The Road To Atheism

The Road To Atheism

The mere mention of the word atheism strikes terror in the hearts of men. A stigma so strong, it holds almost equal weight with homosexuality.

So I just got back from work and was tired as fuck, but I decided to write this piece, one which is greatly influenced by the events that took place today.

It was 10 o’clock in the morning and I didn’t have much doing. Scrolling through my phone, I got a ping from a friend of mine, a very close acquaintance. He wanted to know if I’d be travelling home for Christmas, and my reply was that it was still under probability. He then cracked a joke about my parents bringing up the “marriage talk” when I get home. I gave him a ‘lol’ and he went on to say that it’s my biggest fear. I was quick to clear that up. For the record, my biggest fear is “getting old”, yeah I’m vain. I can’t think of anything like old age damaging my pristine, pretty face. The mere thought of it sends a cold chill down my spine.

So I went on to tell him I’m just annoyed about the marriage issue, not scared. And that’s how the long argument started.

My friend told me that marriage is a fact of society, and I do not want to come to terms with it. I countered that it’s not a fact; it’s instead something people think they should do just because they’ve been told to. Just like buying a Blackberry phone and somehow making it so that someone else must buy it too. That’s how the world works.

Then, I added: that people have many false beliefs about marriage which doesn’t hold true and that’s why they fail often at it; that for some, it’s a huge achievement and for others, it’s fulfilling a duty to God (pleasing God), and to yet many others, it is something to get into to satisfy family and society.

A few years ago, I was willing to sacrifice my happiness on this altar. That changed last year. I started thinking for myself. Any marriage with a girl wouldn’t last. It’d break in a few years, that’s if it’d reach.

I have nothing against marriage. It can be beautiful with the RIGHT person. If I’m going to do it, it’d be with someone I love. But I can’t love girls . . . well, maybe like a sister, but not the other type of love.

We only think the way we do because of how we were brought up. I threw everything aside and started learning the world from a different perspective. I’m a perfectionist and so wouldn’t want any marriage of mine to go wrong, and in my case, it will, so I’d rather not do it. There might be kids in future, but not from marriage.

I’ve always known I liked boys since I was very little, I just thought everyone felt the same way. I thought I had perfect “attraction control” over girls. I thought of myself as some sort of incorruptible angel. Girls never moved me so I could never fall into temptation of impregnating one, that was my thought.

But I grew up and was told it was an abomination to do stuff with boys. God didn’t like it. He committed genocide in the bible because of it. Anyone who does it will go to hell fire where scorpions and snakes will sting and bite their manhood from a hole while being burnt alive endlessly. And that’s where the homophobia and the self loathing started. Such beliefs tend to make one develop an internal fear, one that grows like a seed, branching out with roots and making it impossible for self love to flourish.

I can’t claim to know the bible like a pro. I can only speak from what I’ve read according to the way I understand it. I also don’t think I’m a foolish person as I have an IQ north of 140.

Let’s think about it logically for once.

God is the creator of heaven and earth; He made all things and made man in His image (perfect).

God doesn’t make mistakes.

Man disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden (while He was watching them).

If the above statements are true, then God made gay people the way they are. And trying to stray from it would displease God. God wouldn’t want you to deceive a lady and marry her while you don’t love her. Love is the greatest commandment.

I can count how many times I’ve gone to church this year, the last time I did, the pastor lied about some baby that got his DNA changed by God after the father discovered he wasn’t his biological son. The wife cheated. They found out when they went for a DNA test to process some VISA paper. So the man went home and prayed and they went for the test again and – Voila! – the DNA became a match. And people were so happy in church, rejoicing and quite shockingly believing this man of God. They never stopped to think that maybe the first test had been a mistake, and that the reason the whole stuff happened might have been to expose the wife’s extramarital affairs in the past. Everyone just swallowed the pastor’s version of the incident hook, line and sinker, because anything that has to do with God and church is untouchable and unquestionable. It’s a taboo to argue, question or even think for yourself because they’ve laid out guidelines on how you should live your life. It’s like the movie, Divergent.

Man is flawed this way.

And such Man wrote the bible. And as we’ve seen that he disobeyed the Creator in the beginning, think of what he’d be capable of after he left Eden. Put up a 2000-year-old lie perhaps? And demonize people who are born different? Most parts of the bible might not be lies, but the scriptures were still written by humans. And from experience, humans like pushing their views unto everyone (I’m also guilty of that). The more you start seeing the bible for what it is – a book written and compiled by imperfect human beings like you and me – the more you’ll stop judging yourself. Writing books is cheap compared to what we humans are capable of doing to each other.

There’s god in every religion. In fact, most religions of the world have more than one. The way humans reason, it’s impossible for one god to take care of everything. The Igbos have Amadioha, Ogwugwuakpu, etc. This was before the white men (who they now seem to know more about their imported religion than) brought Christianity. The Yorubas have Sango and the rest. The Indians have several, my favourite being Ganesha (remover of obstacles); there’s also Saraswati, Vishnu, Krishna etc.  And there’s also a need for them to put a face to the gods they worship, that’s why they make carved figures of them, because praying to thin air would seem downright stupid.

