This is quite the graphic narrative, a walk down memory lane by a new Kito-Diaries-ian, Brandon Rock. Like I said, it’s real and its graphic, a cautionary foreword for readers with delicate sensibilities. Otherwise, read and . . . well, enjoy. Lol.


During my senior secondary school days, I always joined my landlord’s kids to school in their car because they passed through the route to my school, and that was a great convenience. It was also a slight inconvenience because since they always woke up early in order to beat the usual morning traffic congestion in the city of Port Harcourt, I had to wake up early too.

On this fateful morning, I woke up unusually early. I was dressed up for school and was idling away. I knew my landlord’s children wouldn’t be ready at the time; I however decided to go wait for them outside their bungalow until they were ready to leave.

It was about a few minutes past 5am when I got into their compound. The compound was dead quiet and empty, except for Akpan, one of their drivers, who was washing the car. I’d seen Akpan regularly and never took any interest in him.

Until that morning.

He usually wore a free-flowing tunic during the daytime, and one could guess he was a broad man from his height and the expanse of his shoulders. Akpan looked to be in his 40s, a very quiet and polite man. He was regular in terms of looks, but his stocky build, dark skin and full beard made him look like a man of character.

That morning, when I saw him, I developed chills. And that had nothing to do with the cold of the early morning. He was clad only in white boxers, one that was loosely fitting and wet from his washing of the car. As such, the entire shape of his mammoth cock was visible. His legs looked like the bark of an oak tree in a rain forest. Thick, strong and covered with hairs. His chest was broad and sculptured. Dark and richly sprinkled with hair.

How in heaven did I have such a god around and didn’t notice him? I asked myself. I couldn’t take my eyes off the bold imprint of his cock against his boxers. Even with the morning chill and the cold splash of water, his dick didn’t look shrunken.

I walked closer to him, greeted him and asked if I could help him refill the bucket he was using to wash the car. He smiled and said I shouldn’t bother, that I might soil my uniform. I said it wouldn’t matter and I took the bucket and walked to the tap. I could hear his voice after me, saying, ‘God bless you, sir.’ I smiled to myself and thought, Indeed, He blessed me when He let me see you in this state this morning.

Throughout that day in class, I couldn’t concentrate. I had to go to the school toilet to jack off just to be able to think properly. I was determined to forge an acquaintance with Akpan, and when I made up my mind to do that, there was no stopping me. I started trying to spend time with him, extending small gestures of kindness in the process. I bought a new set of coloured boxer shorts for him and told him I didn’t like the one he wore that morning, because it was old. That was true; I also didn’t like it because I didn’t want anyone seeing his package the way I saw it that morning. Occasionally, I would give him some money, buy him some pastries and small items of clothing. Each time I showed him kindness, he would say ‘Thank you’ in the humblest voice I’d ever heard, all the time without making eye contact. I suspected that he was either a stranger to love and care, or had been hurt in the past.

We developed a good but tentative friendship; it was cordial, and he seemed to appreciate it nearly as much as I did.

During one of those periods of fuel scarcity and consequent hike of the price, he was instructed by his boss, my landlord, to go and queue up for fuel. It was a chore most road users were familiar with. Waiting endless hours in line just to be sold fuel. On this particular evening, my mother had travelled and I was home alone, so I decided to take a stroll. That was when I saw him drive towards me. I asked him where he was headed, and he told me he was going to queue for fuel for the night. This was about 8pm, and I knew he could end up coming back the next day if he was lucky to be sold fuel. Feeling my heart begin a small palpitation, I asked if I could join him. He acquiesced. I got into the car and we drove off to the filling station.

As expected, the line was endless. We drove behind one car and he killed the engine. We began talking and sharing personal experiences. He told me about his wife leaving him, and taking their two children with her, because of his penury and inability to take proper care of them. His wife was remarried. And his trust for womenfolk was damaged.

