My name is Lexy, I am in my mid–twenties and I live in the Oil City of Port Harcourt. And this is my Kito Story.

I have over the last few months been reading the other kito stories published on this blog and have been struggling and agonizing over whether to tell my story or not. Eventually, I decided to write, even if doing so brings back haunting and painful memories. If this story can serve to stop someone else from falling victim like I did, then I believe my agony and pain would at least have borne something positive, however small its significance

Max was one of the first few friends I had on Facebook. We chatted often there, and over time we grew really close. Max is gorgeous; he’s of mixed origins, with Mediterranean/Middle Eastern features, flawless alluring skin and a face that made all sorts of wanton thoughts run through my mind each time I looked at his pictures. Despite my deep attraction to him, I resisted his persistent invitations for me to visit him. I don’t know, perhaps my sixth sense had already picked up on something that my other senses, beclouded as they were by my attraction to him, had failed to see. I always felt a faint unease about Max, despite his charming looks. I couldn’t explain it, but this small voice always held me back each time I was close to deciding to pay him a visit.

And then, it was around Christmas 2011, when the city of Port Harcourt was devoid of its usual hustle and bustle as its millions of residents made their way to their villages to spend the Yuletide season with their relatives. My family had decided for some reason not to travel that year and most of my friends were out of the city. I was restless and bored.

As if on cue, Max’s message came in just as my boredom had reached an intensity I never before knew existed. I was desperately bored and craved some company or romance, or a mixture of both. The moment he sent an invitation to visit, I shrugged off the small voice in my head which warned me to exercise some caution and hurriedly got dressed. A few minutes later, I was in a cab heading towards his abode. I got to his street and there he was, my gorgeous sexy Prince Charming, waiting to pick me. My soul and body yearned for him as I alighted from the cab and walked towards him. He was every bit as handsome as I had hoped. There and then, I even began to entertain some thoughts of dating him, or going steady with him, so strong was my desire – or shall I say, lust – for him. The small voice still quietly implored me to exercise caution, that it wasn’t too late to come up with an excuse, any excuse to turn and leave, but I was too far gone down the road of enchantment to listen or care. I angrily shushed the small voice, chiding it for having too many trust issues and thereafter, I readied myself for whatever fun and pleasure the afternoon held.

We walked to his house and went in. A girl sat on the bed watching TV; he introduced her as his girlfriend. Her presence in the house when he was expecting a guy for a potential hookup looked odd to me. After we exchanged pleasantries, she left and I was alone with Max. I was deeply pleased about this and we talked about random topics for a bit while he entertained me lavishly with drinks, chocolates, cookies etc – I have a sweet tooth, always have. After a while, Max moved to the bed and asked me to join him, I refused as I was a bit worried that his girlfriend might return at any time. He then picked up my phone which I had plugged in to charge when I arrived, and started to look through my picture and video gallery, and requested once again that I come to the bed. I again refused.

By this time, I had started to feel uneasy. I retrieved my phone and charger and announced that I wished to leave. Max got up and walked out, asking me to give him a few minutes to pick up something. I sat down and got busy on my phone. Less than five minutes later, he returned with six hefty, aggressive looking guys armed with knives, iron bars and sticks.

“Na the homo be dis o, make una see am!” he announced pointing to me.

I can never forget the terrible fear I felt at this point, I was trembling all over as my mouth went dry. In that instant, I understood that it’s possible to be scared to death, because my fear had dropped me at death’s doorpost. Even amidst my fear, I still had sufficient presence of mind to recall the small warning voice which I had repeatedly ignored earlier in the day. Waves of regret washed over me in torrents.

The thugs proceeded to tear my clothes to shreds, strip me naked, beat me black and blue, and carry out all manner of terrible assaults on me. I was totally helpless and at their mercy. While all this went on, one of them took out a phone and snapped several pictures while they all thoroughly enjoyed my pain and humiliation. Meanwhile, they had taken my brand new Blackberry Bold 6, which was barely three days old. I had saved and scraped for a while to gather the N60grand which I’d used to purchase this phone.

By the time these brutish thugs had had their fill of beating and battering me, I figured I must have looked unrecognizable. I was a mess and was close to passing out from pain and shock. I guess my saving grace was the fact that my Facebook inbox had several messages which had been sent to me by Max. I insisted that my attackers read the messages and see that Max had actually enticed and seduced me for a long while before I agreed to visit him. Perhaps, this calmed them down a bit, I can’t really say. At the end of it all, my brand new phone as well as all my cash was gone, taken by those thieving thugs.