I’ve always been fascinated by Greek mythology; the whole thing must have been written by someone with an active imaginative mind. It’s almost like the bible in terms of the various fictitious information it contains. There are the gods of Olympus, swallowed by their father Cronus because of a prophecy that speaks of his sons overthrowing him.  They later broke free from him and banished him to Tartarus. Zeus took dominion over earth and Poseidon took the sea, while Hades was deceived into ruling the underworld. And there’s Athena, the goddess of wisdom who came out when Zeus’ head was broken when he had a bad headache. Prometheus, Zeus’ adopted son was banished from Olympus because he took the fire of the gods to mortals. He was cursed by Zeus to be eaten alive by an accursed bird, his wounds healing at night only to be eaten again the next day.

The funny thing about all this is that people actually believe them. And people wrote them. People used to worship these gods, some still do. These beliefs are someone’s truth, in as much as they are someone else’s nonsense.

If you check the trend of acceptance of homosexuality internationally, you’ll see a connection; the more atheists there are, the more accepting the country. And vice versa. Countries with the most religious piety are the most homophobic. Religion is our biggest stumbling block. The talk or thought of homosexuality threatens the very foundation of several centuries’ old religion, championed most often by the Bible and Quran.

You think your religion is better than theirs? Who told you so? How sure are you? They’re prospering more than you, how come? They don’t donate their life savings to church, but why are they getting much in return? Why are they happier than you? He’s an atheist but he’s the CEO of a fortune 500 company. What went wrong? How can God bless such a person?

He committed heinous war crimes and is still living today, healthier than most his age. The last time he went to church was when he was baptized at the age of two.

He loves the Lord, trained an entire orphanage and loves his church, but his warehouse got burnt and he died a few months later of a heart attack. His wife and kids now go from house to house begging for food.

He’s wayward, cheats on his wife on a regular basis and beats her, he doesn’t go to church. He has four kids and he just landed a major deal that’ll propel his career.

He pays his tithes, goes to church every Sunday and follows the ways of the Lord, but he’s been looking for a child for fifteen years.

We have so many religions in the world which are supposed to fix things in our lives (at least that’s the promise), but the world is so screwed up. War everywhere, deadly diseases. Before you go pick up a megaphone to scream “END TIME”, you should know that there’s nothing happening now that hasn’t happened before. There’s the Black Death that happened in Europe in the 13th century, which decimated almost a quarter of a million people. I don’t need to remind you of the countless wars in history, way back when.

Today I saw a man in a company I went to (on outside duty) and he was trembling because of a General Manager. To go and talk to this GM in his office was so hard for the man; he almost keeled over when he opened the door. The GM, by the way, is an arrogant white man, the type I like to deal with if they cross my path. Seeing this elderly Nigerian man with graying hair tremble like a chicken brought out of a cage and is about to be slaughtered, made me realize something: Nigerians are full of fear. We fear bucking the trend. We fear change. We’re scared of trying to get better or questioning things because ‘God will be angry.’ It’s this same fear that’s keeping our country from development, the fear fanned by the belief that we are powerless and need a higher power (Almighty God) to deliver us. And that’s why we’re this way.

God didn’t build that country you’re trying to go on vacation to. He didn’t make roads or electricity. He gave you the damn brain that you refuse to use for your own good. We have some of the worst characters within the human race, but ten words don’t leave our mouth without them being accompanied by God.

So about the events of today – the chat with my friend and the elderly wimp, I’m just trying to clarify a general notion about some topics that people are too terrified to talk about. My friend himself still has doubts about being created this way. So I went on to tell him what makes me be at peace with myself. Belatedly, I realize that everyone’s entitled to it.

So I just have these three questions to ask:

Do you believe in God?

Do you NOT believe in God?

And what are the foundations of what you believe?

Written by Max

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  1. Dennis Macauley
    December 23, 06:41 Reply

    Everyday I am loving max more and more!

    Religion and homophobia are intertwined! It is the most religious countries that hold firm to this like a life giving elixir (apologies to the queen).

    Me I have made peace with myself. I stopped going to church months ago when the pastor prayed during a service that God should take the life of any child that will disgrace him with homosexuality!

    I am currently flirting with being a buddist, as it is the one faith I have discovered that sums everything to love!

    Find what works for you, even if it is atheism. Do not be afraid to embrace it!

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 23, 06:44 Reply

      ‘that God should take the life of any child that will disgrace him with homosexuality’?

      I don’t know why, but it still baffles me when ministers vomit such hate. Ministers. Heaven’s faces on earth. Representatives of God. Calling down hate and death, especially on fellow humans who have done no particular wrong.

      *shaking my head*

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 23, 06:50 Reply

        Take a trip to Bisi Alimi’s TL and see what pastors sef are saying to him. These people do not know who god is! They are just looking for a quick buck!

        Ironically also I have heard from grapevine sources that his second son does like some meat sausage! LOL

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 23, 06:53 Reply

          Has God taken the life of the second son yet? *waiting for answer with bated breath*

    • Max
      December 23, 07:26 Reply

      They openly wish people death in church and somehow that’s accepted, just because it was spoken by a pastor.. Such hate..