All through our conversation, I battled a hard-on. The day was far spent. The weather was cool, and a drizzle had started outside. I reclined on my seat, and he did the same, taking off his shirt in the process. We continued talking, but I simply couldn’t take my eyes off his hairy chest. The chest hair looked lovely and grass like, not spongy and rough. I complimented him and asked if I could touch the hair. He chuckled and said something about me being a man like him, and how it was not a big deal. I started touching his chest, feather-like touches that I knew he enjoyed because he told me it was such a sweet touch he could be tempted to sleep off.

Because it was dark, I wasn’t very sure if my eyes saw a bulge in his crotch, or whether it was my imagination. I had to know for sure. So I asked him if he was wearing one of the boxers I got him. He said yes. I asked if he actually threw away the old white one I saw him in the other morning. He said he did that a long time. With a jocular tone, I asked if I could see which one he was presently wearing. He pulled at the top of the underwear over his trousers to show me. I reached out my hand to touch the fabric, and in the process, I casually extended my last finger toward his crotch to confirm if he had an erection. He did! My finger touched what felt like steel. My mouth went dry and my heart began to beat faster. Still, I didn’t have the courage to start fondling the erection; I didn’t want to risk offending him. But I kept my hand on the boxer while I talked about choosing the fabric and the boxers. Precum was already oozing from my swollen dick. Suddenly he said he wanted to ease himself, and asked me to remain in the car to ward off miscreants. I wished I could follow him in order to spy his swollen dick while he urinated.

When Akpan finally came back, I noticed the bulge was gone. I felt a slight tug of disappointment. He didn’t sit down inside the car for a while; rather he walked forward, looking for how to get fuel. A few hours passed before we had to buy from the black market. And then, we were on our way home.

It wasn’t long before people around began to notice my closeness with Akpan, especially his peer group, which consisted of the gate man of my compound and that of the landlord, as well as his three other drivers. At times, once they saw me coming, they’d call out his name and say his “smallie” was around. This jesting usually made me shy.

And then came the weekend when my mother traveled to the village to see her mother. Again, I was home alone. I had just finished my laundry and was hanging my clothes out to dry in the backyard, when I heard Akpan’s voice lifted in loud laughter with the gateman of my compound. I heard him ask if I was home, and I felt a rush of intense pleasure. I had tied one of my long sleeved shirts round my waist and was naked underneath, seeing as there was no one home and I was sweating excessively from the laundry. I called out to him from the backyard because I couldn’t come out to the front with just a shirt around my waist, and also because I didn’t want him to bother knocking at the front door. He came around the house with a huge smile on his face. The rush of pleasure I felt intensified so much I had to struggle to tamp it down. I raised my right hand high in a hand shake gesture, and he slapped it gently away, pulling me into a quick hug instead. His chest was solid as brick and his grip was fierce. And I heard the roar of my heartbeat at such proximity sound in my ears. Oh my God, what a man…

We talked a bit, with him enquiring about my mother’s whereabouts and me asking him about the trip he took with his oga, the landlord. He’d taken the man and his family out of town, and come back to Port Harcourt without them. He mentioned he was on an errand to the mechanic, and would endeavour to come back around when he was done. As he left, my heart began to race. I was so excited. My mum wasn’t home, as was his boss. We both had our free time and I had to make the best use of it.

I waited outside the gate of my compound for what seemed like eternity. I wanted to see Akpan come back; I couldn’t wait for him to check up on me. When it began raining and the lights went out, I had to go back inside the house. Due to the fatigue from my washing, I dozed off. By the time I woke up, it was very late, a few minutes to 10pm. Goodness! How would I get hold of Akpan? I quickly dressed up and headed for the gate. As I approached, I could hear a group of men laughing. Obviously it was Akpan’s clique, doing some male gossip. I earnestly prayed Akpan would be outside with them as I approached the gate. He was. He was the first person I saw when I got to the men. When he saw me, he called out my name, and asked jocularly if I’d been with a woman inside all this time the electricity had been off. Everyone laughed. My gateman responded that no female had ever come to look for me, that I was a good boy. Akpan said it was a wise man who would avoid women because they were dangerous. And just like that, the talk centred on women and all the ways they had hurt mankind. The men began sharing their sexual escapades with the different women in their lives. It was the kind of talk that bored me, and I wanted to go back in. I however couldn’t because my Akpan was still outside. At about 11pm, they all began to disperse, leaving just me, Akpan and my landlord’s gateman on the wooden bench.

