Kito Alert: Beware The Nigerian Trumper

Kito Alert: Beware The Nigerian Trumper

The results of the US elections are on everybody’s mind right now.

But first of all, let’s expose a little active homophobia that was recently brought to our attention.

In a Facebook group called Absu Trends, someone shared some screenshots of what looks like a gay man hitting on him.

And in the comments section, a Gabriel Austine suggested that the poster “invite the idiot and teach him a lesson” because apparently, “na our work (in)case you need us.”

Here is the exchange:

And here’s Gabriel Austine’s identity on Facebook:

He apparently is also a Trumper, which is frankly not surprising. Hate always migrates to hate.

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I have always believed that the worst kind of human being is the gay person who targets other gay people to make them victims of this hostile Nigerian gay clime.

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  1. Rexxy
    November 06, 02:08 Reply

    Community guys never learn….what kind of rubbish style is this…. Why is he pushing when he sees the guy is repulsed…nawa oh.. tomorrow he will cry foul

  2. Tristan
    November 09, 09:46 Reply

    Did you notice the comment from the gayest picture?

    • Jojo
      November 10, 10:49 Reply

      Hahaha I was hoping someone would mention it. The clownery!

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