  2. #TeamKizito
    December 23, 06:57 Reply

    Uhmm.. Road to Atheism?

    (Frowning. Where’s gad & king when you want ’em)

  3. FKA Chizzie
    December 23, 07:02 Reply

    ok I was going to say something really harsh abt this but then I saw this was written by Max, who I kinda like…so I’l just straighten my hair and stuff.

  4. Deola
    December 23, 07:04 Reply

    I definitely believe in God, He may not have created electricity and all that but someone or something had to had created humans, animals and even the tiniest cells. Such details in creation could only be done by someone or something greater than us aka God.
    Nigerians are so prayerful, to an extent where its made them fucking stupid and helpless, thinking for themselves is definitely a no no. Not gonna happen, which i think is even worse than some sins. God gave us this beautiful brain whose potential is limitless. Yet you’ll see a typical Nigerian with a certain problem wasting resources on pastors or imams to help pray away said problem and it pisses me off, I am like get off your butt and make something happen!!! He gave you a brain and thus an ability to think. Praying for something is only as good as the effort you put in getting that thing.
    I believe in God religion or no religion, I know right from wrong, i know not to steal or kill, its common sense.
    I believe in praying to God, I just believe in doing it outside the confines of a religion’s restrictions.
    I believe in God but with every passing day I find it hard to believe in religion.

    • Brainie
      January 21, 20:34 Reply

      “I definitely believe in God, He may not have created electricity and all that but someone or something had to had created humans, animals and even the tiniest cells. Such details in creation could only be done by someone or something greater than us aka God.”

      That’s the same fallacy people who don’t know enough give when they try to argue God existence. This is one of the biggest fallacy of all time.

      Humans have been existing in this planet earth for millions of years, perfected over the millions of years by the ever working mechanism of evolution. All around, Evolution have left evidence of the processes. Do you think our so wonderful brain was this way millions of year ago? Anyway, I shouldn’t argue here. You are simply not asking enough questions, because if you are doing that, it won’t take you long to realize that that level of detailing you speak of, the mechanism of evolution, as simple as it sounds, when you see the big picture, will be begin to make sense.
      And to draw an analogy, Think of computer. Computer have evolved over several decades now to be very complex. For many people, the way computers operate still lie in mystery, that’s why some people can be making up fantasy tale about robots taking over the world. All the complex stuff computers do now can be reduced just to two digits—0 and 1.
      Now, such simplicity is capable of making up such complexity? And if computers still keep evolving 200 years from now, It will be so complex that it would be almost hard to believe such simplicity created such complexity. That’s the same for the world as it is today. And to now think of that process over millions of years!!!

  5. Nuel
    December 23, 07:07 Reply

    Well written nd u said it all… I never liked attending church service, cos some things preach abt i just dnt feel right abt them.

  6. B.A.D
    December 23, 07:11 Reply

    d shocking tin is 9ja didn’t invent Xtianity, d whites brought it 2 us, but now we r carrying it on our head lyk it is our birthright :s I haven’t bn 2 church in months, sundays r d ONLY day wt zero traffic in lag, perfect 4 hook ups, hang outs n fun.
    I still identify as a christian, however I don’t need some self-righteous BS pastor dictating how I live my life. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

    & I loooved Divergent 😀

    • Deola
      December 23, 07:18 Reply

      If you loved Divergent then, you’ll love Insurgent even more!! Saw the trailer yesterday and it looked Ah-mah-zing! cant wait to see it in 2015 man!!!

      • Deola
        December 23, 07:24 Reply

        Yeah its a sequel, and It still has Kate Winslet doing her best resting bitch face impression which I think was the best part of The first movie anyways.

      • chestnut
        December 23, 07:44 Reply

        Hian! “Insurgent” kwa? Why do I feel a “Convergent” is in d pipe-line,somewhere? *pensive*

    • B.A.D
      December 23, 07:41 Reply

      Ess, hey u, y u b lastma lyk dis Deola ore mi? 🙁 saw d trailer 2 wks ago :p its cuming March 20th, allegiant 1&2 r cuming 2016 n 2017. I don’t joke wt my YA book adaptations; hunger games, divergent, maze runner & soon 50 shades of Grey.

