I have always believed that the worst kind of human being is the gay person who targets other gay people to make them victims of this hostile Nigerian gay clime. It was recently brought to my attention that there’s a TWITTER ACCOUNT going by the handle @fags_teen (Twitter name: Teen fags) who updates on his timeline nude/semi nude photos of gay guys he has had interactions with.twit

He accompanies some of these posts with the caption: “We meet on Facebook, I ask for your nudes on WhatsApp, you send and I upload on Twitter. DEAL WITH IT. #GayNigeria”

Some of these photos have the faces of the owners on them. I don’t mean to dump on these victims, but seriously, why would anyone send out nude pictures of himself that has his face attached to it. Whatever happened to just dick pics or ass photos? There are all sorts of wicked people online, driven by motives we sometimes cannot fathom.

If you are on twitter, join those of us who already know about this guy in reporting his account so that Twitter will shut it down.

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  1. beejay
    October 02, 08:03 Reply

    The lengths some people will go just to get a little attention. Sick.

  2. Mandy
    October 02, 08:05 Reply

    Done! Reported him, that is.
    What kind of kick could he possibly be getting from this? Tufia!

  3. Ivory Child
    October 02, 08:08 Reply

    Some people are just unbelievable!!!!!! Just what does he stand to gain by exposing people’s nude photos ???……..that is why caution is paramount when meeting guys on hookup sites and social networks.

  4. Rapum
    October 02, 08:50 Reply

    Even if you send a faceless pic, he attaches your facebook info to the nude.

  5. bruno
    October 02, 09:07 Reply

    some of these dudes seem underage. that’s really horrible… this is ugly side of the ease of anonymity on the internet…

    i would advise that you don’t get comfortable with people you meet online until their identity is fully disclosed to you… a bbm pin and a couple of (fake) pictures is not enough. full disclosure is necessary for your own safety. check his facebook profile. see his school pics, his family photos. his personal instagram page. someone who discloses that is very unlikely to be a threat. don’t make do with faceless torsos and genitals. of course you can chat with anyone. but don’t give them sensitive and potentially incriminating information until you have a clear sense of who they are. stay safe.

  6. Delle
    October 02, 09:30 Reply

    The height of wickedness. When you see some pictures, you can’t help but have an inkling as to what their intentions are. From the name alone (teen FAGS??)

    Y’all on twitter should do something about this. And a nude photo via social media SHOULD NOT include your face!
    Obviously gay on the DL.

  7. ambivalentone
    October 02, 10:42 Reply

    Interesting. If he already tells you he’s gonna upload it on twitter AFTER u send in ur nudes, why is anyone crying? Isn’t that warning enough? For all we know, he could be selling these guys markets. I mean isnt that why we follow bwhung or lbozoo?

    • Pink Panther
      October 02, 11:25 Reply

      Uh, Ambivalentone, I don’t believe he tells them that’s what he’s going to do.

      • ambivalentone
        October 02, 12:14 Reply

        Because he blocked u? You don’t believe or u don’t know for certain? He seems pretty confident in what he is doing and the search for his handle turns up with at least a request for the contacts of his ‘models’. AND he hasn’t responded to the orders to take down the pics with an insult or his own threats (YET), common with dem kito-ers.

    • Pjay
      October 02, 13:59 Reply

      I was horrified at first but I saw this explanation and now I’m unable to shut my mouth out of utter disbelief. Ehen?

      • ambivalentone
        October 02, 15:07 Reply

        Why are u shocked? After bobrisky and his inspiring speech about making money and there obviously being a market where the needs of shameless older men meets young nubile bodies, I wouldn’t think you’d be surprised these children didn’t give permission to fags_teen to help sell their ‘market’.

        • Pink Panther
          October 02, 15:16 Reply

          Why? Who is doing this to you? How much further can your faith in humanity fall? Who has wounded so irreparably?

  8. IBK
    October 02, 11:04 Reply

    The fact that some of these people could be below legal age makes it more disturbing.

  9. Chuck
    October 02, 12:29 Reply

    Has anyone been able to identify the owner of the account?