When Akpan asked the gateman if they pumped water into the tank – because he wanted to bathe – the gateman replied that the landlord’s wife locked the pumping machine and left with the key. That meant there would be no water in the tank until the family returned. What he, the gateman, had kept for himself was in fact water from the rain that fell. Both men grumbled about the apparent wickedness of their mistress for a few moments, before the gateman decided to retire.

Akpan was visibly miserable. He complained some more about the ills of being the help, especially to the landlord. He talked about how he had to share the tiny space of the boys’ quarters with the other three men that were in the landlord’s employ. I was aghast. I knew just how small the boys’ quarters accommodation was. And with four men occupying the room, the living condition would be nightmarish. I felt empathy for him as he continued complaining about his lot in life. I opened my left hand to him and looked at him. He looked at my hand and took it in his. ‘You will be fine someday, trust God,’ I said consolingly. ‘Amen,’ he replied.

It was really late then. I told him to come with me. He refused. I cajoled him, promising him a good bath and a decent meal. He thought for a while and conceded, sparing a few seconds to go inform the gateman of his compound to lock up, before he returned and walked with me into my house.

Inside the house, Akpan sat on the sofa and I went to put on the generator and microwaved a plate of jollof rice and goat meat for him. And when the meal was done, I brought it out to the dining room, along with a glass of cold water and a bottle of chilled beer. I was thrilled to be serving him, felt some kind of good, dutiful housewife, catering to the needs of her man.

I called him to the dining room. He seemed pleasantly surprised by what I laid out for him. When he asked about my own food and I told him I was fine, he demanded I bring an extra spoon and join him. I jokingly said I had put a love potion into the food so he that he would love me. He laughed at that, saying that it would be a waste of time, and if I was a woman, he wouldn’t have minded. Oh, but I was determined to change all that. We ate together, bantering as we ate and sweating from the humidity. I could see he needed a bath, so after I cleared out the table, I went to run the water for his bath.

When it was ready, I called him to the bathroom. He was pleased by my enduring gesture of kindness, and said so. This time, he added that he wished I was a woman.

Why, I said.

Because you know how to show good loving, he replied.

Does it really matter if I’m not a woman, I asked. Besides, what can a woman do that a man can’t do besides giving birth, I wanted to know.

A woman has a hole, he said with a chuckle.

Without thinking, I replied, ‘And so do I.’

At that, he turned to stare quizzically at me. What do you mean, he asked. How come? Where is the hole?

For some reason, the questions and his dubious expression made me feel both hurt and annoyance. And they showed on my face. I got up from the seat to leave. He hastily held my hand. He asked me where I was going to. I replied curtly, told him to go and meet a woman with a hole. He smiled indulgently at me and told me not to be angry. I pouted a bit, and asked him once more to go have his bath. Certain that he had offended me, he apologized. Unwilling to ruin the night, I accepted the apology and added cheekily that I would love to join him in the bathroom.

Or would you like a woman instead, I added.

I want my madam to join me, he replied with a pointed glance at me and a chuckle.

That pleased me very much.

In the bathroom, it wasn’t long before he shed his clothes. Seeing him stark naked was a sight to behold. It dried up my mouth and made me fight for breath. I tried to will down the erection I could feel coming. Oh God…!

We got into the bathtub, and he soon began sponging himself. Vigorously. I told him to slow down. I took the sponge from him and started washing his body, feeling my body tremble with each contact my soapy hands made with his body.