      I expected pinky 2 b lastma, I don’t know y, I jst did, but Deola u fall my hand 🙁

      • Deola
        December 23, 09:23 Reply

        Me?? Lastma??? Lol. I dont know what you’re talking about. *Victoria Grayson smile*

      • Deola
        December 23, 09:27 Reply

        @ B.A.D we should talk sometime about our shared love for the YA genre…

      • Chuck
        December 23, 11:39 Reply

        50 shades of gray is not YA. Thank you

      • Deola
        December 23, 19:00 Reply

        @Pinky YA= young adult

      • B.A.D
        December 23, 20:26 Reply

        @deola I’d ♥ to, but chestnut always comments under u & I’m not tryna snatch any1s man, so maybe later 🙂

        @chuck yup, certainly not, its mommy porn 😉

        @pinky 🙁 🙁 🙁 CEO lastma group

  7. chestnut
    December 23, 07:15 Reply

    Max, it’s like u were in my head. While I won’t say d bible is a lie, I also know it was written by men, in the way they interpreted what they felt God was saying to them. But humans are not infallible; humans can misinterprete…
    I was having a discussion with a frnd abt this issue a couple of weeks ago.He knows d bible much better than I do. I pointed out some things which confused me in d bible,but he said when reading the bible,u take “a little here,and a little there”, meaning that certain ideas in d Bible shouldn’t be taken only in one context; the same idea could be found in a different part of the Bible,leading to different results from the other one.(By d way,he was trying to convince me that since the Bible said God punished Sodom/Gomorrah for homosexuality,then it really IS a sin becos d Bible never lies), so I told him: “ok…so if I were to apply ur theory of ‘a little here,and a little there’, couldn’t one interprete it in a different way,according to d different contexts? In one part of the Bible,we learn that Sodom/Gomorrah was punished,but in another part of the Bible, we get glowing and gushing reports of how David and Jonathan loved each other like a man and a woman(not like brothers; they could have easily said “brothers”,if they felt that was d kind of love they had between them,right?). So could it be that,perhaps God was unhappy,not with d homosexuality in S/G,but with the recklessness and ‘wickedness’ with which they practiced it?(Maybe raping ppl and stuff), but on the other hand,He was not displeased by the love btwn David and Jonathan,because it was a pure and ‘responsible’ love-union?”

    • Deola
      December 23, 07:20 Reply

      Lol @ glowing and gushing reports

      • chestnut
        December 23, 07:50 Reply

        @deola: well, they were kinda glowing and gushing,weren’t they?lol. The way it wasn’t written will make u luv LOVE. I’m still hoping I will find dat kind of love. Lol

  8. Dimkpa
    December 23, 07:28 Reply

    Well said Max… well said.

  9. simba
    December 23, 08:12 Reply

    That’s a man in the house @ max.. I respect ur views sir

  10. Ade
    December 23, 08:20 Reply

    I’ve always wanted to write an article about “Religion and how it has affected the Society”, but I haven’t gotten around to do it(lack of inspiration I guess). But Max, you did a great job. I really enjoyed this piece. Although I do not completely agree with every point you dismantled, (everybody has their own opinion about everything).
    I believe there is a God. I am a Christian. Am also a church goer but I don’t see it as a necessity.
    Pastors…. I don’t go to Church for pastors. Pastors are teachers, they explain according to their understanding coupled with personal opinion and as we all know teachers can be very wrong. So I’ll say people should pay more attention to their faith than to their religious leaders cause they could be as confused as you are.
    BTW, am a first time commenter. Big ups to pink panther. This blog was a brilliant idea. I love the articles… Keep em coming

    • Max
      December 23, 09:06 Reply

      Oh dear, I never said I don’t believe in God. The piece is about self discovery and raising questions which people are too afraid to ask. And also about certain events that can turn one away from God/Church.

  11. Blaq Jaqs
    December 23, 08:36 Reply

    I believe in God and Jesus. I always have and always will. I find time to pray my rosary and talk to Him. I see certain things as beyond chance, an act of God.
    I’m not one for churches though. I think that they often contradict the message of Love and hope they supposedly share. I feel God’s message has been perverted and coloured by the biases of most of its leaders therefore l find my self challenging most sermons in my head and don’t even bother with them anymore.
    The last one I went for talked about the relevance of first borns and they spent quite a while praying on the subject matter. I’m the last born, my first sibling is late. I’m unlikely to have children. Do I kabash and speak in tongues for my late sister or any first borns I can think of? Or the one with the long sermons that preceded offerings, giving supernatural offerings to get supernatural blessings. It just wasn’t working. I didn’t feel at home in the ‘house of God’
    My old, cynical self hasn’t willingly stepped into a church in a while (like 4 years or thereabout). Most sunday mornings are spent sleeping off hangovers! I don’t see myself as a better or worse person for it.
    I’m not sure this makes me an atheist or if I’m on the path there.

  12. Brian Collins
    December 23, 08:48 Reply

    Call me a fearful coward but I will not indulge in talks about how religion (Christianity) influences homophobia.
    Good writing though Max, very expressive. Ps: when God wants to strike Max with thunder, Dennis will be right there with him.

    • Max
      December 23, 09:14 Reply

      Oh honey, he’ll have to strike our leaders first and the pastors for lying in his name The ISIS insurgents for twisting the Quran, murdering and rendering thousands of innocent people homeless and also enslaving them. He’ll have to strike them first.
      And you Brian, what have you gained from being so pious? True love?? True acceptance? A happy marriage?
      You probably made out with a dude in the past six months and possibly shagged too and have sexual fantasies about men’s penis. That puts you on the “to strike list”… ☺

      • pinkpanthertb
        December 23, 09:17 Reply

        LMAO!!! That is one heck of a list.

