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  1. Gad
    January 16, 03:52 Reply

    Let me consult my diary

    • Pete
      January 16, 04:37 Reply

      Gad you have a diary?

      • Gad
        January 16, 11:46 Reply

        Not exactly. You can call it a diary plus or a library of sorts. Therein are names of guys already shagged and those yet to be shagged . You are advises to emulate this practice. Use an asterisks to differentiate guys already laid and the potential shaggs for accountability. *** takes cover***

      • Pete
        January 16, 11:59 Reply

        I basically have 5 guys cos they offer different flavours. No need to add more. Thanks though

    • Khristopher B!
      January 16, 07:23 Reply

      20…. Just kidding about 30…lolxxx. I wish! Mine should be about 7, wanking n imaginary sex buddys inclusive °evil grin°

        • Gad
          January 16, 20:11 Reply

          How does ones sex life affect his carrier prospects?

    January 16, 03:56 Reply

    O lord!!!! Where do I start from…. will get back

    • Lord II
      January 16, 12:46 Reply

      Ehm….did somebody call my name???? Yes can I help u…..heheheh am sure I can

  3. MacArdry
    January 16, 04:58 Reply

    Same one I’ll be sleeping with through this year,things working out as they should

  4. simba
    January 16, 05:32 Reply

    No am not here, am passing by… keeping my lips sealed

  5. lluvmua
    January 16, 05:54 Reply

    I think so ….. *confused* or am I wrong???? *scratch head*

  6. Peak
    January 16, 06:12 Reply

    2 incision
    3 frisking/pat-downs
    Not bad 4 my debut year. No?

  7. McGray
    January 16, 06:23 Reply

    Na two oo to be frank. Pinky i hear say someone dey die for Chesnut, hmmmm, i dnt knw if na true but….. Anyhoo, nsogbu adiro. But if dem kontinu dying in dis rum who go dey comment?? DM pls any tea for McGray??
    P.S anyone schooling in UniAbuja here? Pls lemme knw

    • Gad
      January 16, 13:15 Reply

      Are you the Dean of students, affairs? **justasking**

  8. Chizzie
    January 16, 06:27 Reply

    2014 was the Year of the Cock for me…I’ll just leave it as that.

    • Mitch
      January 16, 07:30 Reply

      OMG! Chizzie, you’s a bad, bad, BAD boy.

  9. jamie
    January 16, 06:35 Reply

    Two. One was my date, though we ain’t together now cos of some issues… I had the other cos I got so lonely that I had to do something early enough…lol

  10. Dennis Macauley
    January 16, 06:46 Reply

    PP wants to koba person this morning!

    I suddenly have amnesia!

    ***straight face***

    • Mitch
      January 16, 07:37 Reply

      Dennis! You’d better vindicate yourself before the Missus comes on. #So waiting for the list. *bats eyelashes and sips coffee*

    • Max
      January 16, 08:24 Reply

      Dennis!!! This was supposed to be easy for you.. Damn!! ..

      • Dennis Macauley
        January 16, 08:37 Reply

        Chill guys! Amnesia is a real medical condition!

        Check it up!

        ***dials sensei for treatment***

    • Lord II
      January 16, 13:07 Reply

      Indeed Dennis indeed but we know or we can guess jo….what with all the ‘helps’ that you do to the pipo that use your place!!!

  11. Mercury
    January 16, 07:23 Reply

    55……I have a very good memory and I never forget a shag. 2014 was crazy.

    • Mercury
      January 16, 09:52 Reply

      Uhhhh!!!! Protection was used…..besides done the HIV test already….all is well…….but come ooo, una dey judge me?, better park well oooo, I can actually remember everyone I was with in 2014, unlike some people here that’ll be saying 5, 10,15 cos they actually can’t remember the actual figures.

      • MacArdry
        January 16, 15:43 Reply

        Not judging any……….protection do fail.
        A quarterly test,spread over a nine month period be ideal.

      • Mercury
        January 16, 16:48 Reply

        Taaaaa!!!!, that has nothing to do with this mbok……kpong mkpo ado….Lol.

  12. Dennis Macauley
    January 16, 07:28 Reply

    Who has seen Lord biko?