What is wrong with you, he suddenly asked.

What do you mean, I replied.

Wetin be this, he said, looking down. I followed his stare to my dick, feeling no small amount of mortification when I saw that I was fully erect.

He poked at my erection with a finger, and asked why I was turned on.

Maybe it’s because I love you, I said, holding my breath.

There was an awkward pause. He said nothing in response. I apologized and started washing myself. He asked to wash me as I’d done him. So I passed the sponge to him and turned my back to him. I felt him pour water on me. I felt the sponge on me. I felt his fingers dig into my skin. He complimented my skin, said it was lovely. I thanked him, but I didn’t hear him. I was trembling, faint with desire. My dick was straining forward, throbbing so hard I felt like I was going to cum any moment.

Your body is moving me, I heard him suddenly murmur.

His voice was thick, the tone uncertain and suggestive at the same time. And it prompted me to turn around to face him.

Lord Almighty!

He was hard. Rock hard! That dick of his that I’d always fantasized about was swollen and jutting out at me. It was begging to be touched. I looked at him. He chuckled self consciously. That was all the encouragement I needed. I touched him. I held his dick. I gripped his dick with my fingers, and they couldn’t get entirely around the shaft. He was that enormous.

He gave another self conscious chuckle, and said he knew it was too big, and that his ex wife had hated having sex with him. He added that no man had a hole to accommodate his dick.

What is he – a learner?

I quickly knelt before him, and stared closely, reverently at that dick. It was so beautiful and yet it was ugly. There was a network of veins all over its length. With each touch from my fingers, it throbbed and jerked spasmodically. My mouth watered. I placed my lips against the tip and kissed it. He told me in a husky voice to stop. But we both knew better. There was no stopping me, no stopping us now.

I lovingly kissed the knob again, before taking the thick shaft, inch after inch, down my throat. He exhaled. I reached my hands up to his hairy chest, and ran my hands all over the solid wall. And then down to his groins. His balls were big and a handful. I sucked on them slowly. I caressed his dick which was moist with my saliva and his precum. I stood up and held him close. He held me too, and our lips met. The kiss was deep and passionate, and filled with promises. He kissed me, not just because of the pleasure he got from it, but because he felt something. I sucked his nipples, armpits, every single place my tongue and mouth could find on his body. His body quivered as I invaded his body with my kisses. At some point, I wondered if he was crying, because I heard the occasional muted sniffs coming from him. Or perhaps he was sniffing away the wetness from our bath getting into his nose. I didn’t care. I wanted him. BAD!

He held me and he kissed me too. His hands were all over my body, roughly grabbing at my skin as if to rip my body apart. His hands ran down my ass crack gently and instinctively I turned around. He began squeezing my chest as if I had breasts. Our bodies were still wet and slippery, and so was my ass crack. I reached for his dick and rubbed it against my ass crack. He moaned. I moaned. He must have had a lot of precum, because the knob of his dick was excessively moist. I caught a glimpse of our reflection in the bathroom mirror just then, and it was a sight to behold. A slenderly-built, light-skinned guy pressed up against a powerfully-built, dark-skinned man. It was a sight I welcomed.

It felt right.

And I told him so. When he asked me, in a hesitant voice, if I was sure this was right, if I wanted it, I nodded, and said yes.

Just go slowly, baby, please, slowly, I told him.

Akpan leaned back and opened my butt cheeks with his two hands so that his dick was well-aimed at the target that was my ass hole. Bright sparks shot through my head and rivulets of sweet pain surged inside me as he began going inside. Cold rushes darted up my spine to my brain. His dick was going inside. That majestic monster was making its entrance. I could feel my rectum parting. I began squeezing and releasing my sphincter to relax the muscles. As my ass stretched, I bit my lower lip and took in a deep breath. I had to see this through. I couldn’t give up now. I suspected that if I did, Akpan would never attempt it again. To make this work – to convert him – I would have to please him very well, and take nothing back.