        Now where is Dennis’ name, I wonder? *squinting at the names*

      • Brian Collins
        December 23, 09:31 Reply

        Max, what I do that you had to add me to God’s to-strike-with-thunder list. When one mbaise woman is saying ‘if men were God’ in her testimony in her church ‘Laboratory Ministries of God incorporated’ people would wonder what brought about such talks.
        Sha Sha lemme just say I have not made out with anyone in over a year but those fantasies, good lawd, are just about enough to send even the ‘saintliest’ to some sort of hell.

        • pinkpanthertb
          December 23, 12:40 Reply

          You have not made out in over a year? And your lips aren’t parched yet?

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 23, 09:51 Reply

        Brian Collins? Me and Max?




        Why do I find this erotic?

      • Brian Collins
        December 23, 13:21 Reply

        I am sure everyone can now see y Dennis will not make heaven, planting thoughts of strike or is it stroke, charged and bang in my head.

        Pinky parched is an understatement, a thirsty hoe would be parched, my own don pass.
        Because I don’t want to have random sex doesn’t mean I can’t have make out sessions
        My first resolution for the new year:
        I will make out with the first guy that shows any interest in me and maybe even throw in a blow job too.

  13. Khaleesi
    December 23, 09:22 Reply

    Oh Max!!!! you’re every Sapiosexual man’s (gay or straight) wet dream!! I cant tell you how many times i mentally “climaxed, orgasmed and came” lol … just by reading and re-reading this article. Its such a well – crafted and intellectuall piece, it ought to be preserved for posterity to marvel and (make a vow of “NEVER AGAIN”) as a masterpiece from an era when irrational fears and dogmas held sway over an entire people’s intellect!
    I have a pen in hand, making notes as i read – it would be a sacrilege to not highlight the beauty of every line of this piece.
    lol – – yes, am with you on the fear of aging. I know it will happen one day, i try to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle and watch my diet strictly in a near spartan fashion, but i know that someday, father time will catch up with me (with us all), and the face and body that many desire will be consumed by age and time. I only hope that there will be that special someone out there who can look beyond the wrinkly saggy body and the wrinkly face and see that true beauty never goes away – it merely moves away from the face into the heart, so Max, work on enhancing the beauty of your mind and soul, those last far longer than your toned, sexy body can ever hope to last.
    Marriage is a beautiful thing, with the right person and the right person is someone with whom you can envision a future together, building a life full of love and commitment. in my opinion, this must be the foundation on which every marriage is built upon. the reality is that in Nigeria, marriage has been elevated to the status of a major achievement; whether or not you’re suited for or desirous of it, as long as you havent “married”, anything else you achieve is inconsequential. No matter what you contribute to society or how much you impact the lives of others, if you aren’t (heterosexually) married, in the eyes of the average Nigerian, you are an anomalous failure, a weird specimen of irresponsibility. This view isn’t changing anytime soon! This is a major reason many individuals who have no business being in marriages jump into them, in order to gain the acceptance of society, take a mental census of how many TRULY HAPPY marriages (you can start with your immediate relatives) you personally know about and you’d be shocked.
    Sodom and Gomorrah like most of the old testament is nothing but a collection of Jewish folklore and fairytales – every society on earth, every culture on earth has its folktales/folklore which were used to celebrate their “achievements” as a nation as well as to instruct and guide their children in the values and ideals of the nation. How people can embrace and uphold such tales thousands of years later and seek to order their lives according to its dictates (despite an abundance of scientific evidence debunking most of its stupendous claims) always beats my imagination. It has been irrefutably proven that the bible was written by a diverse array of men who lived decades apart and who all claimed divine inspiration. Moreover, the bible as presently constituted, is a collection of books which also omits some other books; who decided which books should be included and which should be omitted, and why? on what/whose authority did he/they make these additions/omissions and for what purposes/ends/aims? One question; if S/G was annihilated due to the activities of its homosexual inhabitants, why were the innocent children, the women and the few straight men (there must have been a few straight men nau haba) not spared? That’s what God would have done, the “innocent” would have been spared or spirited away while the fire and brimstone rained down on the “damned gays” abi?
    Christianity and logic are like oil and water – they cannot mix no matter what, attempting to mix them threatens the roots of christianity.
    As countries embrace logic and enlightenment, the hold of religion is broken and cast off; the most developed and prosperous parts of the globe with a highly educated populace are the least religious parts, and least homophobic/intolerant – this of course includes our colonial master Britain; the home of the church, Italy and to a large extent Israel where most if not all of the bible is set – Israel is the most gay friendly country in the middle east; go figure! It would not be too far fetched to find two gay men walking hand in hand past some of the holy sites where a lot of the bible’s tales were set. Do a bit of research and you will find that in the places where Christianity was born before it was foisted upon us, it is no longer in the equation as it has been deemphasized, there is actually a move to take religion away from public life (where it has little or no business) and move it firmly into the realm of private life (where it firmly belongs). Nigerians are centuries away from that point though.
    i personally find too many inconsistencies and too much opacity in religion, i therefore prefer to forge a more personal relationship with God devoid of the mind twisting opium that so many religitards and religidiots like to imbibe – nah, not for me!! A look at the antics of our religious leadership in Nigeria, reinforces my view.
    “End time” is a retarded cry that has been on the lips of so many christians for millennia, it shall remain so for as long as mankind remains in existence. in the middle ages when the Bubonic plague (black death) wiped out vast swathes of the earth’s population, the religious leadership was quick to hurl forth the end – times mantra, so also the various wars and pestilences that have from time to time plagued the world.
    I cant tell you how many gay people i have come across who believe firmly in their hearts thatbeing gay is a big sin. They will be asking for a shag or you just finished shagging and get talking and somehow the issue of religion comes up and the guy tells you its sin which he hopes to stop someday perhaps when he’s “happily” married to a woman. I always ask them, if its a sin and such a bad thing, then why do you keep doing it? I know murder and theft are bad things, and i’d never do them, so why do you keep fucking men if you know its a bad thing and you know you will in future likely continue to do it, why? I just cant deal with these illogical religidiots anymore abeg.
    The institutions and infrastructure and everything else you like to enjoy in the developed world were not built by dressing up in fine clothes and sitting before priests and pastors, they were built by dint of hardwork by the consistent application of intellectual power.
    If only you would attempt to reason logically, without fear and critically examine much of what you have been expertly force fed with all your life, you will come to a new level of understanding and see most organized religion for what it is; an elaborate house of tricks designed by the intelligent hypocrites to hoodwink, dominate and control the large multitude of fools who know no better.
    Damn!!! this was cathartic ***wipes brow*** Thank you Max, i havent had such a mental orgasm in such a long long time … and should you wish to take the orgasm to the bedroom, let me know! ***Tongue out at Pinky’s “no hookups” rule***