    • Chuck
      October 02, 12:30 Reply

      Maybe use Trucaller on his whatsapp number

  10. Lorde
    October 02, 13:17 Reply

    Chai, n I knw this boy, indirectly anyways, really sad

  11. Mitch
    October 02, 14:16 Reply

    The little bitch says it’ll only take him 15 minutes to create a new twitter account so we can all deal with it. Kai!

    At times like this I wish I was a deity. By now he’ll be breathing through his arse. Uchu!

  12. Bain
    October 02, 15:58 Reply

    D uploader is probably a depressed soul…..and jobless too.

  13. Rohan
    October 02, 16:08 Reply

    This is one reason why I never do anything online (meeting people, dates and all) Funny enough someone I met in Paris 2015 who later became a friend is a victim as I saw his picture (tho he’s way down) while I checked the account some mins ago. I had to call him asap and he collapsed.
    Come on who wouldn’t. The main point is there are a lot of wolves seeking lgbt’s downfall, we have to keep raising the standards and be super careful. Lets not allow our desire for sensation cloud our cortex. My heart goes out to all the victims, what a mess?????

  14. Jide
    October 02, 17:19 Reply

    Does the avatar belong to the owner of the Account?

  15. sucrescalada
    October 02, 18:20 Reply

    The avatar is also a victim of this supposed madness! Cos i know that dude and i put a call to him and his been in distress since yesterday looking for a way to shut down the account

  16. Whitney
    October 02, 20:03 Reply

    Wait a minute….The person I’m seeing in the picture in this very post is Kel Dera… Is he the owner of the handle?

  17. esv.jay
    October 02, 22:21 Reply

    good for them! why would you send nudes to strangers in the first place! abeg this isnt kito alert biko! this is an alert for stupid guys!

  18. Pjay
    October 03, 00:21 Reply

    I’m tempted to accept Ambivalentone’s theory. One of the boys that I saw lying spread eagled on a bed, his genitals in full display for the whole world to see didn’t seem at all bothered when I took him up on it on Facebook. His real names and Facebook name were attached to the nude pictures of him. The way the fag teens guy talks sef is like a promotion, we meet on Facebook, I ask for ur nude on whatsapp, I upload it to Twitter until you get to where he says “deal with it”. Like a fucking psycho. That part tears Ambivalentone’s theory down.

  19. KingBey
    October 03, 03:11 Reply

    The account is still on but it seems he has modified it. There are no longer people’s names and some pictures have been removed.

  20. Emmanuel Benneth
    October 04, 07:50 Reply

    This is wickedness at its peak!!,fine and good,my pics are there too(but my sensitive organs not on display) yet to come over the shock,how did a pic my best friend snapped me while i was using the toilet years ago surface??..that pic was taken jokingly just to taunt me…I never took hold of the pics let alone thinking of uploading it..the other one is my recent pics which I took when I was still in Lagos and it’s not a nude pics(just a topless pic)..the guy u all think is the owner is not ..his my best friend am talking about,and from day one??he has never been a fan of Twitter let alone thinking of doing such evil..pls guys help us n report this account,I have gotten a whole lot of messages concerning this nonsense n am getting tired already..WE ARE JUST VICTIMS!!!!..

    • Mighty
      October 04, 10:33 Reply

      That means you know the owner of that Twitter account?

  21. Mighty
    October 04, 10:30 Reply

    The puppeteer of this charade at the end never finds peace with himself or herself, this is the kind of person who is mentally ill and needs attention.

  22. Gamai
    October 04, 13:44 Reply

    Is just so funny, um I think this particular person randomly picks pple picture, I just saw my frnds picture there melvyyne, Melvin Intentionally posted his own nude on Instagram which went viral on Twitter too. This should be a lesson to every one not to send nude fine even tho u wish to send to a stranger don’t give out Ur full information and let not Ur face pics not be included

  23. Brian Collins
    October 04, 20:07 Reply

    Pinky, I sent you a message about someone on grindr who is using my bestie’s lover’s pics to bait people in Nigeria and you didn’t not follow up. Why is this so? I sent that message so that something like this would be done after investigation.

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