A kind neighbor gave me an old, ill–fitting set of clothes as well as N200 to cover my transport, and this was how I was able to go home. At this point, for the first time in my life, I felt a deep and intense bout of hatred, at myself for being gay and helpless and thus a victim of circumstances beyond my control, and hatred for Max, for his treachery and cold–hearted deceit.

I eventually got home and ran into my mother. Her alarm turned to intense outrage when I recounted my story to her. She immediately got dressed and we headed back to Max’s place. My mother is my hero and role model, she has always been there for me and I am consoled at all times knowing that if the whole world should abandon me, I can always count on her unending love and support for me. We arrived at Max’s place to find the thugs still there luxuriating in their recent exploit. My Mum confronted them, now she is an aggressive and fearless woman. She looked them boldly in the face and demanded that they return my property. A heated argument ensued with the thugs defiantly telling my mother that she should be grateful that I wasn’t murdered seeing as the area is isolated, that they could have killed me and no one would ever know. Eventually, my mother and I proved to be no match for a gang of heartless and aggressive, ne’er-do-well thugs. She took me by the hand, cursed them and asked them to enjoy the fruits of their actions, and we left.

In the weeks and months following this traumatic incident, I went into a deep and dark depression. I withdrew into myself, bursting into tears at odd and unpredictable times. I no longer felt safe anywhere but inside my room with the doors locked and the curtains drawn. I could no longer trust anyone except my Mum. I was an emotional and mental wreck. I started to act irrationally and illogically. My mother – God bless her heart – was always by me, consoling and urging me to put the incident behind me and get on with my life.

Eventually, after a few horrendous months, I was able to slowly pull myself together and emerge from the haunting shadows. However, even now, close to three years later, I still have serious trust issues. It’s still extremely difficult for me to feel completely comfortable in the home of another gay guy. The memory of that terribly day keeps flashing through my mind.

This is my Kito Story and thank you so much for reading. Please stay safe and never disregard your sixth sense, it’s there for a reason.

Written by Lexy

LASTWORD (from the Admin): Upon receipt of this story, I asked Lexy if he had any photos of Max so that we can post it along with his story, and let any readers who know him or are acquainted with him, or may know him in future, be advised of the terrible human being he is. And he sent me the picture below. When I saw it, I shook my head in sad recognition of the fact that he truly is in possession of good looks, the one weapon that can successfully ensnare unsuspecting gay guys.  z

Anyone else with a kito story where he was led into a trap by either a gay guy or friend, or acquaintance who posed as a homosexual just to lure him into the trap, and you have a photos of such a fellow, please kindly submit your story along with the pictures. Let us put faces to the menace, and – according to a Kitodiariesian whose friend’s kito story we once read HERE – let us all contribute to making the gay world safer and a better place, one gist at a time.

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  1. maxonex
    August 22, 04:55 Reply

    What a sad story..no one should ever have to experience such. I would’ve had my revenge on the bitch if it was me…maybe not immediately, but definitely later..like someone once mentioned here, karma is a busy bitch and needs help occasionally in dealing with douchebags like this..Thanks for sharing the pics too..

    • maxonex
      August 22, 05:00 Reply

      That bitch needs to be beaten with a bat…damn. .

  2. Blaq Jaqs
    August 22, 04:59 Reply

    #insomniacanonymous… the first thing I did when I woke up was come to Kito Diaries. SMH
    Errrr, what can I say… sorry about your ordeal man. Your experience sucks more for me because you were not even technically caught in any compromising situation and this was more like being robbed and bullied. But shit happens. You have survived and told your story.
    I hope you can eventually move from this nasty experience and leave justice to the Karma (eventually that dude and his gang would get theirs). Please always trust that small voice in your head. It is most often not paranoia. And give your mama a big hug! We need more family members fighting for us!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • trystham
      August 22, 08:45 Reply

      My dear, KUDOS to his mom o!!! I didn’t realise when I started clapping at the point where your mom rose like an avenging angel. A warm ‘thank you’ hug from me too.

  3. Dennis Macauley
    August 22, 05:21 Reply

    Wait I know this dude! He lives at Rumuibekwe now and goes by different names. He was chatting with my friend at some point but they never met because he was also talking with another guy under a different name. Lexy can you confirm this please?

    Meanwhile we all have strong instincts, and I always say if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it. More often than not that inner voice would always alert you if there will be trouble. I thinks it’s better you obey it and it is a false alarm than you ignore it and get into trouble.