    • Max
      December 23, 10:55 Reply

      @ Khalie dear, your comments are always a joy to read.. This should’ve been included in the piece.. It makes a perfect ending..

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 23, 12:55 Reply

      Every time i read what you have to say on this subject, Khaleesi, i say to myself afresh: Why did i ever think you were a nice Catholic boy when we first got acquainted? Why?
      I absolutely cannot reconcile that image i had of you with this fire breathing mother of dragons lol

      • Khaleesi
        December 23, 14:05 Reply

        @Pinky, i used to be a passive catholic boy, who sat through mass, said the rosary and did what every dutiful catholic boy should do, but deep within i always had doubts – i never really believed most of the crap that was hurled down from the pulpits but i never bothered to truly reflect on what i wss doing & then at some point, i guess i grew up more and realised that life is a bit too short to not be who you truly are, the 2 or 3hrs i spent every sunday was highly valuable time i could never ever get back once it was gone. My tolerance level for the bullshit grew less and less and i reflected and researched and spent more time on soul searching and introspection and voila! Here we are today, am still a work in progress, i honestly don’t know how its going to turn out, but i must say, so far am enjoying the journey tremendously and getting to know myself better on a whole new level!

    • Ace
      December 23, 14:10 Reply

      You know that thing they say about taking a part of someone’s spirit after fucking with them? There are some people on this blog that are currently on my “fuck and take a bit of their brain power” list. Max, Khaleesi, Vhar (goes to search for more names). You guys comments and thoughts on issues always makes me feel dumb and if fucking with you guys might my only shot at boosting my I.Q… *Takes off all clothes at one swipe of the hands* You know what to do.

      • Max
        December 23, 19:07 Reply

        @Khaleesi, I use to sit and say the rosary too, kneel down and get up severally. Something never felt right about it. I use to see people so happy while singing, clapping and chanting which always left me puzzled. just like you, I grew tired of it and switched church, it turned out other churches were just the same, they just have a different method of doing it. Theirs is by carrying seat on their head while screaming and chanting. If not for anything, I just went there for the live show of madness. I also got tired of it too when I discovered miracles and prosperity was tied to your contribution to church (according to them), which I found very misleading.
        Churches to me now are like Nigerian movies, I don’t like watching them because they don’t seem true, filled with bland storylines and bad actors/acting.

  14. Absalom
    December 23, 09:33 Reply

    I’m indifferent. I’m not atheist; the existence of God or lack of it means little to me. Plain secularism works for me: let belief and unbelief remain personal and have nothing to do with the smooth running of state and public institutions.

    I don’t go to church, except when with my family who didn’t take it well when I tried to come out of my heathen closet. Oh well, the passive-aggressive battle rages on and I think we’re having fun!

    Foundations of my stance: Well, too many doubts, too many things not adding up… Something about spirituality as a whole hasn’t quite agreed with me – even as as a child – and since many religions are built around spirituality, I guess I had to change diets sometime. No hard feelings, though, and no militant positions either. 🙂

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 23, 12:42 Reply

      Now this is the stance that echoes very soundly with me. Indifference to both sides of the divide.

