbed his nose as he explained, “I had some work to catch up on so I didn’t want company. However, I’m in the mood for some tonight.” He licked his lips and looked me up and down before asking, “You think you can help me out with that?”

“Amir, what are you suggesting?”

“You tell me. You’re the one that’s acting brand new today for a change.”

The elevator reached the sixth floor, our floor, and we stepped off together. As we walked down the hall towards our apartments, I asked him, “How am I acting brand new? You’re the one who usually says, ‘hi’ to me, and then goes on about his business.”

“I think you got that wrong. I always assume you’re too busy to kick it with me because you’re a careerwoman and everything.”

“Either way, I would understand why you wouldn’t want to do…whatever it is you’re suggesting.”

“Sascha, we’re both adults. We can be upfront about this.”

When we made it to our neighboring apartment doors, I stood by mine and stared into his eyes as I said, “You go first. Be upfront with me.”

“I think what’s different about you today is that you’re finally ready to admit there’s something between us. This sexual attraction is strong and I think it’s time that we do something about it.”

I truly felt like I was going to faint at that moment. I have no idea how I was able to stay on my feet and remain balanced as I looked into his big brown eyes. He took a step towards me, and that was when I became overwhelmed and had to grab onto his strong arm to keep my balance. I was horny, confused and dazed all at the same time. He was the first man to ever make me feel that way. Still, reality hit me and I began to wonder if it was wrong to believe in my soap formula. Was this all really happening or was I tripping? There was only one way to find out. I had to push it and see where it all could go.

“You’re right,” I told him as I continued to stare into those eyes. “You’re absolutely right, Amir. I am ready and I don’t have the lingering doubts I had before. But I don’t want this to be something you’d regret and then blame me for. I’ve been with men who aren’t used to being with a woman like me and –”

“Sascha, I’m not those men. I’m mature and I am secure in my manhood. When I’m attracted to a woman, it’s more than just physical. I would never limit myself to one type of woman because I know for a fact that if I do, I could miss out on the one woman that would change my life. So, how about you and I go on a date tonight?”

I laughed again as I said to him, “That’s not your style and you know it. No, I want you to come over to my apartment tonight at midnight with your camera.”

He flashed the cutest smile as he asked, “You want me to bring my camera?”

“Yes, because I want you to take some photos of me.”

“Damn, you do know me, huh?”

“I sure do. Oh, and one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I want you to be a good boy and come over in nothing but your underwear.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He leaned in and sniffed me again before moaning, “Mmm.”

I looked down and saw that his dick had gotten hard in his jeans. I smiled at him as I backed away to my door. I pulled out my keys and unlocked the door as he went over to his apartment. Once I was inside my apartment, I dropped my gym bag and purse to the floor and grabbed my chest. My heart was beating a million times per second. After pulling myself back together, I hurried into my bedroom to find the perfect thing to wear for my impromptu photoshoot.

Later that night, there was a knock on my door.

“Wow, you actually did it,” I said as I stared at him in my doorway. “Nice bulge, baby.”

“Damn, look at you,” he said as he stepped into my apartment. “That lingerie is sexy and fits you just right.” His dick began to get hard so he tried to cover it with his camera but he had too much dick for it to cover.

I giggled and told him, “Let’s go into my bedroom. I have a quilt covering the window to block out that bright streetlight from outside.”

He followed me into my bedroom and I stood by my bed as he prepared to begin taking photos of me. I got a good look at him from head to toe now that we were standing far from each other and I got turned on to the max. He had a beautiful body. I already knew that, but seeing it outside of clothes was a little overwhelming for me. I think I was messing with his creativity by the way I kept staring at him, because he kept trying to take photos from different angles but couldn’t get it right.

“This isn’t gonna work,” he said to me.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“The lighting in here isn’t working right with my camera. How is the lighting in your bathroom?”

“I’m not sure. We can go see.”

We stepped into my bathroom and that was when he finally began taking photos of me. He took a few of me standing by my shower and then motioned for me to begin taking off my lingerie. Normally, I would’ve been shy as fuck stripping down for a man I barely knew, but there was something about him that made me feel comfortable. Leaving only my heels on, I posed naked for him as he took more photos of me. Seeing his heavy bulge shift in his underwear every time he moved to get me from a different angle made my own dick grow harder and harder. He had me feeling so sexy and confident.

“Beautiful,” he said to me as he reviewed the shots on his camera’s screen.

“You’re not going to post these online or anything, are you?” I asked him.

