Is There Any Reason That Makes It OK For A Gay Man to Victimize His Community?

Is There Any Reason That Makes It OK For A Gay Man to Victimize His Community?

In the years since we have been running these kito alerts, we have had a number of the named kito scum (those who are gay themselves) come into my inbox to protest their innocence, objecting that the hurts they cause others is based on their own unfortunate circumstances.

Desmond Gold has frequented the Kito Diaries social media DM to talk about how he victimizes gay people simply because (according to him) “gay people are wicked”. His claims are, without doubt, lies. But it is outrageous to me that because someone in the community maltreated you, you would then choose to carry a grudge against an entire community of people who did you no harm.

Even the infamous Emmanuel has come to my inbox to say that he is innocent of his kito reputation, as he is simply always in the wrong place at the wrong time. I didn’t even bother to engage with him; I simply blocked him.

Let us not also forget Kewve Rukky Max who came to talk about how he started kitoing gay guys because his brother was raped.

The excuses are ridiculous and endless.

Lately however, we have had two gay kito scum who said that the reason they lured community members to their victimization was because they themselves were in a hostage situation. In August last year, after he was exposed as kito scum, Chibuzo James was in the comments section protesting that the reason he lured the victim that reported him was because he too was held hostage in the hotel room and told to call another gay person before he will be let go.

More recently, Kamsi Edmond has been in my inbox to, more or less, use the same defense. Even though it sounded ridiculous, he reasoned that he couldn’t be kito scum because he was used by the kito gang to do their bidding, due to what they had over his head.

I don’t believe him. I think he’s a liar who cannot handle his kito infamy.

But that’s just me. What do you think? Check out our exchange below.

What do y’all think? Is there any reason that makes it forgivable for a community member to set up his fellow gay men?

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  1. Precious Oraz
    August 09, 15:34 Reply

    If you’re being held hostage and your only way out is to be used as an instrument to inflict torture on other members of your community, choose death!!! Let them kill you there! I do not say this out of cruelty, but from a place of understanding that my life is expendable where the safety and security of other members of my community are is involved.

    So, no! There is no reason. There can be no excuse. If they used you once, who is to say they will not come to you again and you would still succumb to their threats, however real or fake they are?

  2. FRED
    August 09, 15:37 Reply

    Once anyone is in a hostage situation, that person ought to do their best so that no one else would get victimised by scums of the earth. So they had leverage! If you give in to their demands, do you think they will honour their word because ‘honour’ is their motto? These filths of yhe earth NEVER STOP! They’ll keep on going.
    And let me talk about SOCIAL CAPITAL. TRUST is not easy to earn again from people you’ve disappointed by giving them up as ransom. I keep hearing stories of how policemen keep on using gays to nab other gays, and you think they’ll stop?
    There is absolutely no reason to do anyone harm just so you can get temporary freedom. Save people. Be of social value and end these endless threads of threat yo peaceful coexistence and liberty.

    And to the scums, especially the one targeting gays because his brother got raped. He who lives by thr sword, dies by the sword.

    And as a side note, we need to take these KITO ALERTS very seriously. The people bringing them to us aren’t idle minds. They’re not out to bring anyone to disrepute for no reason. Value their submissions and avoid putting yourself in harm’s way so we don’t mourn and just feel bad over an injury to a community member.

    Finally, o sincerely appreciate KD FAMILY for going out of their way to rid our community of these sociopaths.

  3. Yusuf
    August 09, 17:12 Reply

    I don’t know honestly. I’ve never been in such a sticky situation. And nothing excuses victimizing members of your own community or any other community for that matter. That being said…at the moment, I guard my closet doors and don’t know how far I’ll go to protect it. If this guy’s got the kind of relationship I have with my Mom…mehn I don’t know…A lot of conflicting emotions come into play here. If what he’s saying is true, then he’s a victim, a silly, stupid one, but still a victim.

  4. Legalkoboko
    August 09, 19:40 Reply

    Every criminal that has walked the face of this earth has had one excuse or the other to justify their crimes.

    Most of those excuses are jejun or downright stupid.
    But some of them are quite persuasive and reasonable.

    But these things are what they are: excuses!
    They don’t make their actions less criminal.

    If I decide to buy a gun and start shooting these kito scums and then justify my actions by stating how objectionable I find their crimes, will that make me less a murderer?

    As you said, these kito scums should learn how to handle their kito infamy without these unacceptable protestations of innocence.

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