  15. sinnex
    December 23, 09:45 Reply

    Well, we all have our own opinion. God and Jesus would forever be part of me. Nothing is going to change that, not even my sexuality. If you have a problem with a church, the best thing is to leave it and join a different one. That was what Reverend Jide Macaulay did in Nigeria before he left. As for the marriage issue, unfortunately, I am going to marry. I am presently in a very tight corner at the money, I am 25 years and the only son with sisters, my father is late, I am working. Now, people are already asking questions, the major one is that they want to see my girlfriend. I have lots of fears, the major one is that of cheating on my wife. Yes, I like girls and wouldn’t mind doing them, but what happens when i get bored. This piece is nice actually, that is the fear of most gay guys….I still don’t understand why one would become an Atheist…God is beyond church…

    • DeadlyDarius
      December 23, 13:11 Reply

      Everyone is born atheist…..its the influence of parents and/or society that conditions a supernatural explanation for natural occurrences. Why would someone become an atheist? For the same reasons i would not believe there is a teacup spinning on one of the moons of Saturn while being used by a fire-breathing androgenic troll – there is a minuscule chance of it being true; but its a pretty long and insignificant shot

  16. Dennis Macauley
    December 23, 09:48 Reply

    This is very funny, just this morning I went to see off someone at the airport. On my way back I gave an immigrations woman a ride and she started preaching to me on the drive back. I just sat quiet and listened till I heard

    “The world is a very evil place, people will even say they want to do homosexualism and lesbianism! Tufia! God will judge many things when he comes”

    Something snapped inside me and I pulled over and asked her to get out! She was startled and I was like NOW!

    She stepped out and I moved!

    Nonsense and ingredients

    • Max
      December 23, 10:58 Reply

      Hahahahahahaha… Sounds like something I’ll do… Ain’t no bitch gon bad mouth gay people in my damn car!!!! I’d throw them out like trash… Nonsense…

      • Nate
        December 23, 11:55 Reply

        Hahahahaha that was BadAss… The Woman will keep thinking what did I say or Do? Which is more tourture than letting her know..

    • pinkpanthertb
      December 23, 12:47 Reply

      I saw that ending coming as i read the woman’s remarks. Lmao.

    • Brian Collins
      December 23, 13:29 Reply

      Ehhhh God, I don dead finish. It was exactly what came to my mind. In full bitch mode I would do exactly what Dennis did. If I were in a good mood I would drop her off at Igrwuta and tell her I didn’t want to continue my journey with her still in my car.
      Dennis, were you in full bitch mode. *runs off as fast as I can manage in my stilettos*

      • Dennis Macauley
        December 23, 14:03 Reply

        Brian Collins ! Me? Bitch ba? Dont worry, I will catch you! You will be sore……erm sorry

  17. Chuck
    December 23, 11:49 Reply

    I’m atheist. Religion is invented by societies as we become agrarian( develop States and cities) to bind all its members and enshrine the ideology of the ruling or dominant class.

    I don’t need God to determine my values anymore. I’ve studied several religions to see where they are coming from. But it’s not for me.

  18. DeadlyDarius
    December 23, 12:55 Reply

    Brilliant piece. Much insight can come if people stopped doing what they were told and actually think for themselves…..

  19. Anonymous
    December 23, 16:10 Reply

    I am in love(read “lust”) with you,
    I want us to ride on a stolen bike into the sunset, with Lastma and the police on our tail.
    I want to be the person to spot the very first grey hair on your head and perhaps in your pubic hair, that’s if pubic hair ever turns grey.
    I want to be the one playing footsie with you while our straight friends and family are totally clueless as to the shenanigans we’re up to beneath the table.
    I want to be that person who would continuously be on the lookout for varying subtle means of grabbing your butt in public.


    • Khaleesi
      December 23, 16:53 Reply

      Bia! Come ooo, who’s this upstart? I registered my interested quite early in the day and you tramp in from out of nowhere to play rap music to my jazz beats …***opens Gucci bag and pulls out tiny pink revolver***

    • Max
      December 23, 19:13 Reply

      Hahahahah@Anon, that #StolenBIke part got me..

    • Airdeecan
      December 24, 21:13 Reply

      Whoa!!!!!, that’s some thirst……LB did we create a monster?

  20. Khaleesi
    December 23, 16:50 Reply

    @Max, i will continue to repeat what I’ve been screaming. You cant hope to change an entire culture without serious consequences. This is a deeply homophobic culture/society – and unapologetically so, if you cant change it accept, the only option is to leave it! This society deals harshly and ruthlessly with non-conformists, the life of single gay men in Nigeria esp once they hit their 40s and 50s is one i wouldn’t wish on my most hated enemy. Am sure you catch my drift by now … pack your things and flee while you still can. It’d be heartbreaking to watch the horrors they have in stock unfold for you … **sisterly advice from a brotherly caring soul***
    Ps: Gad and Lord II, your absence echoes so loud, its deafening … strange how your favourite blend of religidiot opium is mentioned and you withdraw deep into the shadows … lol, come out and be heard joor!! ***pats your bald heads affectionately***

    • Lord II
      December 23, 18:18 Reply

      Ah Khaleesi I do not have a bald head and though I know you are “englishing” as usual I don’t think I ever will coz my father still doesn’t have one and he is 86….