“No. I have a form that I’ll give you saying these photos are only for my private collection and that if I post them, you can take me to court. I’ll sign them and you’ll sign them and then you’ll have a copy and I’ll have a copy. I’m professional about my shit, baby.” He laughed as he sat his camera down on my bathroom sink. “Now that your photoshoot is done, how about we shoot a porno without the camera?” He pulled his underwear off and his big dick flopped down.

He grabbed me by my waist and pulled me into him before hoisting me up a little and pressing his sexy lips to mine. The way he was passionately and aggressively kissing me turned me on so much that I almost fainted a few times in his strong arms. I hadn’t been kissed that passionately in a long time. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, he began kissing and sucking on my breasts while softly caressing my ass. Even though I felt like I was in heaven, I felt a surprising wave of guilt come over me.

“Amir, stop,” I said as I backed away from him.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” he asked. “I wasn’t too rough on your titties, was I?”

“No, it felt amazing. I can’t do this because…it’s wrong.”

“Huh? I don’t understand.”

“Amir, the only reason why you’re feeling the way you do about me is because I showered with a special soap that I created at the lab. Your attraction to me isn’t natural. It’s because of trial serum sixty-nine, the formula I put in the bar of soap I showered with today at the gym.”

He smiled as he asked, “Is this some kind of joke or something? I know you’re a chemist and everything but…”

“It’s not a joke. The moment I showered with that soap, men started hitting on me at the gym. Hell, even a woman complimented me on the scent. I can’t believe I let it go to my head. I can’t have sex with you because I know you really don’t want to have sex with me. You just think you do because of the scent.”

“Sascha, I can guarantee that my attraction to you isn’t because of some soap you used. Baby, if you don’t believe me then take a shower with me using a different soap and you’ll see that nothing will change.”

“I think it would be easier if we just forgot all about this.”

“If I’m wrong, then you won’t ever have to speak to me again after tonight. We’ve gone this far. Why not test out my theory?”

I thought about it for a second before reluctantly taking off my heels and turning on the shower water. We climbed inside and I picked up one of my name brand soaps that didn’t break me out or make my skin dry. We showered together and after it was over, we dried each other off and then went back into my bedroom. He sat down on my bed and I leaned against my dresser. I just knew I was right and when he was silent for a long period of time, I finally got fed up. I was about to tell him goodnight but then he stood up and dropped the towel that was around his waist to the floor. His big dick was rock hard and he had the biggest smile on his face.

“It’s not the soap, baby,” he said as he stepped towards me. “How could it have been when you made my dick hard the first day you moved into this apartment? That was way before you created…what was it, trial serum sixty-nine?”

Before I could even come up with another theory, he grabbed me and lifted me up onto his strong body. He pinned me up against my dresser and kissed me passionately again as he thrusted his hips into me. He then took me over to my bed and gently laid me down on my back before spreading my legs and kissing his way down from lips to my neck to my breasts to my navel and finally to my hard dick. Without any hesitation, he began sucking my dick and I could immediately tell it wasn’t his first time.

“Oh, baby,” I moaned as I clenched onto my sheets.

He sucked me nice and slow for a while before sucking me faster and taking more of my dick into his mouth and throat. Soon, he was deep-throating me without gagging once. He had my manicured toes curling up repeatedly by the way he was sucking my dick. As if sucking my dick wasn’t making me moan loud enough, he began kissing and licking my balls before pushing my legs back and licking on my asshole. I’d just gotten it waxed the day before so it was hypersensitive. He had me shaking and losing my mind each time he shoved his tongue deep inside it and then sucked on the rim of it with his full lips.

“Amir!” I shouted as I reached down and grabbed the back of his head.

He put his hand over mine and ate my ass aggressively. For the first time in my life, I felt like I was about to cum without touching my dick. As if he sensed he was pushing me over the edge, he stopped eating me and made me change positions with him. Now he was laying on his back and I was on top of him. I kissed him and licked on his nipples before moving down to his massive dick, which had to be over ten inches. I had to open my mouth wide to suck on it due to its thickness. He came up on his elbows and looked down at me as I sucked as much of his dick as I could, which was about halfway down the shaft. He had too much dick for me to suck down to the base, so I gagged on about half of it a few times before licking and sucking on his balls.

“Yeah, get freaky, baby,” he said to me with that deep voice of his. “I rarely get women who are willing to get as freaky as me.”

