The Proposal: A Lesbian And Three Gay Men Are Looking For Partners

The Proposal: A Lesbian And Three Gay Men Are Looking For Partners

Hello, my name is Stan. I’m a 38-year-old resident of the UK and I am gay.

I am looking to be connected to a nice, kind, educated, Christian fem lesbian between the ages of 26-32, one who is ready to settle down and start a family with me in a marriage of convenience. It’d be preferable if she were Igbo. She should also be willing to relocate as I hope we can start a family over here in the UK.

Any interested ladies should contact me via email at



Hello, I am Tobenna, a 30-year-old Nigerian gay man. I am the first son of my parents and as such, I am kinda obligated to get married first, though there is little or no pressure on me yet.  I am looking to find a lesbian who is interested in an arranged marriage.

Regardless of this, I have the utmost respect for matrimony and would prefer to get married to someone I find as a friend, hence this request. I am looking to get married by the end of next year (2023) and would love to meet interested lesbians to be friends with. We would both decide if our values, interests and every other thing that matters are compatible, and if so, we can make a plan to get married.

My ideal partner would be a loving and kind person who would have as much commitment to this as I do. I would prefer a Christian and I really am not particular about the tribe (but I’ve got a slight preference for an Igbo woman, for family reasons). I do want kids and I would prefer a lady who wishes to have biological children (we would both decide on the type of conception method).

If you are interested in this, kindly reach me at


Hello, I am Moon, a mostly-masculine-presenting lesbian woman in my late twenties.

I am looking for a gay man (preferably masculine-presenting) who is interested in getting into a marriage of convenience with me. I am looking to find a kind and understanding man (preferably someone who is under pressure to get married and is as eager to start a family as I am). I hope we can be friends and get along well. He should be Christian or at least be able to keep up Christian appearances for the family. He should be in the age bracket of 33-40. I am okay with whatever method of conception and birth we settle on to have children. We mustn’t know everything about each other’s lives, but we should be willing to learn and understand one another.

Any interested men should email me at

Thank you.


Hi, my name is Michael and I am looking for a partner. I am a 27-year-old gay man living in Lagos. I am looking to get connected to a queer woman for the purposes of an arranged marriage.

I have plans that involve me leaving the country sometime this year and it is quite important that I introduce this person to my family before I leave. Also, it’d be nice if she is femme, very open-minded, not-so spiritually inclined, and politically and socially aware of society.

Anyone interested can send an email to

Warm Regards.


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  1. Rehoboth
    February 20, 19:25 Reply

    Making a spouse’s sexuality as a major criterion of marriage is wrong in my opinion.

    • Pink Panther
      February 21, 05:41 Reply

      Then you’ve perhaps missed the point of this post.

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