After what seemed like eternity, I finally felt his thick pubic hair on my ass, and his chest hair on my back. He was all inside.

Oh baby, I love you, he said to me. You are mine, he continued. Can you feel me inside?

I replied with a moan. I was totally occupied. I felt like I’d swallowed a truck. My stomach was full. Slowly he drove out and then back inside. Gently and lovingly. He held me tight, ran his hands over me. And then he asked me if he could cum. I turned my head to meet his and kissed him passionately. That was my answer. He removed his lips from mine and leaned back again. He parted my ass cheeks to see his dick inside my ass. He began fucking me hard. On the mirror, I could see the frown of concentration on his face. His large hands reached for my shoulders and he grunted, ‘Take it now, baby.’ And with a powerful thrust that had me stifling a scream of both agony and pleasure, I felt his dick pulsate in my ass. He grunted and held me tightly, his body jerking as he shot his load inside me. We stood like that for a long moment, until his body was still. And then he ground his dick deeper inside my ass, apparently loving the feeling of his cum inside my ass.

You are more than a woman, he murmured with a chuckle against my ear. And we both laughed softly at that.

After rinsing and drying our bodies, we went into my room. I could tell he still wasn’t comfortable with what had just happened.

Will God be angry with us, he wanted to know.

God wants to grant our heart desires, and I don’t see anything wrong if our heart desire is to be loved and give love, I said reassuringly as I hugged him from behind. He held my hand as I added, Besides what we did was express what we feel for each other.

He nodded slowly, letting the weight of my words sink into his mind. He apologized for penetrating me, and said he hoped he hadn’t injured me. I felt very sore down there, but there was no way I was going to tell him that. Instead I kissed him and asked him if he really enjoyed been inside me. He admitted that it was a new and very sweet experience for him. He grabbed my body and pulled me close to him. Then he kissed me, and then went for my nipples and sucked on them. I moaned and twitched, because he kept biting them.

Somehow, through the haze of my desire, I remembered I had to lock up the doors. I excused myself, but before I left the room, I put on the DVD player in my room and pressed play. There was a macho fucker DVD inside the machine and I had to make Akpan comfortable with what I hoped was going to be his new sexuality. By the time I came back into the room, it was too meet an expression of stunned disbelief on his face. He obviously couldn’t believe such porn existed. He had lots of questions for me. Was this real? Was it film trick? What enjoyment did they get from it? Was it sweet? On the TV screen was a muscular black man going at the ass of a white boy with his tongue and mouth; the boy was moaning into a pillow. I loved that. And I told Akpan.

After a few minutes, he turned off the TV and told me I shouldn’t corrupt him. When he said that he didn’t like watching such, I thought it was because it was gay porn. But then he said that he felt sex should be respected, and not be videoed. He didn’t like straight porn either. I understood his sentiments.

Thereafter, I turned off the generator and opened the windows. I got into bed with him, and the entire room was flooded with the silver light of the moon. I was content. I was still horny too. So I kissed him again, caressing him as I did. I went down to his crotch; he was hard again, and the dick smelled of soap. I licked it. And I swallowed it. And I sucked it. He began breathing heavily as I sucked his balls. My tongue followed the trail that ran to his ass hole and then I found the spot. It was so tiny. I began to tongue his ass hole as I lovingly wanked his dick. He arched his back and opened his legs wider. His ass was hairy and I lavished it with affection from my mouth.

After some minutes, he pulled me up and held me to his chest. How many people have you done this with, he wanted to know.

Does it matter, I replied.

He let go of me and sat up on the bed.

Why are you acting up, I said exasperatedly. Did I ask you how many women you have had sex with or how many times you fucked your wife? Good night!