I knew exactly what he wanted me to do, so after licking on his balls for a while, I made him spread his legs more and pull them back a little for me. His tight asshole winked at me immediately and I wasted no time tasting it. The sound he made when my tongue first licked his asshole was so sexy that I couldn’t believe my ears. I rubbed his asshole a few times and he moaned each time it pulsated with my finger against it. I then went back to licking on it and got it wetter and wetter. I’d licked a man’s asshole a few times before but the experience was different with Amir. He seemed to be enjoying it way more than the men I’d done it for before. He had me thinking of doing more to him.

“You’ll get the chance,” he said with this big smile. “I’ve always wanted to but I gotta think on it some more, baby.”

“Believe it or not, I’ve never fucked a man before. Each guy I’ve been with either doesn’t clean his ass properly so I won’t go near it or when he does, he only lets me lick on it a little.”

“Well, like I told you earlier today, I’m not like most men. Now kiss me.”

I moved back up onto his big body and kissed him. We kissed and touched each other for a long period of time before I climbed off the bed and went into my closet to get some condoms and my lubricant. Luckily, I had two Magnum XL condoms left because the regular sized ones weren’t going to fit his dick. He licked my ass and I sucked his dick some more before he put on a condom and lubed his dick up with my lubricant. I put a considerable amount of the lubricant in my ass because I knew it would take more to prepare for him and that monster he was carrying between his legs.

“Tell me if it gets too uncomfortable,” he told me as he teased my tight opening with it. “You sure you don’t wanna ride me to get comfortable?”

“I trust you,” I told him.

He kissed me before putting his focus back on entering me missionary style. I caressed his chest and gently pinched his nipples as he began to push the head of his dick into me. I squeezed on his nipples harder and harder the more he pushed inside of me. The nipple play was obviously turning him on more because I could feel his dick throbbing hard as it entered me. He’d pause every few seconds so that my ass could adjust to his presence and then he’d continue making progress. It wasn’t long before he was starting a steady rhythm where he’d push about half of his dick into me and then pull back a little before pushing in deeper. Once I was comfortable and could tolerate the pain, he lowered himself onto me and I wrapped my arms around him.

“Yeah, hold onto me, baby,” he whispered in my ear.

I held onto him as he began to go deeper and deeper into me. It seemed like the deeper he went, the more pleasure I was starting to feel. He’d kiss me while pushing into me and I’d feel nothing but pleasure. Then he’d stroke me hard and I’d feel a mixture of pleasure and pain. The uncertainty of not knowing how my ass would react was sexy to me for some reason. It was like I had no idea what to expect each time he pulled back and then pushed into me. When I slid my hands down his lower back and grabbed his muscular ass, he fucked me harder and harder.

“Oh shit!” I hollered out. “Yes! Fuck me, daddy! Ah!”

I wanted to drive him as crazy as he was driving me, so I slid my fingers in between his ass cheeks and rubbed on his asshole. He fucked me even harder and for a few seconds, we both lost control of ourselves. He immediately pulled out of me and I thought he was about to cum because of how he was convulsing and moaning. I think he also thought he was going to cum because he snatched the condom off. When he didn’t cum, he picked up another condom and tore the wrapper before putting it on his dick. He put some lubricant on it and then climbed off the bed and went over to my computer chair and sat down. I climbed off the bed and went over to him and climbed up onto his lap. I grabbed his dick and positioned it under my ass before coming down on it slowly.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned as my wet asshole embraced his swollen dick.

He had this serious look on his face while I was beginning to ride him. Occasionally, he’d bite down on his bottom lip because my asshole would tighten up on his dick, but he mostly kept that serious look on his face. I wasn’t sure why he was making that face until he started grabbing me to slow me down. That was when I figured he was trying not to cum. Knowing that I had that kind of control over him made me drunk with sexual power. I started riding his dick faster and faster and when he tried to stop me, I grabbed his arms and fought hard to keep them at his sides. I rode his dick like crazy and pushed him over the edge.

“Fuck!” he hollered out. “Sascha!”

His body went crazy and he almost made me fall over so I had to wrap my arms around his neck. He was shaking and jumping and I could feel his cum filling up the condom inside me. I’d never made a man cum that hard before so I was feeling a newfound sense of sexual strength as he continued to convulse under me. It took him a good while to calm down from that orgasm, and when he did, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. He then held me as he stood up with his dick still deep inside me. He began fucking me again while standing up.

“Ooh, baby,” I moaned as I dug my nails into his back.