      Well on to the matter at hand. I really didn’t want to jot anything down save for the simple fact that it looks to me that the majority that comment here have on the most part made up their “matured, intellectual and doctorate”minds on it so what else is there to say apart from what Joshua said to God’s people….(yes whether you believe whatever you do..thats your true IDENTITY)…and he said……”choose ye this day whom ye will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood (obatala, ogun, orunmila, amadioha, ogukaapku…or something like dat said up there) or the gods of the amorites (Buddha, mohammed, harekrishna etc…) but as for me and my house, WE WILL SERVE THE LORD!!….

      Jesus took a coin and asked whose face was on the coin and they said Caeser’s and he said give to caeser what belongs to him and give to GOD what belongs to GOD!!! This simply means your core being is a spirit and since God is the father of spirits then PLEASE IRRESPECTIVE OF YOUR SEXUALITY …..still give him what belongs to HIM…..your being!!! Only after this will YOU FIND PEACE OF MIND….coz it’s clearly due to the wars in someone’s mind that he could even begin to contemplate atheism!!! Wow!

      Just one last word tho…the scriptures are SPIRITUAL and therefore speak only to your spirit and not first your mind….so if you are trying to grapple it first with your mind you might think Christianity is another religion….heaven forbid!!! it isn’t! It’s THE WAY OF LIFE!!…..” I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE….” Oh God now am preaching and didn’t really intend to.

      However, I suffice to say to the writer of this topic…please don’t use this blog to perpetrate and spread your innate belief!!!

      Gayism is not a GOD….so don’t hide under the gay divide and wish God away….he isn’t going anywhere…!!!

      As for me and my house……

      • GB!
        December 23, 19:03 Reply

        …….we will serve the Lord!

      • Deola
        December 23, 19:06 Reply

        You do like your caps-lock and exclamation marks dont ya??

      • Lord II
        December 23, 19:13 Reply

        Sure I do!! Deola….if dat was the only thing you read…that is…lol!!!

      • Max
        December 23, 19:21 Reply

        @Barebacker, welcome!! I’m glad you could make it. You seem to have made a name(NEGATIVE) here for yourself as people have been anticipating your comment.
        This is to formerly notify you that I’m here to stay, so if you don’t like my views on things, you can always shut your food hole without making a mess of yourself, simply zip it.

        If you don’t think “gayism” is of God, I wonder what you still do here everyday. Aren’t you supposed to try and be pleasing God??
        Damn!!!! What a hypocrite..

      • Lord II
        December 23, 19:36 Reply

        Ah my darling Max…(writer abi)…no need to spew insults luv…. just told it as it is oooo..

        Still luv u Bro!

      • FKA Chizzie
        December 23, 20:48 Reply

        Lord, can u not see how much of a hypocrite u are? and how ridiculous it is to flaunt your Christianity here ? ( even to the extent of stating instances from the Bible ) Do u remember the Bible when u engage in bareback orgies with men while ur wife sleeps at home, awaiting the inevitable moment when her husband gives her HIV sending her to an early grave?

        You’ve just proved today against all else that u an idiot.

        And can u not capitalize mid sentences? How one human being can be so dense and irritating marvels me.

        Say hi to ur wife and kids for me. Father of the Year!

  21. JustJames
    December 23, 19:45 Reply

    I believe in what the bible preaches. Love. The Bible isn’t some rule book dictating what’s right and what’s wrong and what punishment is for what crime.. its a lot more than that. It’s an entire story of how God loved the world that he gave his only son to die for us and because of that we can stand and call him father (as long as we believe, of course).

    All the punishments and talk you see there is just saying how bad sin is.. how much God hates it. But in the end he loved us more than he hated the sin and he chose to come rescue us.

    I didn’t learn all that from my mother or churvh. I had to go search for the truth. I don’t exactly agree with Max on some points but I agree most Nigerian’s don’t know what it means to be Christian. I also agree that most of it doesn’t make sense.. still.. I’ve just experienced too much to not cling on to God while I live even if I find out I go to he’ll later. At least i tried.

    • Lord II
      December 23, 19:51 Reply

      Oh no my dear James no hell for you coz of what you just said up there….”””You BELIEVE”””””….Romans 10:9….its DAT SIMPLE.

      • s_sensei
        December 24, 14:36 Reply

        Lord, so you have written his name in the book of life, abi? Please leave the judging to God…

  22. s_sensei
    December 24, 14:44 Reply

    hahaha! cant believe i missed this. Common sense will dissolve all the confusion regarding God, sexuality and spirituality. For those who believe in God, there has to be a kind of love that is so large that it can accept and love ugliest of the ugly and the most sinful among sinners. And the bible tells us that God is love. To give God the glory due his name is to accept that he is capable of such a love, all-encompassing love that endures forever. Humans are engulfed in self-hate and so they cannot accept such a love. This is the true meaning of accepting God into your heart, a God who cannot but love you in every moment, in every way conceivable, irrespective of who you are, what you are doing or what you have done. And keep loving you forever. That is the God i have accepted.

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