    I am so sorry Lexy for what you went through, you just have to move on somehow! Your mother should be mother of the year!

  4. xpressivejboy
    August 22, 05:29 Reply

    This bitch is the type I like to have fuck a plugged red-hot boiling ring…and kill him in bits. Please, Lexy, confirm and let’s assign a project code to his image…no need for his name, as he’s got lots of pseudonym.

    Does he live in Rumuibekwe?

  5. poshyydude
    August 22, 05:45 Reply

    Excuse me pls ,,, why are we always waiting for karma wen we know dat douchebag will do such again for me oooo if I know where the person who will kito lives there is always a payback for me anytime and I mean so soon cos I can’t take shit from anybody since I didn’t make myself the way I am

    • xpressivejboy
      August 22, 05:59 Reply

      I’m with you on this, Dear.
      Lexy, we are still waiting for the comfirmation. Please do revert.

  6. luke
    August 22, 06:06 Reply

    One day monkey go go market, him no go see road come back. That’s all l have to say to this one, he will go fuck around with the wrong person and get it.

  7. dadiva
    August 22, 06:48 Reply

    Aw on earth wuld dt hapen am sure does dnt happen at ibadan… All crisis on gay issue will be seen in lag

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 22, 07:50 Reply

      Are you for real, dadiva? Do you seriously believe this comment you just made?

  8. dadiva
    August 22, 06:51 Reply

    Am sure u didnt tell ur mum dat it was lustiness dt took u dere nd u suld av posted a lot of tins on d guys timeline….. So wt apend to his contact on ur fb afta d incident

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 22, 08:08 Reply

      *shaking my head* Someone is looking to fill Chizzie’s shoes, it seems

      • trystham
        August 22, 08:51 Reply

        He wishes he were filling Chizzie’s shoes. We all know Chizzie wouldn’t use words like ‘lustiness’. He is one of the reasons the rest of Nigeria don’t like Yoruba ppl and this is a classic reason why the rest of the Yoruba race don’t like Ibadan boys. Dude, work on your parts of speech before you start spewing nonsense. I still have my primer from Nursery school

  9. Dennis Macauley
    August 22, 06:53 Reply

    Lexy I empathize with your situation. I also do think sometimes that we cower away too easily. If this happened to me and I know your house? I will be back! I won’t be back alone and there will be blood!!!
    I think if we start teaching these bastards a lesson, the spate of these attacks will start reducing. They keep doing it because they always get away with it, but if one has lost 3 fingers and an eye in the process would he bash another gay man again? I think not!!!

    • Legalkoboko
      August 26, 10:27 Reply

      Dennis I stand with you on this one.
      I often wonder why those you suffer in the hands of these certified mad men never think of getting the police involved. Or at least match tugs with tugs. Lexy’s case Is a classic example. If only his sweet mother (God bless her) had stormed that evil house with the police or with her own tugs!!

      Oh, well. We must get there one day. These kito stories are beginning to spark an outrage within me.

  10. PrudeBloke
    August 22, 06:57 Reply

    We live in a world turned upside down … Lexy,I’m sorry about your experience ..I had almost the same experience but I used my sense to get myself out before he could involve a third party … And I see this guy still on Facebook and on gay sites back then when I used to patronize gay sites… I just know that Karma is a birch and it will come knocking like Jesus on Raptures day …. And your mum is cool ..I wouldn’t know what mine would do because I probably won’t tell her because she wouldn’t do what your mum did ….
    Like Luke said,one day these guys will go fuck with the wrong person..And they will hear it

  11. Ugo
    August 22, 07:00 Reply

    This is very very sad.
    I wonder why people keep doing this.
    The worst part is that these set up guys are mostly deep-closet homosexuals who have an unnatural self-loathing for harboring such “unnatural” desires. It hurts.

    But when we get to know their houses, it is far much better. The police could have been involved in this and the guys will be taught lessons they won’t forget too soon. One of my friends experienced something like this but his parents called the police and the thugs were arrested.

    That still, small voice. SMH.
    I can’t remember, ever, when I ignored that small voice and situations turned out right. Every single time I’d “shushed” that voice, I always paid dearly for it. So right now, I’m a big “worshipper” of that still, small voice. Whatever it tells me not to do is out of bounds to me.

  12. Lexy
    August 22, 07:12 Reply

    @Dennis,ya where his based. but met him in a lodge, think it’s his girlfriends place.. And I didn’t want to go ooooo,I have severe strong issues, severe one,but well, it happened dear.. thanks tho… @Xpress. Yap,I have.. He does,n am ok now,just u know, am so hyper aggressive now,than before..

