I spend most of my holiday periods texting and meeting up with different interesting guys, falling in and out of lust with them. The best part of it all is always the amazing sex that we have. I heard once that gay dudes are more sexually active that straight people. I don’t know whether this is true or not, but I can’t help the fact of wanting to breed a good bottom’s ass and leaving my cum on him.

I was with a dude last summer. Lanre. We fell in love fast and for some reason I wanted to date him. At least have a boyfriend, you know, the joy and all. I remember that one time at his place; he came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around him. I smiled at him, enjoying the sight of his body glistening from his bath.

And then he muttered, “I want you to fuck me.”

I stared at him. I dint expect that, at least not then. He dropped to his knees and started with my jeans till he got to my cock. I was already hard. I raised him up and turned his back against me. His towel dropped. I felt his ass press against my dick. His breathing was heavy, as was mine. We made out heavily; then he got to his knees and blew me, then we fucked. Our sexcapades went on for a while. The favourite thing I loved about him was his smile; he smiled and that made something light up in me. I couldn’t help not kissing him anytime he did that. Our love grew to an extent I got scared that someday he would leave or find someone else. In his absence, I’d become paranoid, but when I set my eyes on him, I’d be whole again. When we spent the nights together, we’d stay up till late in the night, listening to Lana and making out under the sheets. It was perfect. It was beautiful. It had to be love.

Summer began to come to a close; I had to go back to school.  I promised to be good and stay faithful to him. No one was going to take my heart away. We kissed in my room and hugged. I felt his tears on my shoulder. I looked him in the eye and said to him, “Hey, I love you. You make me crazy.”

He smiled and wiped his face with the back of his hand. Then he left.

We texted until I got to school. In school, I was a changed guy. I’d found love. My friends noticed the soft, nice feel I had, and they wondered at it.  The next few weeks at school, Lanre and I spoke on the phone for hours and texted each other almost every time. I missed him, and I had a burning desire to see him again.

Late October, I met with my gay friend Tunde. He came to my room to say hello, and for some reason I kissed him. It simply happened. I couldn’t help it. He was there and I needed to get laid so bad. So yeah, we fucked. Late that night, I kept thinking about how I’d cheated on Lanre. And yet, strangely, I felt no remorse. All I wanted was more. The urge made me wild, so crazy I didn’t stop that one night with Tunde. We had sex throughout that week, and it felt so fucking great. Blow jobs in school toilets, sex at the back of the stadium, quickies inside the bush – Phew!

When I returned home for Christmas, Lanre came over. We talked, played, drank, smoked and karaoked to the Beatles. Before he left, he kissed me. I couldn’t respond, not because I didn’t want to, but because I felt burdened by the guilt of how I’d betrayed him. I’d also lost the heat that kept our romance alive during the summer. I suddenly realised I didn’t want him as a lover or partner. I wanted him to be my friend. We met at a bar the following week. I had rehearsed my breakup speech from home, but as I sat in my chair and stared at him, I felt the rush of my guilt again. I felt bad. I remembered how I’d always fretted that I would lose him. And yet, here I was, about to break his heart. And when I said the words that ended our relationship, to my surprise, he didn’t do the things I thought he would. He didn’t cry, hit me or beg me to take him back. He calmly took in the news that we were no more. I hated myself then. I promised I’d always love him and we’d always be great friends. He stood from his seat, touched my face briefly – there were people around – and then he walked out. I watched him leave, and when I finally got the presence of mind to run out of the bar after him, I didn’t see him outside. He was gone.

I got home really late. I had a friend staying with me for the night – Seun. We talked and I shared how sad my day had been. We were in my bedroom. He promised to make it all better. Then he made me lie down on the bed. I’d started getting a hard-on. He unzipped my fly and tugged out my dick and took it inside his mouth. I felt his pink lips and the moist inside of his mouth around my dick, going back and forth. I moaned. He squeezed my nipples hard with his fingers, toying with them, arousing me the more. My fingers raced through his hair and gripped his head, and I fucked his mouth. It wasn’t long before I finally came and he swallowed my babies. The thought of Lanre began to fade from me. I felt better. Seun was right, he did make it better. He rose up and laid on me, we kissed long. I was happy. I loved the thrill. Everything was just as it should be.

Written by Tobi

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  1. earl.
    May 17, 09:04 Reply

    Its only a superman that can be queer, top, and faithful… They rather have a salad than stick to just one fruit… Smh

      • pinkpanthertb
        May 17, 15:20 Reply

        Anyone, top or bottom, can stay faithful to his partner. It isn’t your role that makes you randy. Its everything else.

  2. KingBey
    May 17, 10:40 Reply

    Slut !!! Just hope his fuck expenditions goes along with adequate protection to avoid stories that touch…

    • alpha papi
      May 17, 16:38 Reply

      he’s not a slut,just being a man.besides a top cnt b a slut

      • KingBey
        May 17, 17:41 Reply

        OMG ! Are you for real? Well your name says it all…Alpha
        Papi…am sure your “Top” role has already take over your
        sense of reasoning….so sleeping around now makes a
        Man? SMH in despair…..and what do you mean by a
        “Top” can’t be a Slut? Jeez ! I can’t !!

  3. alpha papi
    May 17, 14:58 Reply

    I luv dis…so cool,at last we see tins frm a tops perspective…awesome

    • Smooth
      May 17, 20:42 Reply

      Uhhhh… I don’t want to sound all insultuve and shit but you need a brain cell count. Sorry, i couldn’t help it…

  4. lluvmua
    May 18, 06:26 Reply

    U just broke dat sweet bois heart . Why can’t tops stick to one bottom???. U surely would find love if u look 4 it

  5. donpedro deniss
    March 11, 12:09 Reply

    Bad very bad …… I feel my boo will do the same thing to me wen next he comes back ……..

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