Keeping in place with one arm, he used the hand of his other arm to jack me off while he fucked me. I stared into his eyes and pressed my forehead to his as he brought me closer and closer to an orgasm. When his dick began to curve up into my ass at an odd angle, I think he tapped my prostate because I felt this huge amount of pressure building up inside me and then came this big orgasmic release. It was as if my asshole and my dick were teaming up to prove to me how real this experience was.

“Oh…my…God,” I managed to say as my dick squirted out these thick white shots of cum all over Amir’s abs.

My body tensed up and then relaxed on its own as I experienced this prolonged orgasm that had me on the verge of tapping out. I’d never had an orgasm last that long before in my life. His dick was still inside me and it was hard so my asshole was tightening on it. He was just grinning while I was trying to calm my body down from the intense orgasm he’d made me have. That shit had me ready to hit him because it felt so good.

“You think you’re so bad,” I said as I playfully hit his chest. “Boy, let me down!”

He let me down and laughed when I couldn’t stop my legs from shaking. He helped me over to my bed and joked, “I’ve had that effect on women before.”

“Fuck you.” I laughed and playfully hit him again.

He got down on his knees in front of me and told me, “Tell me what you want, Sascha. I want to give you anything you want.”

I thought about it for a second before smiling and telling him, “Cook me dinner tomorrow at your place.”

“Is that all?”

“Also, until we both get tested, buy some condoms because you just used my last two Magnums, you big-dicked freak.”

He laughed and then started kissing me again. We got up and took another shower together before climbing into my bed and cuddling up. He told me all about how he used to be ashamed of liking both cisgender women and transwomen before he found out his older brother liked both, too. I told him about how I grew up sheltered with a supportive family and went through a wild phase where I got tattoos in college because my best friend dared me to. I still wasn’t sure if my soap formula caused the breakthrough that I had with Amir, but I honestly didn’t care. Trial serum sixty-nine might have brought us together, but natural chemistry was going to handle the rest.

Written by D.A. Morrison

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  1. J.P
    October 05, 07:28 Reply

    Great job, D.A! Great job!!!

  2. JustJames
    October 05, 07:57 Reply

    Don’t know how to articulate this. Also unrelated to the post.. and it’s something I’ve noticed for a while among LGB people. when the topic of transexuals come up and a person is quick to talk about how willing they are to mash genitals with them or that’s their first port of call, there’s something off about it. I think it bothers on fetishizing them. Viewing them as their genitals instead of full people.

    This belief has been reinforced by something that happened recently. I told a guy about pose and how it had strong transexual leads and he went “I wouldn’t mind fucking a guy with a pussy.. I even hope to”.
    Further discussion revealed that he thought trans people were mad.
    An extreme.. but a food for thought for those interested.

    Also this story doesn’t seem to do that. The amir guy sounds like a great guy and hopefully Sascha and him get it on.

  3. Mandy
    October 05, 08:29 Reply

    This story just reminded me of Pose, and the scene between Elektra and her sugar daddy.
    Elektra wants to have transsexual surgery and she goes, “If you respect me so much, then why does it matter that it’s there?”
    And sugar daddy, Dick Ford replies, “It just does. I know what I like. But I can’t explain why my dick gets hard knowing that yours is there. All I know is that I want it in the room. Now maybe it’s because I like the feeling of knowing that I’m getting away with something that no one else knows about. I just want it there.”
    Such fetishization. Makes you wonder how many cis heterosexual men attracted to trans women are like so because they feel genuine attraction or because they experience this thrill of skirting around sexuality lines without leaving the comfort zone of their heterosexuality.

  4. Purple Jaguar
    October 05, 12:20 Reply

    I work mainly with Transmen and I’ve been asked out by a bunch of beautiful men. I want to do it but I don’t want to confuse myself further so i’ve resigned to just watching Jockpussy porn which by the way is the greatest shit ever to be caught on camera. This story comes close.

  5. Peaches
    October 05, 15:33 Reply

    I almost stopped reading at some point to jump into the comment section to beg you for that soap!. Omg!. I so did not want this story to end so bad that I scrolled down to the base of the page. I love❤❤❤.

  6. Jay Armstrong
    October 05, 23:13 Reply

    The way my brain rings “kito” these days is amazing. I was so sure those brothers from the gym were about to kito Sascha….

    That said, I feel quite unlucky to not have Trans friends.

    Anyhoo… I’m still waiting for my 10 inches long dicked husband cum along. ???

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