    I want to know his body count for 2014


    • chestnut
      January 16, 08:14 Reply

      Why me,Dennis? Mind ya sef o! I have a jar of moisturiser,and I’m not afraid to use it…hehe

  13. Ace
    January 16, 07:42 Reply

    Lol… my 2014 was my year of sexual discovery and experimentation (Someone print me a sticker. Lol). It was like someone or something opened the doors of my reservations. Though i mainly only romanced, all i can say is if i count on one hand, I’ll still have some fingers left. But it was worth it.

    • trystham
      January 16, 08:27 Reply

      Sexual experimentation and discovery??? *slam pastes “WHORE” on Ace’s back*

      • Ace
        January 16, 14:56 Reply

        Hahahhahahahahahha. Whore? Hahahahhahahahahahaha ok.

  14. Vhar.
    January 16, 08:04 Reply

    Rude… Where the hell are you?!

  15. KyrxxX
    January 16, 08:10 Reply

    I was a good boy throughout 2014…………….



  16. chestnut
    January 16, 08:11 Reply

    Choi! Everyone is saying ‘one’, ‘two’, ‘three’…I was expecting to see 10, 12, 24… Now I feel like such a slut! *flees*

    • Mercury
      January 16, 09:55 Reply

      Love u honey, u don’t have to feel like a slut, u know they’re all lying right.

  17. Khaleesi
    January 16, 08:20 Reply

    One person for most of 2014 … then we hit a rough patch in the last quarter of the year and then about 5 others

    • Max
      January 16, 08:26 Reply

      Oh dear… ***hands over face

  18. Cj Parker
    January 16, 08:28 Reply

    2014 for me waz one of d dullest yr in my sex life just 1ce d rest time waz wanking tinz I pray dis 2015 will be better…

  19. JustJames
    January 16, 08:36 Reply

    I just did a mental count and I’ll approximate it to 15… turns out I’m not as bad as I thought I was. *pats self on the back*

  20. Absalom
    January 16, 09:10 Reply

    5 times. 3 people. 4 make-out sessions.

  21. Pete
    January 16, 09:32 Reply

    And here I was thinking all of you are paragons of faithfulness who stick to one guy

    • Gad
      January 16, 19:10 Reply

      My Jammie is ever faithful.

  22. Paul
    January 16, 10:11 Reply

    Against my plans for 0 in 2014.

  23. Handsomely Inclined
    January 16, 10:28 Reply

    @pinky.,,,its not fair…you excluded some of us from commenting…..

    For being partial,you won’t make heaven…lol

  24. Handsomely Inclined
    January 16, 10:30 Reply

    Absalom,please forgive me,I am not very clever,lol…..but what’s make out session?

    • Absalom
      January 16, 12:47 Reply

      Handsomely Inclined, kissing and groping.

  25. Lord II
    January 16, 10:45 Reply

    Er….. are we counting?….heck I can’t even remember how many since the new year…..hehehheheh

  26. Bobby
    January 16, 11:26 Reply

    I practiced celibacy throughout 2014 after i parted ways with my guy on d 18th of December 2013

  27. Dom
    January 16, 12:25 Reply

    Then again you have to ask, do you remember/know the names of all the guys you slept with in 2014?

      • Gad
        January 16, 19:47 Reply

        Applause. I hereby nominate you for national honours

  28. obatala
    January 16, 12:49 Reply

    none, if u ignore the ones I slept with.

  29. Lord II
    January 16, 13:01 Reply

    All these 0, 1,2 and 3 u pipo r counting Hmmm diaris chi oooo!

    Besides the one on ones I lost count when I got to the Group sessions….suck me!

    • Chizzie
      January 16, 13:10 Reply

      You have a wife and children and you attend church regularly, pls always remember these things before you post certain comments.

      • Lord II
        January 16, 13:30 Reply

        And I needed u to remind me wow!!!!! Thanx my luv! U did well!! Keep it up!

      • Gad
        January 16, 19:35 Reply

        Nna what’s your problem with this guy’s family? Envy?

  30. MacArdry
    January 16, 15:42 Reply

    Not judging any……….protection do fail.
    A quarterly test,spread over a nine month period be ideal.

  31. Alex
    January 16, 23:33 Reply

    7 I think. One relationship and two side dicks. Pete is my hero! All I want for the new year is 5 fuck buddie

  32. Constant
    January 17, 14:43 Reply

    TBH…..I kinda lost count…….I guess I need to check in for Amnesia as well

  33. Bane
    January 17, 14:50 Reply

    None. Not even one. Sigh…

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