I turned on my side on the bed and faced the wall away from him. Moments after, I felt his hands on me. He gently turned me around. He began apologizing. He professed his love for me. He kissed me. His lips traveled down to my nipples; he sucked them. He was rough, biting and squeezing my soft skin. He sucked my dick too, and his hands ran all over my thighs. His fingers found my ass hole which was yet to fully contract after receiving his massive dick. He positioned himself by kneeling at one end of the bed and dragged me till my waist was down there, facing him. Lifting my leg, he murmured, ‘I love your hole, baby…I love it…’ And I felt his warm tongue slide inside my ass hole. It dug deep inside. And he sucked on it. I squirmed and moaned. He came up to me and kissed me roughly. And then, he started penetrating me. I felt my hole stretch again, and I winced with some pain. His thrust was fierce. I wasn’t lubricated and the penetration hurt. He thrust hard a few times, before withdrawing his dick and turning me on my stomach. He lifted my bottom to his face, and his tongue went in again. With each stroke of his tongue, he moaned his pleasure. I could feel so much saliva fill my ass hole as he tongue-fucked me. Flipping me to my back, he came on top of me, lifted my legs to his shoulders and started stuffing my ass with his rock-hard dick. I grabbed him tight. He started fucking me. Taking full control of me. Pressing his dick so hard inside me, it felt as though he was on a mission to give me pleasure I would never get from anyone else.

He pounded me hard. It hurt. But I welcomed the pain. I welcomed the pleasure too. I wanted this. I wanted this man. And he wanted me too, because he gasped promises as he hammered away at me. Promises to be mine. Promises to make me his.

He went at me like a wild dog. I felt as though I was going to faint…his dick was too big. I tried pushing gently at his waist, hoping he would understand that he needed to slow down. He didn’t slow down. He pounded until he gave one final growl and slumped over me as he ejaculated. Our bodies were slick with sweat, and our breathing came heavily. He held me to him and mumbled, ‘You will kill me.’

I smiled with deep pleasure at that. Of course, I wouldn’t kill him. I simply wanted him to keep doing this to me over and over again.

Do you know you have not released, he suddenly said.

Yes, but I’m here to please you, I replied.

No, no, no…you have to release. Tell me what I should do. He was adamant.

I told him to wank me and suck my nipples. He did this, and gradually, the onrush of semen built momentum inside my groin. I stiffened and stretched my legs out as the momentum traveled up the length of my dick. And a moment later, I was shooting out my load, groaning with pleasure as I did that. I was dazed and struggling to breathe. And I was far spent, in a good way. Akpan pulled me into his arms, asked me if I loved him, and when I said yes, we finally succumbed to sleep.

That was how my love affair with Akpan started. We carried on with our sexual relationship, getting together for passionate hook-ups whenever we got the chance. He became quite possessive and over-sexed. My ass really needed a break from his numerous and enthusiastic fucking. He was obsessed and besotted with me. It felt comforting, to have him feel so passionately about me.

My parents were divorced and didn’t live in the same state. Even though I stayed with my mother, occasionally, I visited my father. And when I finished my exams for that term, I travelled to stay for some time with my father.

Two weeks later, I was back. I didn’t seen Akpan for some time after I returned, which was unusual. I asked after him, and learned that the landlord’s wife accused him of something heinous, which resulted in him getting fired. From what I gathered from the rumour mill, she’d been interested in him sexually. And he rebuffed her advances. A modern version of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife’s story. Following the termination of his employment, he returned to his village.

The news saddened me. For months, I was very depressed. I couldn’t reach him, and slowly, I realized that the goodbye I said to him before I left for my father’s house was the last I would ever see him. I prayed then, as I still do, that he will find love and success wherever he is, because he is someone who deserves it.

Written by Brandon Rock

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      Lol. CeeCee, I don’t think this was fiction. The guy, upon submission of the story, told me it was a real-life encounter.

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  17. sergilas
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    OMG!!! This is damn hot. #I can relate…

  18. Dee
    March 08, 09:14 Reply

    Oh my Akpan …. Where re thou???

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