  13. Lexy
    August 22, 07:16 Reply

    Instincts I meant, n most times, they never fail, but if uve been in ph,ha,Dec is like so gloomy n dull here and come on,his been on my neck, so I was like,maybe I was just being paranoid n letting my trust issue get in the way.. So I went o,sadly. Buts all good sha.

    • Dennis Macauley
      August 22, 11:17 Reply

      Lexy it’s definitely him. He lives at Rumuibekwe! He still does this to people. You still have his facebook ID? Maybe we can beat him at his own game

  14. Bond
    August 22, 07:20 Reply

    This is very sad. So sorry Lex.

  15. Ruby
    August 22, 07:26 Reply

    So Sorry 4 ur Ordeal Lexy. Well we all need 2 learn 2 trust our Instincts b4 we say “had I known” jst because we didn’t trust dat “still small voice”. Cos believe ♍e̶̲̥̅̊ it would ß̍̍̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ a shame if we encounter an ordeal we could have avoided all together.

  16. KingBey
    August 22, 07:26 Reply

    Why didn’t you and your mum return with policemen? Am sure there was no gay law then….when I had my own kito experience, I returned with policemen and took back my phone…as this is sheer armed robbery…anyways, all these kito stories basically sound the same…it all has a simple rule: Never visit someone you met online at their home….and yes, in the case of Onitsha…Never visit them in public either or even Hotel….looolll…kito now happens everywhere….just stick to ur old friends and if u must meet new market, let it be from a strong link….Stop meeting Random guys from Online…Chikena !

  17. lluvmua
    August 22, 08:10 Reply

    Honestly these guys need to be castrated and something terrible should be done to this “max” face so he won’t look so alluring anymore!!! And my dear lexy your mum deserves an award awwwwww. Those guys re gonna suffer pretty much. Cuz they don’t knw wat karma has in stock for them. GOSH!!!/these are one of those times I actually wished I had magical powers to deal wif this morons *mtcheew*

  18. JustJames
    August 22, 08:25 Reply

    If everyone decides to not meet at the other person’s house how exactly are they going to meet to have the shag they are looking for?
    Most gay people would father not share their friends seff.
    Lex.. This story is sad. I’m glad you got out of your depression. No use crying over spilt milk but we get to learn and move forward.

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 22, 08:28 Reply

      ‘If everyone decides to not meet at the other person’s house how exactly are they going to meet to have the shag they are looking for?’

      Exactly what I ask when I see the ‘do not meet any new people’ comments. Not that I don’t see the logic and reasoning behind those cautionary words, but REALLY! What then is the way forward?

      • Chuck
        August 24, 05:47 Reply

        solution is simple: date people before you fuck them.

      • Chuck
        August 25, 02:21 Reply

        Go on a couple of public dates first. meet at a bar. go to a concert. Your first physical interaction with someone shouldn’t be in a bedroom.

  19. August 22, 09:38 Reply

    The guy’s cute tho…such waste

  20. Chinyelugo
    August 22, 09:51 Reply

    Bringing back memories of my experience last year.
    They stripped me, assaulted me too and took my phone.
    Well its an experience best imagined than experienced.
    I haven’t hooked up with anyone online since 17th august 2013.

  21. king
    August 22, 11:21 Reply

    Kudos Pinky for this story and sorry Lexi my dear for what happened…oh what a great mum you have….am sooo proud of her for you!!!

  22. Neon
    August 22, 11:36 Reply

    I must acknowledge one ultimate fact; your Mother is an angel. The role she played makes me feel poignant. Lexy… If only you listened to your so-called Sixth Sense, but nobody’s perfect. We all make irrational decisions at some point. It must have been traumatic been in those shoes.
    And, you were bold to tell and confide in your Mother. She is the reason you have a spirit indestructible. I only wish I could tell my Mother such things. Well, she ain’t no Iron Lady (God rest Margaret’s soul).
    To the good-looking MuthaF**ker! *sips tea* A day will come when he’ll pick the poisoned peach, and have a dose of the HATE he serves!

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 22, 12:11 Reply

      Thru all this ugliness its the beauty of his mother’s support that warms my heart

  23. Paul
    August 22, 12:04 Reply

    Bt wait o,there’s a way forward. We already knw who he is. Lexy n Dennis hv confirmed he is d same person n evn knw whr he stays. Hw abt giving him pre-karma treatment cos I knw karma is only very busy visitin oda clients. His turn may still b far n we may neva knw hw it went.

