The Bottom Chronicles (Entry 3)

The Bottom Chronicles (Entry 3)

He took his time. From my lips, to my neck – he actually licked my pits, something I found revolting and yet stimulating. Down my nipples he went – biting, chewing and tugging on them while I moaned and grabbed at the sheets and held on to his head for dear life.

He knew he had reached my nerve zone and concentrated a little more on that place before heading for my belly button.

Because I get all kinds of ticklish there, I pushed him down further and the grip I had on my pillow tightened in reaction to what he got down to doing.

When he was done, from his directives, I went straight for his zipper. I didn’t pay so much attention to the mound the crotch conspicuously showed, and it wasn’t until I reached into his boxer shorts and pulled out his dick that the gasp left my mouth.

My goodness, he was blessed with meat. It was huge, and curved, and veiny and…and HUGE!

I can’t give its exact size in numerals because I’m no dick-o-meter but it was quite something. Something I could admire and gawk at but can NEVER allow into me. Rectal relapse is something I fear next to cancer. It may be trash talk and all, but idiots have sang the song of pampers and leaking holes for so long a while that I’ve developed a weird phobia.

And in the end, that stuff is just pain. Getting banged by a monster dick is just fucking pain. And I’m certainly not one of those power bottoms that know how to sap pleasure from pain.

So I looked up at him with my most disarming smile and shook my head twice, making sure to let go of the already-hard schlong so as not to encourage any ideas.

“You can’t take it?” he asked, his voice sagging with disappointment.

I shook my head.

He sighed.

His dick bobbed up and down in protest.

“I really need to get off,” he said with some pain.

So I laid down on my back and slapped my legs shut, an invitation for him to fuck me between my thighs.

He sighed again and got down on top of me, inserting his dick between my thighs and began to thrust away. He came. Then he worked me to my own orgasm.

And then minutes later, he was gone, leaving me with the frustrated thought about why I just don’t like big dicks.

Written by Delle

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  1. Mandy
    September 05, 05:19 Reply

    It’s funny how big dicks get so much popularity, when there are in fact bottoms who want to have nothing to do with them. Such a minority whose voices aren’t often heard. Lol. #SmallDicksMatter

    • Delle
      September 05, 09:53 Reply

      You know right? It’s as though everyone should love big dicks because it’s more an anthem than a preference in the gay (bottom) community.

      I don’t think I’ve ever been ashamed to tell people I don’t like big dicks. I should rephrase and say, I don’t enjoy taking big dicks cos most guys just do not know how to use it. They inflict pains on you and you start wondering if sex should be punishment or pleasure.

      I admire a good schlong but that’s all there is between me and the appendage – admiration.

    • Delle
      September 05, 09:55 Reply


      Shouldn’t you ban him? He is slut-shaming me! ??

  2. trystham
    September 05, 09:32 Reply

    But I thought Adélé was a size queen?

    • Delle
      September 05, 09:49 Reply

      You thought wrong!

      What other thoughts of me do you have? I’d like to clarify you ?

  3. Ojukwu Jeff
    September 05, 09:56 Reply

    Disgusting story of a fucktard. More like Abercombie fucked Fitch .

  4. Lotanna
    September 05, 11:03 Reply

    lol!Funny how bottoms admire big dicks but do not wish to take them.
    Note:It’s rectal “prolapse” and not rectal “relapse”.

  5. Omiete
    September 05, 15:30 Reply

    This takes me back to sex and the city when Samantha told a guy with a big dick “Let’s be friends”.

    • Pink Panther
      September 05, 18:40 Reply

      ????? That episode killed me. OK you just made me nostalgic for that series.

  6. Francis
    September 05, 16:22 Reply

    Some things are just good for decoration, licking and sucking but penetration? Mba! Issa no-no……….unless you’ve somehow mastered the act of charming the anus to relax properly and you’re gentle and patient enough. Not the likes of Cutler X that wee be pounding person like akpu

  7. Eddie
    September 05, 17:39 Reply

    Big dicks hurt like a bitch… Can’t count the number of times I tried to be brave enough to take it but then ended up bleeding *shivers*

    • Francis
      September 05, 17:40 Reply

      Number of times?! You’re very goal driven oh

    • CHUCK
      September 08, 14:17 Reply

      Its up to both parties. An experienced penetrator knows how to douche, lube and relax the bottom to take his d.

  8. Stardmich
    September 08, 17:35 Reply

    So you ended up taking the schlong on ya laps..
    What a waste of something.
    When there are people seeking BIIG tHING.. I’m not one though.

  9. val
    October 09, 23:14 Reply

    I don’t like big dick too

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