  24. Lexy
    August 22, 12:25 Reply

    @kingbey,that was d beginning of d gay bill saga, check back, n mum was like, it’s phone, I’ll get better ones of which I have,she just was like I survived, learnt my lessons, we should forget.. N honestly, glad I did,just that my trust issues got worse.. @Denis, his fbk names Bellgam Pixie Bieshia

    • Absalom
      August 22, 13:05 Reply

      What. Kind. of a name is that? :-O

      So sorry, love. You’ll be fine, you’ll see.

  25. Ace
    August 22, 13:16 Reply

    Just visited his Facebook page and he really exists! Oh my God! If only I came back to serve in Rivers and not in the States something for go down! We have so much info about this nigga! Does anyone see “John Tucker Must Die” remake like am seeing in my head right now?

    • pinkpanthertb
      August 22, 13:37 Reply

      Lol. Ace, I’m watching the movie remake in my head and its bloody.

      • victor
        August 22, 14:33 Reply

        Everyone has something to say and some boasting to do why the case gets worst in this country, I have already started learning some self defence and I go armed,u try it with me,u might win but trust me to come back for blood cos there’s no law here to protect us,we got to take the matter in our own hands. I am still surprised that amidst these problems,tbs still take the time to set each other up thinking its cute.

  26. Dennis Macauley
    August 22, 16:34 Reply

    We have not all heard the last of this story! This beast will be beaten at his own game and he will pay dearly for it!!

    • Paul
      August 22, 18:10 Reply

      Yes he exists 4real n stays in rumuibekwe in PH.I hv 2 mutual frends wit him. Tried gettin his details but I hv nt bin able to. I’d realy luv if his fair skin is given some red patches. D resulting “adire” wuld b cool to behold.

  27. sensuousensei
    August 22, 18:03 Reply

    I’m sorry, Lexy. And your mum is the bestest mum there is!
    Life has taught me that true beauty lies within. Apperances count for nothing. That said, this dude is a butt-face UGLY BITCH!

  28. king
    August 22, 19:06 Reply

    Thief thief ole barawo….banza….ego get e own wan day una go see pschewwww!! anofia

  29. dadiva
    August 22, 19:58 Reply

    I would like to share a pixs of burna boy resting his head on timaya here in dis page

  30. mirage
    August 22, 23:43 Reply

    Lexy you should be happy u weren’t killed just found out now a friend of mine was murdered in lag,john.c.okere on fb a 300l engineering student of covenant university,I wrote episode 6 of kito diaries,this should be a warning to all of you out there,don’t meet anybody u don’t know very well and ensure ur people no the person,if u have urge for sex,wank to porn the urge would go.It’s really dangerous out there,still in shock to have thought I was mad he went mute and I thought maybe he has gone to school,suddenly this night I felt a dark figure@my door and his thought came to me then I asked his ex about himand we both decided to look him up on fb alas he was late!was murdered in cold blood.RIP nedu such a joker and charmer.

      • Chuck
        August 23, 12:35 Reply

        At a hotel in Ejigbo, by a gay man. Can’t be sure if it was setup gone bad, or tied to other issues.

      • Chuck
        August 23, 12:51 Reply

        which of my sentences is confusing?

  31. PrudeBloke
    August 23, 01:59 Reply

    Bia I just checked this Bellgam dude ..he’s not cute … I think he’s dirty and irritating and a liar …. And his girlfriend of which he proudly was saying he’s in a relationship with is a complete ratchet, a THOT and in Nigerian term “a razz ashawo” … She’s ugly and the contour she calls eyebrows can direct you to shoprite ikeja mall!! and her skin is an excuse …karma is coming for his ass…

    And I just checked John c Okere … I sympathize with you Mirage ..May his soul rest in peace .. And everyone should please be careful ..sex and love is so overrated nowadays …shine your eye .. No be only una waka come ..some fake ass bitches follow for back ..so you berra waka fast fast dey go front make them no meet you because if dem meet you …mmmm “drop my eye and shines my eye,walks away”

  32. Victor
    August 23, 07:16 Reply

    How do I submit a kito story and the person’s picture

  33. bizboi
    August 26, 00:22 Reply

    If na me ooooooo, I for chop max for witchcraft, I for nor gree er oooo ooooo I swear . I for only rest wen mac or max Don die for life . Thank you

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